Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kid Flash

Kid Flash appeared and dissapeared on the synthwave scene with a great collection of tracks, demos and remixes. Somehow, it's a wonder he's back, and how! His work is now collected and presented in this great album-ride called 'Nascar'. His music is dreamy yet straight to the point, elevates that stadium feel, rocking some FM-synthesis bassline and grooving guitar licks. Toms and hihats dance hand-in-hand while snappy synthlines make you hold your head up, straight into zenith position.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Protector 101

FM/AM radiowaves let the dark heart live on. On a quest for vengeange, Protector 101 crosses the Wastelands to serve what's rightfully coming; a killer album that spans over an hour and that weathers the storm inside-out and upside-down. Deep in the night, there's darkness but it's actually closer to dawn… Reverberation halms inside the abandonned warehouses of Wastelands while rebel arps congregate and synth sweeps leave you grounded with the power of the mighty protector. The music never forgets.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Arcade High

Arcade High has really upped his game here, unlocking that special level of pleasurable coast line cruising. Game on, the title track Heat Wave is a perfect wonderful summer love tune, complete with mesmerizing vocals by Morissa Tunzo. That's right, this is total-coaster, defining itself in 4 hot and brillant songs. Let those arcadistic leads with the top down low take you on a trip filled with uplifting moments of salted sea air breezes. This to summer!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Hot Pink comes steaming out of Grooveworthy out running dream machine. This 2 track single is a really nice double sided egg-in-hole sandwich, still gooeye on the inside and hitting that sweet spot at first bite! Set on total cruise control, this is possibly his most dreamy stuff to date and we have a feeling more awesome Grooveworthy stuff is coming our way.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Double Dutch synthwave producer Timecop1983 brings his sophomore album "Journeys" as the perfect follow-up to "Childhood Memories". The story continues and sets off a canon of lovebirds by the broadwalk. A couple of doves are sighted by the hard-strollers, hand-holding on a beach walk vibe, following the heart, taken a lead like a breezer calming you down on a sunset backdrop. This is romantic escapism at it's finest, most pure form of musical settings, in order to get you right into a dreamscape of a future oh-so-bright.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Dan Terminus

Get into the stratosphere and rain fire upon Earth as Dan Terminus brings his sophomore album to the table. Taking huge lsteps forward with his production yet still keeping that dark edge, this album somehow radiates the heavens above, bringing the thunder and throwing the lightning like Thor.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Absolute killer tracks from Atrey have been hitting the surface recently. His new bee-atch-slapping 4-track Supernova EP takes you dancin out of step and forces you to do some split jumps while you're at it. But wait, that's not all. Grab your partner by the hand and connect deep for a slow dance on So Far Away, a brilliant vocoded power balad that dreams out loud. Epic, grand and with a heavy nostalgic feeling, this release swerves somewhere between the French touch and Californian FM highway party!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


The streets are burning melted rubber with WARD-IZ chasing his OutRun rivals in dare devil fashion. Synth leading the way through all types of terrain, the grand final is set all the way to the Big City. Witness the winner-takes-all attitude, uplifting and floating on a balance of speed and gravity; resulting in this mighty fine two-track EP on Wave Runner Records.

Friday, May 9, 2014

2014 Big Apple Crime Force

As the wind blows heavy through to the littered, unlit streets of New Your City, salty rain hits the face of Jack Foredice. Returning from his cannibal-laden mission down in the 305, he finds his beloved city that never sleeps, rapidly rotten to the core… Hiding in a tunnel blasted open underneath the Statue of Liberty, a colony of restless survivors hide in fear of new attacks by The Knights of Yuroba, a shapeshifting gang of ruthless killers on the prowl for anything from rats to jewellery. Like a worm crawling through an apple, the big city is ruled by gangs and vermin, imposing fear through plunder and murder. It's a last man standing situation on the verge of escalating into fatal morbidity. A crew of forefront rebels, complete with a ravishing ape beast, have been assigned by detective Foredice to cleanse the poisoned apple. Will Foredice prevail? And what about the appearance of the mysterious motorbike ninja who keeps leaving chalked insignia all over the place? All this and much more…here in 2014's BIG APPLE CRIME FORCE.

Available on Digital, Cassette, Poster.

Production: Playmaker Ent.
Artwork: Basil Murad, Blood+Chrome

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Garth Knight

Garth Knight never fails to impress. After his 2 full lenght albums for Lunar Boogie he returns with this killer EP for Telefuture. All set on some sketchy behind-the-scenes Videodrome set; it's a dark and haunting experience, heavily spiked with samples, evoking a Front 242 new wave vibe that threatens torment and torture. The New Flesh are three tracks of transformation, blurring the lines of reality into hallucinating fascination, in the flesh.