Monday, July 3, 2017

Carpenter Brut

Boy, it's been a while since we've actually reported on Carpenter Brut. Alas, the way this act has evolved through the years has been truly remarkable and amazing. In fact, we had CB as a part of our first Halloween compilation 'Miami Cannibal Massacre' in 2013. It's just amazing to see this act grow to their full potential as CB is the perfect example of forming a killer live band, pushing the boundries of synthwave, growing out of it's shadowy depths.

Fast forward to 2017 then. The three CB EP's have taken the world by storm and have gotten a proper release as an album, gaining recognition on a wild worldwide scale. Part of that recognition isn't simply through the music recorded in the studio, though. A big part of that is thanks to CB's enormous live reputation as a full band. If you've seen them live then you know what we are talking about. It's an incredible act that just totally rocks your socks off and is probably the most complete synthwave band out there.

So, in await for new material, what CB have decided to do now is actually drop a full live album that truly captures the energetic feeling of what the live band is really capable of. That is truly amazing and it's showcases the extremely tight musicianship that brings the songs even more to life as their whole set just gets blasted through to a whole new dimension. Just wade yourself inside the live concert of the full CB band and dive into the moshpit as they are jamming their set subliminally while topping it off with a killer cover version of Flashdance's Maniac.