Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's Christmas Time

It's that time drunk uncles are excused. Times of celebrating a new born king and the unification of popstars in Band Aid formations. It's that time where the homeless get candy and orphans go iceskating. Times of cold and darkness, filled with colour and warmth. It's eggnog o'clock. People in knitted reindeer-baring sweaters are door-to-door carolling because 'It's Christmas Time'

Harking heralding angels, Retro Promenade gives us a massive Christmas inspired compilation with artist such as Palm Highway Chase, Plaisance, The Boy & Sister Alma, and many more. It's an epic voyage, a 28-track long journey best ridden on a sleigh, cruising through a snowy landscape, guided by that one magical big star. Not only is this a 80's inspired Christmas music compilation, this release comes with a special 30-page artist profile magazine on paper and pdf and is a great introduction to some outstanding artists in the scene.

1. The Boy & Sister Alma - Hear The Sounds 05:41
2. OGRE - Enter The Sleigher 02:48
3. Tommy - Winter Mornings 04:18
4. Les Chic Voltage - '80 VOGLIA DI NATALE 02:52
5. Plaisance - Green Trees & White Snow 04:17
6. Laurence McFunk - McFunk LIVE at Nakatomi Tower Dec 24 1988 06:09
7. Timecop1983 - Mistletoe Fantasies 04:12
8. Vincenzo Salvia - White Nocturne 03:48
9. Who Ha - Merry Making (Instrumental Teaser) 03:12
10. Fixions - Cyber Solstice 05:40
11. New Arcades - Through The Window 04:22
12. Sam Häggblad - This Christmas Night 04:11
13. Danger Mode - Santa's Slay Ride 03:17
14. Spacious Sweep - Christmas Night 03:26
15. The Sweeps - Golden 04:41
16. Palm Highway Chase - Letterman 06:47
17. Discoballistic feat Tiana - Angel's Lullaby 03:56
18. MoweLan feat The Guild - Colored Lights 03:44
19. Epoch - Novaya 05:02
20. Atrey - After The Unknown 03:55
21. Diana Gitallog & Pacifico - Snowy Palms 05:33
22. Phaserland - Red, Green, & Jolly 05:28
23. Tero - Past To Presents 04:10
24. Bobby Outro - Holiday Celebration In Every Nation 05:04
25. Mr Maen - Jolly Funk 04:14
26. September 87 - The Workshop 04:28
27. Moustache Machine - Artic Skies 06:20
28. Batch Sound - Crashmas Present 06:37

Friday, December 13, 2013


One of the artists that left a deep impression on us lately has been Grooveworthy from Edmonton, Alberta. His tale-telling gems have a versatile approach and breath a world of mystery and wonder. Third eye open, on his latest track he takes us to Giza, a highly magical place on Earth, where the bridges between reality and the underworld get traversed in a fantastic audio journey.

In awaitance for his upcoming Information Age EP, we've added some unreleased Grooveworthy tunes to the equation such as ultra-groovy 'Hot Unicorn Forrest', 'Let's Get Outta Here, Baby' and his recent contribution 'Amor Sanguinis' from the 'Miami Cannibal Massacre' compilation (available here).

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lueur Verte

Aphasia's spearhead Lueur Verte gathers all the ions, molecules and atoms in order to materialise his debut 'Crystalica' EP. Stars align above the horizon on a zenith of six corresponding songs while wicked crystallizations take shape in long, epic voyages of melodies that suggest he might be hiding a rock of kryptonite under his bed.