Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Who Ha

Gusting like a tornado with a new song in his fine playful, satiric tradition, The Who Ha is back on track as the in-house jinglemeister from the Beyond Synth radioshow and continues the series with a banging new extended version.

This time he's actually chasing tornados while making it really creepy, paying homage to the 1996 blockbuster 'Twister', spiking it full of samples and references to the movie in a way only he can do. The song really carries a dark undertone, satirical of course, as Who Ha shifts his persona to Who Hell and is pledging allegiance to the lay sacrifice, making a "Donation of the Beast" which is ultimately supporting your hard-earned moolah to the world's greatest synthwave radioshow 'Beyond Synth' with Andy Last.

A fun time guarnateed: Listen to new episodes of the Beyond Synth Podcast hosted by Andy Last
every Thursday at 8pmEST (following an all-live Vox Populi: The Podcast lead in hosted by Who Ha at 6pmEST).