Saturday, December 24, 2011


Happy Holidays from all of us here at the Playmaker Group®. We're all dancing in times of gratitude and it's a pleasure to delight you with a brand new Cusax song! The spirit of the season is here and 2012 will be a GOOD year. Take it from us... This song says it all.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Follow Me

There is this nice tune floating around in cyber space. A gentle, horizontal, unearthly, unbiased and mostly unknown tune having a calm walk on the clouds. They are hailing from NYC and we are talking about Follow Me and the track 'Beyond The Horizon'. Wait, it that some DW designs artwork?

Beyond the Horizon by Follow Me

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Miami Nights 1984

Down the streets, do you see him? Do you see that guy with the mirror shades? Who! ... Is that who I think it is? Yeh, that bro with the mirror shades in the convertible red Ferrari. He's back! Back on the streets of Miami. In awe. That guy, cruising and roaring right down Ocean Drive, picking up rollerblading bikini babes while blasting his damn 80's rock.

You get the picture. Now check out the latest tune by Rosso Corsa recording artist and spearhead Miami Nights 1984. This really sets the tone for a possible new album by MN84. We are highly excited about this O.D. tune and for what that may still be coming!

Ocean Drive by MIAMI NIGHTS 1984

Alpha Boy

Here's a relatively new bandcamp release worth your time and listening pleasure. The Alpha Boy brings us a 14 track collection of masterful retro fantasy electro music to make you dream out loud! No nightmares, sweet dreams are made of these. Get with it. Get 'Electronic Feelings' for free download here:

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Aleister X

You can, for a moment, forget all those hipster beats and neo vintage jams. We present you a mixtape (or album in disguise) by the black ghoul himself, Sir. Aleister X. Phantom beats, ghostly chants and tribute songs to the darkest corners and alleyways straight from New York City via Brixton via Kingston. Get this in your thick black skull, The Black Skull Music Mixtape is a 29 song, tune and skit collection produced by Aleister X for Sonny Midnite Music with executive production by Andrew W.K. and the Steev Mike label. It really is quite the ride and it's up there, sky high with the 2011 Playmaker favorites! Black Friday never felt so right, never felt as haunted. With appearances by Neil Hamburger, Matt Sweeney, David Tibet and many more you are being led into the dark by Aleister X to get smoked out, Midi-sheeeeeitted and creep walked in what might be the ghouliest mixtape thusfar. Free download!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Mitch Murder

This is one of THE ALBUMS OF 2011 for the Playmaker Group. Yes. Honestly and truthfully, a truly beautiful piece of work we are almost out of words. It is the highly exceeding sophomore album from Mitch Murder called 'Current Events' on Rosso Corsa, which is almost outshining the already amazing first album he did.

This one is so soft. So heartfelt. Pure love stroking you like a gentle breeze of air, a touch of breath, a gently wind caressing your body. Yep. Mostly just nice and slow jams...

But that is not the only thing. There is certain aggression in the album as well, some faster paced songs. Still they never take away any of the warmth and care of it's total package. Obviously influenced by the likes of soundtrack maestros like Vince DiCola and such, the new album presents itself as a true program of timeless music scoring like media flashes of dreamscape music.

'Current Events' has a red thread of voice samples from news flashes, aerobics, commercials, games, sport reports and the Rosso Corsa trademark of fast sports cars and race sounds. This "soundtrack", this "score", or simply, this music album is an exceeding, contemporary vision of a certain era that hasn't been forgotten by a long shot.

We highlight one of the most outstanding, heartfelt songs on 'Current Events' called Telefuture Theme. The album is available here on iTunes.

Mitch Murder - Telefuture Theme by PLAYMAKER

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fatima Al Qadiri

Some of you might know the name Fatima Al Qadiri AKA Ayshay, from the 'Muslim Trance Minimix' she did last year. But now, the Senegal born, Kuwait raised, Brooklyn based multi-media artist hits us with a collection of wide ranging tunes on her debut EP 'Genre-Specific Xperience'.

On this debut EP for Uno Records, it surely isn't all Muslim trance... It goes even further than that as all 5 songs range from a wide variety of genres, redefining the word 'genre' on itself with influences from Gregorian trance via Hip Hop to Juke stuff.

We invite you to watch some seriously next level videos, listen to the songs via soundcloud, and read an article by DJ Rupture for The Fader.

hip hop spa by Fatima Al Qadiri

Friday, November 4, 2011

[PLMKR_007] Noir Deco - Future To Fantasy

It was just like a month ago. We went inside this dark abandoned building and did not only encounter strange noises and weird vibes, no, we found this box of cassettes which were basically a bunch of answering machine tapes and recorded tapes from lost radio transmissions. But one tape in particular stood out; it said 'Future or Fantasy'. When we tried to play the cassette it seemed blank. Strange. Always strange when something is written on a cassette but yet seemed blank. After some time we decided to go through all the answering machine tapes, we got more clues. Clues coming from a mysterious, dark voice saying 'Future' and 'Fantasy' repeatedly, seriously, way too often to be a coincidence. But then the final clue came in one of the last A.M. tapes we listened too. That same, mysterious voice told us to go back to the house and look on the same place the voice described as "Audio Noir" and find what we had been looking for. It further told us our final Future/Fantasy clue would only to be found in the dark. So we hit back the next night. It was a cold, early November night as we went back to the abandoned building, went up the crackling stairs, up to the room and look for the Audio Noir zone. And there it was, just a single cassette tape that said 'Noir Deco - Future To Fantasy' - complete with track listing et al, written in some sort of haunted handwriting. The result of what is on this mysterious tape turns out to be one of the most daring, mysterious and beautiful soundtrack scores we have ever encountered...

Monday, October 31, 2011

Power Glove

Seriously teasing us with some wicked new stuff, Power Glove have announced their long-awaited return with their second EP and have dropped a little surprise for Halloween.

Look behind you, did you see that shadow? What ghost? Where ghost? Who ghost! Get spooked... We are not alone. What entities are lurking in the dark? Report your ghost stories in the comment box if you have any.

Crypt by powerglove

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Noir Deco feat. MPM Soundtracks

The new Noir Deco album 'Future To Fantasy' is coming very soon to a download button near you. As a prelude we welcome you to grab his wonderful collaboration with MPM Soundtracks.

The track 'Journeys' really does what it stands for. Two neo-vintage synth masters colliding and writing a perfect score while magicly leading you on a trip through some vast and epic Blade Runner landscapes. Very dreamy and wonderful, serving as the perfect appetizer for Future To Fantasy.

The album will be out this Friday on our very own Playmaker Ent.

Noir Deco - Journeys (feat. MPM Soundtracks) by The PL4YGROUND

Friday, October 28, 2011


Oh great towering constructions reaching out to the heavens above.

Oh spacious beings of architectural brilliance.

Oh dear buildings of huge intimidation and shining glory.

Skyscrapers. It is rumered Embryonik went into those buildings, rented a room on the top floor and got sky high for his latest EP named 'Skyscraper'. During his creative stay, he invited some friends over to do a remix and these are the results.

Out since today on Greece's finest independent music label Binalog Productions. We think this is some of his best work to date. Three exclusive of towering high Embryonik tunes, complete with remixes by Camille Richard, Jordan F and a bunch more cool cats.

Monday, October 24, 2011

James Ferraro

You can afford, buy and obtain objects of mass and/or exclusive production, anytime you please. You can go gourmet sushi with obscure food orders on just about anything you desire. Want. Take. Need. All very affordable, that is — if you got the moolah — via a few simple clicks on your super soft touch screen.

But one of the things you cannot obtain truthfully, is becoming a cult icon overnight.

Hanging out at Best Buy as a cultural spy, James Ferraro, the man of many monikers last seen on Muscle Beach, is that cult icon creeping 'round Silicon Valley.

Jim's latest effort for Hippos In Tanks, an album and with pre-occurring single, translates these (far fetched for some, reality for others) dreams into a musical landscape. The sort of horrifying landscape of ultra 'clean' lifestyles that are becoming the 21st century reality of generation Ad Guru.

Not only has this ultra clean slickness affect on his imagery (the iPad-Smoothie-Disney-Guru conspiracy), it also reflects in his music as his previous productions were undeniably Lo-Fi (complete with tape-hiss and noise filters), while on Condo Pets (pre-album release) and Far Side Virtual (album) the clean cut remarkable. These are literally musical adventures of a true visionary cult bro. A new step forward in J.F.'s stepping stone approach. Further more, these are a collection of songs even a random sheik at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi could enjoy.

James Ferraro - Earth Minutes by Hippos In Tanks

'Condo Pets' is out since a few weeks and 'Far Side Virtual' is out today! Get a limited vynil pressing or digital format via Hippos In Tanks.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Moon Mirror

When the moon shines bright and full, that's when the moon matters most and affects our humble blue planet the hardest. Hence this dark coven woman that goes by the name Moon Mirror, who's haunting this little boys club like a bloodthursty vampirella, lurking in the dark, shouting abuse at little baby Jesus.

Very unaware of what to expect from her in the near future — I hold my breath if this is just the warning... Because, seriously, this mixtape is awesome and who knows what else is cooking in the magik pot?



GLORIFY WAR {ᴛᴀsʜ ᴡɪʟʟᴍᴏʀᴇ}

⋨MI✘ EROICA⋩ MM~MI✘ by M☽☽ℕ M♞℟℟☽℟

Friday, October 21, 2011


Well, sometimes it's just time to disco. Plain and simple. Not too complicated, let's not make it hard to understand. And in these occupational times, more than ever, dance to that disco. Have a little celebration, a little victory dance, yes, even if it's just on your own.

That's why we bring you Discolette from Mexico. Bringing you the total groove package, a smooth ride and some disco vocals. You know it's party central when you got that disco itch burning, the disco torch flaming and yo, yes we can... occupy the discotheque!

Bronze planet ( ( Free DL ) ) by DISCOLETTE

Sunny ( Free DL ) by DISCOLETTE

Monday, October 17, 2011


Yes you read that right. ActRazer. It's not a typo, it's a new way of spelling! Because, it can happen to the best of us; finding out that your name (in this case ActRaiser) is being owned by some neo-trendy dubstep kid. No further comment needed.

However. Act never really sat still. You might not have seen his name around the scene lately but he regrouped. One of his other projects he released is the beautiful Miami Nights 1984 album on Rosso Corsa Records. Go check it out here!

We —over here at the Playmaker Group— are extremely pleased good ol' Act' is back, resurrecting himself via this new SoundCloud and Facebook page. We selected a few new tunes and a classic to show off the awesomeness that is now ActRazer.

Epic Piano by ActRazer

Resurrected Streets by ActRazer

Thief by ActRazer

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lazerhawk, the Jordan F. remix

When comets collide, particals get mashed together and create a unique fusion of chemistry that causes new things to breed. The same analysis can be said about the recent Rosso Corsa Music collision between Lazerhawk, a true vintage space cowboy, and Jordan F., the most danceable 80s kid from the red race stall. So here we go, without further adieu, Lazerhawk in the Jordan F. ReeeeemixXx!

Lazerhawk - Arrival (Jordan F Remix) by Jordan F

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


In a world full of excuses, Playmaker has none. Certainly none to neglect the beautiful music produced by Silenx. This is certain sweetness. 80s electro in vein of higher grounds. Azure beaches and good clean fun. So, be on the lookout and explore the musical landscape that Silenx is kindly inviting us all to enjoy as we can expect a Silenx EP coming out soon on Boombar Music, the label hosted by Jowie Schulner. The EP will include remixes by our very own Noir Deco, 80s Stallone and a few others cool cats!

Silenx - Long Lost Love by Silenx

Silenx - Kaleidoscope (80s Stallone Remix) by Silenx

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Big tune and great new discoveries ahead, Quasars are sailing out on the seven seas and brings us some amazingly smooth dreamwaves. Get on the yacht with this fine original and a fine retrofuturistic mixtape!

Quasars - Yacht club by Quasars

Quasars - Tsunami mixtape by Quasars

1. Lovinski feat Nuramix - Amira 11
2. Quasars - Tsunami
3. Daze - Way Out
4. Quasars - We a discopeople
5. Grum - Can't Shake This Feeling
6. Young Digerati - The Dauphin (Muffin Remix)
7. Gorillaz - Stylo (Alex Metric Remix)
8. Three Imaginary Boys - Nobody's Saying' (Dusty Kid Front Remix)
9.Disco Deciders - Secret System
10. Quasars - Lights of Moscow nights
11. Tagteam Terror - Penny

Monday, August 29, 2011

Neon Workout & H.R. remix Anoraak.

The 'Play of the Day' comes from Neon Workout and H.R., Sweden's finest delicacy since the Smorgasbord. Nah... we never really bothered to feature many of those new Anoraak mixes and remixes but heck we'd love to feature this remix as it has a nice twist to it and make the vocals somehow endurable. A job well done to both these Swedish Girlfriend recording artists we love dearly. Anyway, no pun intended but...what happened to Anoraak's 80s swag? Ever since he became a 'band' and turned mainstream pop it sorta went grey, vague and random. We miss old Anoraak yet this remix kinda makes up 4 it.

ANORAAK - Crazy Eyes (unknown remix) aka Neon Workout and H.R RMX by Neon Workout

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jordan F.

(Insider information) It's fair to say Playmaker is somehow slightly affiliated with another Team on the scene, with another Team of similar ideals and a similar passion for neo-retro 80s grooves, with another Team diversing itself as Rosso Corsa. In what exact ways —apart from being supportive— these bonds work isn't really important or relevant to the public. Let's just say we are FRIENDS.

All the above information is somehow irrelevant and subjective —hence we call it "insider information". What really matters is that Rosso Corsa have released the sophomore release of Mr. Jordan F., a young, aspiring 80s music designer of the Australian retro electro order, that took the scene from hindsight with his banger: "Definitely Miami". Proper dish he's serving. Proper 3 track release. And definitely more to come. So... get to the newly set RC-bandcamp now and grab it for free!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[PLMKR_006] AMINOVA "Busy Lives / The Way Home"

Step six in Playmaker's musical adventures is here to vaporize into your mind. The mysterious Aminova brings us a 2 track EP with remixes by Discoballistic (who's track is highlighted for HypeM.), Noir Deco and Embryonik. Totally free download via Bandcamp. Please read the one-sheet carefully and buckle up to zoom into the the zone.

Aminova - Busy Lives (Discoballistic Remix) by Discoballistic

"Greatly withstanding storms are tempered with the musical bliss Aminova brings to the table. A fable of going home in our ever so busy lives. A dreamscape of uncompromised musical fields, acquiring you to simply, yet vividly, encounter transcendent spheres. The retro electronic jacket is the cover of it all, putting places like Laser Beach on the map, therefor bringing right into the vortex of Playmaker's latest adventure in music cruising."

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Power Glove and Lazerhawk

Little do we know this is an official remix or not... Truth is these two great 80s electro production outfits have clashed and it sounds like something we should at least share with all the readers of the blog.

Love the drop, love the vibe. Love it when the reverb phaser comes in.

It's starts out rainy and once it gets really wet you get the Full Monty. The full 80s galore, or at least a very nice glimpse of it through the prisma of Lazerhawk via Power Glove.

Powerglove - Hunters (Lazerhawk remake) by Lazerhawk

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Game On Keith Masters

Quarterbacks unite, what's up with NFL athletes these days?

Chicago based hip hop artist Keith Masters' latest tune is written in spirit of field player tactics.

Musical manouvers of determination. Masters is no stranger to mixing it up (being the pioneer of his own style of hip hop all-together) his self proclaimed electromajic is a fusion of discolicious electro and hip hop, which sounds like it's own universe of rap-house, in a contemporary incarnation.

On his latest throw Keith Masters goes on the attack with straight-up raw hip hop, leaves out the electro (still leaving in the majiq) and raps about "the power and the speed", "the team to beat" and so forth... Conceptually a track that defines itself as a fusion of good beats, great rhymes, sport ideals, mental focus and determination.

He ends the song letting us know "you can't stop me", a attitude true athletes certainly keep close at heart, and in that aspect the song truely breathes the energy of someone who's firing up. And that somebody, Keith Masters as the athlete, is getting ready for "Game Day".

So, obviously "Game Day" is totally inspired by American Football. Not the college kind, but the NFL brand. You can hear a passionate fan rapping as if he is almost part of the team, placing himself in the role of an athlete ready to take on the world.

Note that "Game Day" is first and formost written in honor of the newly lifted lockout of theNFL and is produced by Texas based Jake Crates. To find more info on the exact subject please refer to this article: NFL lookout lifted but what does it mean?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


High tide for those raising their hands to the sky in order to Worship. A healthy dose of fresh fruits combined with a strict regime of awesome soundwaves comes down astho the sky is raining sweet soft music, overtaken you with mild, pinching nerve relaxation.

What it literally means is that Mr.Worship has a new release on On The Fruit records and is giving away a rather blissful tune to make it extra spicy. We at playmaker could not hold back, therefor this lil dreaming out loud for the new Worship stuff, detected on our ever-awesome musical brainwave radar.

Worship - Odyssey by worship

Out There EP by worship

Sunday, July 24, 2011


As we got back to the mainland from the many island adventures we've been having recently, we find the time for a massive Brassica update on some of his new remixes. Not only is Brassica one of the most innovating producers in his genre, these new remixes are top shelve and mind expanding at the same time.

James Yuill - Crying for Hollywood (Brassica's Live & Learn RMX) by Brassica

Magnets - Charm Offensive (Brassica remix) by Brassica

The Niallist - I Came (Bra666ica Remix) by Brassica

More Brassica? Go back in time and find our older entree here:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Times with Angie Audio

Sun, sea and fun! Those are the key words here on Playmaker's Soda Beach Resort. The holidays are still only just beginning and we recorded NASA superstar Angie Audio's latest DJ mix live from the beach bar. Now dance with soda in hand and feel the sand burning your bare feet. Get busy and don't snooze! Yes. Fun times, key words and bikini babes. Time to let that sun tan lotion give you that much deserved 'couleur' you've been waiting for.

Angie Audio - SummerTimes by AngieAudio

Friday, June 24, 2011

AXXE 'Sweet Stuff' Remixes

"The Gulf Wave" is the main club here on Soda Beach, and with parties happening (almost) every night, this Friday's headliners are Axxe alongside Ride The Universe and the Neon Workout. No doubt people will be dancing in their underwear because Axxe, arguably Montreal's sexiest outfit, is here to set the night on disco-fire. Hot!

Axxe, the electro disco project orchestrated by Douglas Chow, is working hard on their debut album. Together with a few others, Ride The Universe and Neon Workout have worked on their latest single "Sweet Stuff" which sounds like some sexy starlighting submissive lollipop house with vocal delights. Definitely worth some shine and if you want to read more about Axxe, then check this interview via All Things Are Go: Here's a quote from the interview:

"AXXE is actually the name of a popular synthesizer from the 70s made by ARP. The funny thing is that the way that the logo is stylized, kind of with a heavy metal look..."

Now then... We are very stoked because Swedish retro electro chief Neon Workout's remix is definitely here for yall's pleasures, sure Ride The Universe does a fantastic job as always but there's just this tiny lil' extra spark of sexy music magic that makes this Neon Workout remix outstanding. It takes it's time to build up and then gives ya the necessary rubbing all over your sweet stuff.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Slaughterbrains Summer Mix

We're having a ball here at Soda Beach, and it's only just beginning. Yup, life sure is pretty sweet out here and there's plenty of reason to stay here for a while. Tonight we have Slaughterbrains DJ-ing a can crushing set with a summery feel and some darker undertones. He's one of our favorite playmakers, a must-dance-to-DJ, here with a fresh new summer blockbuster for his infamous Horse and Groom nights in London. This is party!

Slaughterbrains Summer Mix for Horse and Groom by slaughterbrains

Hypnolove-Midnite Cruising (Mickey Moonlight’s dub)
Jeremy Glenn-New Life
Mark Ronson-Record Collection (Perseus remix)
Tensnake-You know I know it
Housse de Racket-Chateau (Golden bug remix)
Tiger and woods-Speed of light
Sebastien Tellier-Fingers of steel (Hypnolove remix)
Peter and the magician -Love in Rimini
Logo-Merit (Botox remix)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Let's go to Soda Beach

Playmaker is proud to present the 5th release in our series of exclusive independent monster jams! Here's two tracks themed 'Soda Beach' written and produced by Discoballistic and Twilight Racing.

Refreshing, rocking and blazing. Somewhere along the Gulf Stream there is a place called Soda Beach. A party place full of water sports, music and hot bikini babes. Book your holidays to Soda Beach right now and witness it's immediate flashback to the 80s culture, where the cool kids drink those sugary, bubbly limonades, their refreshing sodas, to get on a sugar rush and have some fun. Sunny greetings from Soda Beach, come get your fun, we're all waiting for you!

Very free download party on our Bandcamp

Ultra free "theme" stream-zone on the Discoballistic SoundCloud

Soda Beach by Discoballistic

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BMX Ninjas mixtape (from the past)

Praise the dancefloor when these two Swedes make their entrance doing wheelies on their BMX. Trickbikes, that's what they are. And soon enough, you'd see the roller disco girls accompanying them to the DJ-booth, swirling around 'm like a twirling cornetto. Have some vanilla, have some strawberry, shades on and discolights flashing you into a dreamstate of mind. Ladies and gentlemen, it's Neon Workout and Le Prix and together they form the BMX Ninjas! This mixtape is from last year, which makes it even more classic!
(OK, this was/is a Tracasseur exclusive, but that was last year. We love Tracasseur, it's an amazing —finger on the pulse— Swedish music blog. Go bookmark them now)

Hello We Are Bmx Ninjas Mix (Tracasseur Exclusive) by LE PRIX

Monday, June 13, 2011

Jordan F.

On the quest to Soda Beach we are stranded on a late night, early summer party hosted by Boombar Music By the power of the sweet sunsetting jam, check out this great and refreshing EP by Mr. Jordan F. from Sydney. There's awesome remixes by Embryonik, Flashworx, Ambiotika and a few others to set the night on fire. Keep both eyes open with eagle vision for more stuff to come from camp Boombar! Meanwhile, let's stream the EP and give away a brand new '80s Miami' inspired tune for free download, surely to set the mood right.

Jordan F - Definitely Miami by Jordan F

SoBe EP [Boombar Music] by Jordan F

Friday, June 10, 2011

Soda Beach announcement [PLMKR_005]

Out soon on Playmaker:

On Friday 17th of June, more news soon!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blue Satellite - Aurora

Haven't really travelled these musical landscapes beaming down from the Blue Satellite, but this tune made me dreamwave out loud... So I got up on that field, stood tall and watched aurora lights in all their magic and glory. (thinking to myself "wow, that Kill The Hero Remix is awesome")

Blue Satellite - Aurora Pt. I (Kill The Hero Remix) by Blue Satellite

Then I went into the bar, took some coinage outta my pocket and choose this jam aka remix. I ordered a beer, took a few gulps and started dancing on my own. Some people in the bar raised their eyebrows, but pretty soon a few single ladies shared the dancefloor with me.

Bag Raiders - Turbo Love [Flight Facilities ft. Louie Austen] (Blue Satellite Remix) by Blue Satellite

A wonderful release, grab, listen and dance to the night away via here:

Aurora EP by Blue Satellite

Friday, May 27, 2011

Toque "Xtro"

Alright HR. You are amazing, mysterious and well... very enjoyable. Enter Girlfriend Records latest release, the Toque project. Made by 2 producers whose identities have been carefully hidden. We know for a fact that HR is behind this and according to Eric Sferro, Girlfriend's label owner, there is another person involved as well. Who, is not confirmed but our wildest guesses make us think in the direction of Neon Workout or maybe even Le Prix?

Enough with the guessing already. It makes it fun, but what's even more fun is the music itself! Wow. This release just oozes amazing free-spirited retro-electro-pop, with a breezy Scandinavian romance to it. Nostalgic and refreshing at the same time, so good that we are in love with this release already! It is the latest release on Girlfriend Records, and supposedly their latest 'free' download release... Big plans ahead!

stream on soundcloud:
"Xtro" by Toque by girlfriendrecords

free download via bandcamp:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Le Prix - Mixtape and more.

Good news from dream dance region n°1: Sweden. Le Prix has made a new mixtape and he's also featured on the new Johan Agebjörn album. Sweetness. And it's all very romantic, we love that! Besides that, Le Prix has also chosen to feature our very own Camille Richard alongside some classic #Playmaker jams, ideal for your walkman, car stereo or laptop speakers.

Le Prix - Spectrum Pool Color Mixtape by LE PRIX

1. Electric Youth - Right Back To You (Demo Mix)
2. Pale Sketcher - Can I Go Now (Donnacha Costello Remix)
3. Rüfüs - We Left
4. Sébastien Tellier - Roche (Breakbot Remix)
5. Popular Computer - Lost & Found (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
6. Bag Raiders - Sunlight (Gloves Remix)
7. Monarchy - Gold In The Fire (Diamond Cut Remix)
8. Camille R - Memory 92
9. Pnau - Embrace (Fredrick Carlsson Epic Remix)
10. Pleasure Discipline - For Hours Now (Marcello Giordani Re-Edit)
11. Rosanna - Waterfall (Fear Of Tigers Remix)
12. Drame - Golden Gloves
13. Justin Faust - Your Life (Super Mal Remix)
14. Oneohtrix Point Never - I Know it's Taking Pictures from Another Plane (Inside your Sun)

Le Prix & Johan Agebjorn Feat. Lake Heartbeat - Watch The World Go By (Skatebard Remix) by LE PRIX

Le Prix & Johan Agebjorn - Watch The World Go By (Teen Daze remix) by LE PRIX

Johan Agebjorn & Le Prix - Watch The World Go By (Young Galaxy Remix) by LE PRIX

Monday, May 16, 2011

Cosmonaut Grechko 'Alaska' Mixtape

Thinking of Alaska goes hand in hand with the wonder and beauty of the nature out there. We believe that the young Russian musician Cosmonaut Grechko has made a wonderful mixtape in dedication to this area, with some of his coolest tracks and remixes. Sit back, get up, dance, listen and enjoy!

Alaska Mixtape by Cosmonaut Grechko
Teruyuki Nobuchika - Piano Bit (Cosmonaut Grechko Version)
Shinichi Osawa - Love Will Guide You (Cosmonaut Grechko Version)
Daft Punk - Too Long (Cosmonaut Grechko Version)
Cosmonaut Grechko - All I Hear feat. She's The Queen (Cosmo Black Remix)
Cosmonaut Grechko - Singin' feat. Joywave (Autoremix)
Ellie Goulding - Heartbeats (Cosmonaut Grechko Edit)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


On the ways of the highlife, Cusax amazes us with their 5 track killer EP of 80s possesed synthwork. It's 80s Stallone and Sakura Night at their latest, finest, highest hanging time, with melodies that haunt and cruise by twilight.

Download all the tracks for free on their bandcamp linked below. Hard to say which track really stands out, but we've picked 'Jacuzzi' to underline the release, accompanied with the video of their latest ski trip! Amazing collab, keep'm coming.

Cusax - Jacuzzi by cusax

Friday, May 6, 2011

Noir Deco 'Nemesis Collision'

Here is our 4th release of exclusive Playmaker jams! Yes and it's with alot of joy and pleasure we announce you the debut 8 tracker by Noir Deco from Newcastle in the U.K.

Here's how the story goes: This is 80s electro in it's darkest breeze and deepest hour. Somewhere in the distance you can see the city rising from the deserts. Meet your nemesis in a setting of breezing Palms, Art Deco buildings and colored bikinis. You are about to investigate while cruising a white Corvette, with the likes of Crockett, downtown and beyond. In this soundtrack, the fascination of these retro-futuristic jams tell the story from when the sky turns 'Noir Deco'. Follow us through every corner of the night, armed with sunglasses and a 9MM, as we cruise along to prey at the disco and experience tangent dreams in NEMESIS COLLISION.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Who will win the Futurecop! Remix competition contest... Can't say yet but we heard some slamming remixes already! Here's a small round up of previews + exclusive download of a unreleased Futurecop! track.

Sferro does what he does best
Futurecop! - Starworshipper (Sferro Remix) by girlfriendrecords

Jowie Schulner kills it
Futurecop! - Starworshipper (Jowie Schulner Remix) by Jowie Schulner

MPM Soundtracks radiates greatness
Futurecop - Starworshipper (MPM Remix) by mpmsoundtracks

Andrew Valet takes it to the streets
Future Cop! - Starworshipper (Valet ft. Rev. Kids Glam Remix) by Andrew Valet

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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ever heard music that comes straight from the heavens above? When listening to New Age master Iasos, you are wading yourself into some seriously intense paradise music. To say the least, his body of work is totally next level and visionary.

First off, we bring you a piece of his ultimate tropical jams, coming from the album 'Bora Bora 2000'. An album dedicated to one of Iasos' favorite destinations in this world, the tropical island of Bora Bora. He describes the album as his most Eartly based work and rhythm as an "energy pump" . It's sounding like a happy dance music soundtrack, a celebration of life on the beaches of his favorite island, located deep in the Pacific ocean. Feelings of complete happiness decent upon you while listening to these radiant jams as you have now entered the secret level of Donkey Kong Country.

Iasos - Masai by The PL4YGROUND

The next piece we have selected comes from his 'Realms Of Light' album. These are beautifully crafted musical landscapes of sound dimensions in direct communication with the celestial beings of love and light... Gently high frequencies translated into a musical blessings. 'Realms of Light' is a both a DVD and CD with some of the most blissful ambient, soundtrack vibes accompanied with some ecstatic and extremely colorful visualisations.

Iasos - Rapture of the Heart by The PL4YGROUND

Please send your love and support to Iasos by exploring his website and purchasing some of his products, checking out some of his amazing images, filmclips, and thoughtful texts.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

John Legend and Evclive

Da kid Evclive aka Edwin Van Cleef, has remixed the legendary John Legend's Rollin In The Deep. It's sounds like an airy breezy, sea-side styles, cruising, hood open, sunsets... It's all in there and it works wonder-well with the Evclive touch. Check out the crispy acid line in there, it sounds like the TB-303 was warmed up well for this one. Wonderful pop music in one of Van Cleef's best remixes to date!

John Legend - Rolling In The Deep (Edwin van Cleef Remix) by Edwin van Cleef

Friday, March 25, 2011

Camille Richard "LAST LIMIT"

Put on your most colorful bermuda shorts because we present you "Last Limit", the debut album by youngman Camille Richard from Paris. He brings us a dazzling fantasy-infused 10 track album slammer. Hold on tight, it's a joyride themed with a heavy 80s haze, bringing you visions of palm trees, 100 $ bills and a fusion of reverb toms and thrashing guitar choruses.

The record has a distinct lo-fi feel to it. And that is intentional. "Last Limit" is mastered by Team Playmaker via the Tascam Portastudio 424. When you experience this album it actually sounds like you are listening to your walkman. That's right, we're talking walkman with analog cassettes. It's that "sound-color" this record needs and that can be seen as a counter-reaction to all the contemporary, over-polished digital media files drowning in their own soup these days...

This album is in co-operation with Rosso Corsa Records and will have an extended 60 min cassette release packed with extras, bonus tracks and remixes. Release date to be announced soon.

Meanwhile, go to our brand new and sunny Bandcamp for a totally FREE download of "Last Limit": Playmaker Entertainment is proud to present the 3rd release in our series of independent musical adventures.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Come on, in the club you need music like this. The message is loud and clear: NO FEAR. Clubbin' when it gets sweaty and you start closing your eyes while your head gets spinning. That's when you get to hear music like this in it's natural habitat, when your fears and worries are miles away... Grab hold of that moment and never let it go.

Here's the brand new Amtrac release free for grabs! We highlight the openings track, but do go out to soundcloud and grab 'm all!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mullet Records

Funky disco house label Mullet Records has been delivering great jams for years now. We highly advice you to check them all out! It's about that time we highlight them on Playmaker.

Some of their latest releases include the wonderful Tesla Boy from Russia and the sexy fresh Odhal from Sweden. So for starters, here's a mixtape by spearhead Justin Winks aka Casio Social Club. Future-flash retro dance music with a big smile, enjoy!

1. Vindahl - Sometimes (12" Groove Version)
2. Kosmetiq & Mirrorsoul - Keep on Lovin' Me
3. James Curd - Through All This Stuff (Tad Wily Remix)
4. Dana Bergquist & Peter G - Can't Get Enough (Original Mix)
5. Crazy P - Drop Your Weapon (Faze Action Edit)
6. Neurotic Drum Band - U Got Me Dancin' (Piano Party Mix)
7. Soul Mekanik - 1-2 Who Are You?
8. Chilly Gonzales - You Can Dance (Shadow Dancer Remix)
9. Casio Social Club - Running Man [Mullet Records]
10. StardonE - Space Romance

Justin Winks (Casio Social Club)_Get Yo Hands Offa My Keytar Vol. 2_DJ Mixtape by Mullet Records

Friday, March 11, 2011


Nothing beats us more on the dancefloor than some well produced filter-funky-fresh disco house. Your feet start moving while you just get in a joyous feeling grooving to this. No? — Yes. Shiny Disco Club does a great job of finding, promoting and releasing great tasting disco crunch, just the way we like it.

Meet Viceroy, a Californian producer that hits the spot like a breakfast burrito. Here's a free for grabs track to promote the brand new EP called 'In The Sky'. Besides that their title track of the EP is killing it so we advice you to grab it legally and kill your local party with it, cuz Playmaker said so!

Viceroy - Oh Yeah (Free Download - Promo Track) by Shiny Disco Club

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Le Prix

With cover art that is resembling the aesthetic of The Smiths, Playmaker-favo-bro Le Prix is back on the scene on his homebase record label Girlfriend records.

Two words come to mind when hearing 'Eyelask OK': INSTANT CLASSIC. A beautiful crafted italo inspired electro song on the retro futuristic highway, where driving your car with closed eyes is common. Trust the auto-pilot inside of you. Let this soundtrack guide you.

Ladies and gentlemen, the new Le Prix single is here, accompagnied with a soothing smooth Gossip Culture remix.

Le Prix - Eyelash OK by The PL4YGROUND

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hello Futurecop! fans. You've came to the right blog, obviously. We've just got word that their amazing and previously featured tune "Starworshipper" is now available for remix!

So, all you aspiring producers out there... Get on the download, use your illusion, twist and turn, rattle and shake, and make love to the Starworshipper. Maybe your remix will get highlighted on Playmaker and/or any other blogs out there.

Futurecop! Starworshipper Parts (Remix Competition) bpm 126 by thefuturecop

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Futurecop! dreams with Keenhouse

Their track 'Starworshipper' hit us like a bomb and here's a new one for all the dreamers out there. Yes, things are heating up for the Futurecop! Their full album is just around the corner of a worldwide release and they have an exciting U.S. tour with Passion Pit coming up.

'Dreams' is one of those songs from the album and is being released by Binary in L.A. It may be one of the most poppy songs on the album and it strikes us there isn't a radio version available. Anyhow, there's a few remixes that come with the release of the 'Dreams' single. And yes, it features Keenhouse (on vocals?) which only adds up to one epic dreamwave collaboration.

Grab a load of this:

Futurecop! - Dreams (ft. Keenhouse) by The PL4YGROUND

Futurecop! (ft. Keenhouse) - Dreams (Ride The Universe Remix) by The PL4YGROUND

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