Sunday, July 9, 2017


If you're accustomed to the scene and our blog since several years then the name Sferro must ring a bell (or two). Not only is Sferro a name in the scene that stands for brilliant and original synthwave, he's also behind the label Girlfriend Records, putting out quality content we love to promote.

Enter his latest offering where he leaves his homestall and releases a full album of gems on British Columbia's respected record label/collective Rosso Corso.

"All things converge" truly makes sense when you listen to it as Sferro neatly puts all of his different jams together in a well pieced together album that rages from vapor, synthwave, chillwave to italo disco and outrun electro, ... all with that sweet and dreamy Sferro touch.

Most certainly a must have for all Sferro fans out there as this is some of his most outstanding work to date.

As said before, the Rosso Corso Collective has released the mp3 version of this album, so grab it there. But wait, there is more, as Pure Destructive Records has a pre-order up for the vinyl version to come later this year!