Friday, June 24, 2011

AXXE 'Sweet Stuff' Remixes

"The Gulf Wave" is the main club here on Soda Beach, and with parties happening (almost) every night, this Friday's headliners are Axxe alongside Ride The Universe and the Neon Workout. No doubt people will be dancing in their underwear because Axxe, arguably Montreal's sexiest outfit, is here to set the night on disco-fire. Hot!

Axxe, the electro disco project orchestrated by Douglas Chow, is working hard on their debut album. Together with a few others, Ride The Universe and Neon Workout have worked on their latest single "Sweet Stuff" which sounds like some sexy starlighting submissive lollipop house with vocal delights. Definitely worth some shine and if you want to read more about Axxe, then check this interview via All Things Are Go: Here's a quote from the interview:

"AXXE is actually the name of a popular synthesizer from the 70s made by ARP. The funny thing is that the way that the logo is stylized, kind of with a heavy metal look..."

Now then... We are very stoked because Swedish retro electro chief Neon Workout's remix is definitely here for yall's pleasures, sure Ride The Universe does a fantastic job as always but there's just this tiny lil' extra spark of sexy music magic that makes this Neon Workout remix outstanding. It takes it's time to build up and then gives ya the necessary rubbing all over your sweet stuff.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Slaughterbrains Summer Mix

We're having a ball here at Soda Beach, and it's only just beginning. Yup, life sure is pretty sweet out here and there's plenty of reason to stay here for a while. Tonight we have Slaughterbrains DJ-ing a can crushing set with a summery feel and some darker undertones. He's one of our favorite playmakers, a must-dance-to-DJ, here with a fresh new summer blockbuster for his infamous Horse and Groom nights in London. This is party!

Slaughterbrains Summer Mix for Horse and Groom by slaughterbrains

Hypnolove-Midnite Cruising (Mickey Moonlight’s dub)
Jeremy Glenn-New Life
Mark Ronson-Record Collection (Perseus remix)
Tensnake-You know I know it
Housse de Racket-Chateau (Golden bug remix)
Tiger and woods-Speed of light
Sebastien Tellier-Fingers of steel (Hypnolove remix)
Peter and the magician -Love in Rimini
Logo-Merit (Botox remix)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Let's go to Soda Beach

Playmaker is proud to present the 5th release in our series of exclusive independent monster jams! Here's two tracks themed 'Soda Beach' written and produced by Discoballistic and Twilight Racing.

Refreshing, rocking and blazing. Somewhere along the Gulf Stream there is a place called Soda Beach. A party place full of water sports, music and hot bikini babes. Book your holidays to Soda Beach right now and witness it's immediate flashback to the 80s culture, where the cool kids drink those sugary, bubbly limonades, their refreshing sodas, to get on a sugar rush and have some fun. Sunny greetings from Soda Beach, come get your fun, we're all waiting for you!

Very free download party on our Bandcamp

Ultra free "theme" stream-zone on the Discoballistic SoundCloud

Soda Beach by Discoballistic

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BMX Ninjas mixtape (from the past)

Praise the dancefloor when these two Swedes make their entrance doing wheelies on their BMX. Trickbikes, that's what they are. And soon enough, you'd see the roller disco girls accompanying them to the DJ-booth, swirling around 'm like a twirling cornetto. Have some vanilla, have some strawberry, shades on and discolights flashing you into a dreamstate of mind. Ladies and gentlemen, it's Neon Workout and Le Prix and together they form the BMX Ninjas! This mixtape is from last year, which makes it even more classic!
(OK, this was/is a Tracasseur exclusive, but that was last year. We love Tracasseur, it's an amazing —finger on the pulse— Swedish music blog. Go bookmark them now)

Hello We Are Bmx Ninjas Mix (Tracasseur Exclusive) by LE PRIX

Monday, June 13, 2011

Jordan F.

On the quest to Soda Beach we are stranded on a late night, early summer party hosted by Boombar Music By the power of the sweet sunsetting jam, check out this great and refreshing EP by Mr. Jordan F. from Sydney. There's awesome remixes by Embryonik, Flashworx, Ambiotika and a few others to set the night on fire. Keep both eyes open with eagle vision for more stuff to come from camp Boombar! Meanwhile, let's stream the EP and give away a brand new '80s Miami' inspired tune for free download, surely to set the mood right.

Jordan F - Definitely Miami by Jordan F

SoBe EP [Boombar Music] by Jordan F

Friday, June 10, 2011

Soda Beach announcement [PLMKR_005]

Out soon on Playmaker:

On Friday 17th of June, more news soon!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blue Satellite - Aurora

Haven't really travelled these musical landscapes beaming down from the Blue Satellite, but this tune made me dreamwave out loud... So I got up on that field, stood tall and watched aurora lights in all their magic and glory. (thinking to myself "wow, that Kill The Hero Remix is awesome")

Blue Satellite - Aurora Pt. I (Kill The Hero Remix) by Blue Satellite

Then I went into the bar, took some coinage outta my pocket and choose this jam aka remix. I ordered a beer, took a few gulps and started dancing on my own. Some people in the bar raised their eyebrows, but pretty soon a few single ladies shared the dancefloor with me.

Bag Raiders - Turbo Love [Flight Facilities ft. Louie Austen] (Blue Satellite Remix) by Blue Satellite

A wonderful release, grab, listen and dance to the night away via here:

Aurora EP by Blue Satellite