Monday, December 28, 2009

Versus The White Panda

It's a party here in the Playmaker universe! Not only are we celebrating the end of 2009, we're also celebrating the beginning of 2010, another year that will be filled with awesome styles and zones!

The White Panda aka Procrast and DJ Griffi, have just sent us their debut mixtape appropriately named 'Versus' and it features nothing but amazing party mash-ups.

Much like for example, The Hood Internet they mix a flawless style of hiphop acapellas with some classic dancetunes, resulting in a awesome form of new school rap-house. You know you like a lil rap-house from time to time. We know we do, infact, it makes us pump our fist in the air! Bring it! Here's the Mixtape + the separate songs = :)

Just saying ya'll, our favourite is Track 16. Ice Chrome Paint Job (Dorrough // Chromeo)

Versus (The White Panda Mixtape) by whitepandamusic

Continues Mixtape:
Separated Tracks:

Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Girlfriend: LOUISE

New Girlfriend Records = new amazingness. That's right. We all love Illapa from France, especially when he releases a stellar release like this.

Kinda mellow but warm, amazing, and especially good, this LOUISE comes with 2 remixes by Pelifics and Frederic Lorian.

As always, free of charge so go ahead and download this essential release. If GF continues to bring FW such quality material it will raise the bar in no time, keep'm comin' boys!!

download: GFR_002 ILLAPA - LOUISE E.P.

Oh, and in case you missed out on their first release on spearhead Sferro, don't miss it again! here: GFR_001 SFERRO - VENGEFUL EYES

Friday, December 25, 2009

Angie Audio & Haters Make Us Famous

We are very pleased to bring you Angie Audio from Houston, Texas. Taking off where the previous and legendary Tally Isham left, the Angie Audio-sound is still on a mystical tip and remains to sound deep and original.

Angie and crew are also starting a bi-monthly named 'Haters Make Us Famous' in their hometown of Houston. Check out these events if you are in the area if your in for the raddest party jams, dance, disco, funk, punk, rock, 80’s, electro, house… FUN MUSICS!! The next one is just around the corner, on Januari the 14th.

So here's 2 new tunes called 'Desert Lover' and 'Unsolved Mysteries' to tickle your fancy! Enjoy and show Angie some love on Twitter or MySpace.

download: Angie Audio - Desert Lover

download: Angie Audio 'Unsolved Mysteries'

Be there or be square!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Worship Minimix Dec '09

a very nice and short yet amazing mixtape by Worship from Geneva! Enjoy!

Worship minimix Dec '09 by worshipyourself

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Savage House "The Hunger" EP

Big news... Ghost Car is back on the road after the departure of Sakura Night this year, due to circumstances beyond control. Yes. The most raddest clan of twilight racers is back in full affect! Savage House is the new brainchild of theirs and it's freaking awesome.

The first tune 'I Am The Future' starts out with some radio-shifting noises, zapping back in time and bringing forward some classic Sakura Night and Ghost Driver tunes... and then it kicks in!

Their signature sound is still omnipresent but has somehow matured aswell, and if you loved Sakura Night, you will adore Savage House! Check it out, this one is a must have and gets our vote for come-back of the year 2009, no doubt!

<a href="">I AM THE FUTURE by SAVAGE HOUSE</a>

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lazerhawk 'Visitors' video

We got compagny! New tune and video from Lazerhawk, do you believe?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Memory Tapes

We want you to discover the might of Memory Tapes aka Davey Hawk! Sounds like one day he got lost on a ship in the Bermuda triangle and brings you a magical and mystical form of poppy space disco trips.

Memory Tapes released a debut album which is just stellar! Also check out their amazing blog Weird Tapes and find a tons of remixes, originals and collectables. Keep your eyes and ears on this one.

listen to: Memory Tapes "Walk Alone"

Thursday, December 3, 2009

We Are The Romans

Are we really? Well then close your eyes, and at least, try to imagen you are... a Roman! You know, the great Roman Empire in all it's glory ruled by mad emperors and an insanity of warzones, gold and decadence...

All this and more to introduce you to the work of Monsieur Adi, who presents us the lead track from his upcoming EP and album 'Empire' which bears the same name. The album 'Empire' is based loosely off of the rise and fall of ancient Roma, but is based in modern times. The song 'We Are The Romans' captures the prentiousness and power of Roma during the time when it was the center of the world.

It starts with chopped vocodered vocals and builds into a twisting melody of synths, harpiscord, a female choir, and a blasting brass section.

But wait, there's more! You, the reader, the remixer, the enthousiast,... You can also be part of this 'roman empire' as Monsieur Ad is doing a remix contest for it and the best remix(es) will be placed on the EP.

Download Monsieur Adi 'We Are The Romans' on zshare:
+ Remix it!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fear Of Tigers "Cossus Snufsigalonica"

it's December 1st... the official release of: Fear Of Tigers debut album "Cossus Snufsigalonica" the long awaited, anticipated and totally free for grabs album is here!

I Can Make The Pain Disappear
Please Don't Leave
What Did I Do?
The Adventures of Pippi Longstrump
Friday Night At Geek Club
Cossus Snufsigalonica
Study Hard Drugs School
The Rich Cry Too
Calling Your Name

Download Here!
if that doesn't work try here

Included in his press release is an interview with Ben Tigers:

What do you want to achieve with the album?
Some peace and quiet! I hadn’t actually planned to make an album this year. My girlfriend suggested it and I foolishly decided to mention it to a few people. Of course, people started asking me about it so I had to make one really. It’s been pretty hard finding the time to work on the new tracks and I’ve now got a computer full of unfinished ideas. So it’s an opportunity to draw a line under them, get what tracks I could finish out there and start again.

What Does ‘Cossus Snufsigalonica’ mean?
It’s not a secret but it is a cryptic reference to something wonderful. I don’t want to say too much and I’ll be impressed if anyone can work it out.

What are your influences?
When I was a moody teenager, bands like The Cure and The Pixies. I was a big indie kid but I also worshiped a lot of the ambient pioneers like Autechre and the Aphex Twin. One fateful night back at a club called Vauge in Leeds, everything changed. I discovered disco, piano house and poppers and the years that followed were dominated by people like Chic, Inner Life, Jocelyn Brown et al. From my days as a DJ, UK garage but also epic trance records (which I hated at the time, but look back on with a certain fondness). I recently bought a piano so back at home you’re likely to catch me listening to Ryuichi Sakamoto, Philip Glass or Ennio Morricone. I’ve recently discovered the music of the 30s and I’m really enjoying all the classic Ivor Novello penned songs. I’m really quite nostalgic for the 30s at the moment.

What do you think of the state of music at the moment?
If you ever read a magazine like Q, the NME or even Mixmag, they’ll tell you that the naughties were a terrible decade for music but I think they’ve just getting old. An article in the Telegraph recently revealed that of Q’s best artists of the decade “men outnumber women 7 to 1, and that the ratio of white people to black is 15.5 to 1”. So if you basically look at white men with guitars, yes they’re just regurgitating the same old shit and it’s getting very boring. But in our new world of music there is some really exciting stuff going on. New genres are being invented and the scene has become truly global. The fact that a lot of this new music is ignored by the mainstream magazines and radio is merely testament to their ultimate decline.

Why don’t you have a record label?
I know people who’ve signed to big record labels and spent loads of time recording an album only to never have it released because the label’s gone bust or the person that signed them left the company or in some cases the label have just done a really bad job of marketing it.. Like most writers, my music’s my life’s work and the thought of signing it away to somebody who has a shaky business model seems like madness. Also I love the freedom of just being able to make a track and put it online. If I’d have signed to a label we’d have probably spent 1 year clearing the samples and polishing the record. Which would have probably made for something quite slick, but perhaps just a little bit boring!

What’s next for Fear of Tigers?
I’m going to release an album of my remixes next year. There are a couple of new ones and a few from the past that have never been heard before. Then the next step is to upgrade my software and start experimenting with some new ideas. I’d also like to do more collaborations and maybe even get a singer. There are a couple of things in the pipeline already that I’m quite excited about!

We'd like to thank Mr. B for releasing this insightful interview, the totally free album, and for the inspiration and love he represents!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Meet Flashworx

New hits on the blogs, new kids from on the block Flashworx are taking the neo liberal and pseudo original blog world by storm. Their delightful remixes cannot be missed in your ever growing collection of awesome tunes!

These young cool cats were born in the 80s and are heavily influenced by the sound, vision and fashion of that period which is reflecting in their contemporary dance music. They hail from Italy but have moved to Swiss.

Working hard on their first EP and promoting a few remixes on the way, they are here to stay. So go ahead and listen to what they have done to the mighty Futurecop! the wonderful Visitor and the rapping Keith Masters!

zshare: Futurecop! Karate Kids (Flashworx Remix)
zshare: Visitor - Los Feeling (Flashworx Remix)
zshare: Keith Masters - I love to floss (Flashworx remix)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Our friend The Metatron is back, this time he brings us an exclusive mixtape for Playmaker. With these hits from the blogs, he brings you the latest and hottest in 'blog-house' tunes... You know the deal, these handpicked tunes are surely going to set your car stereo or ipod on fire! (drink enough water to stay cool) !!!

01. Intro
02. Vitalic - One Above One
03. Discoballistic - Dream In Reality
04. Parallels - Ultralight
05. Alex Gopher - Aurora (Riot In Belgium & Knightlife Remix)
06. Fake Blood - I Think I Like It
07. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance (Chew Fu H1N1 Club Mix)
08. El Paso Hot Button - Admiral Sloth (Trash Yourself Remix)
09. Cyberpunkers - Is Alternative (Original Club Mix)
10. Beni - My Love Sees You (DerDieDas Remix)
11. Simian Mobile Disco - Off The Map
12. My Gold Mask - Bitches (Hood International Remix)
13. Martin Solveig - Boys & Girls Feat. Dragonette
14. Grafton Primary - All Stars (Calling In Sick Remix)
15. Get Well Soon - Heading Home To The Pole
16. Peter, Bjorn & John - It Don‘t Move Me (The Knocks Remix)
17. High Voltage Humans - Laser Symphony (Catastrophe)

...but wait, there's more! Here's Transformer Di Roboter, who ripped up the dancefloor of Metatron's latest Skitzo Disko event in Austria... in the awesome edit styles!

Also find many more mixtapes from The Metatron on his MySpace pages! There's all awesome!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fear Of Tigers album coming soon!

Yes, highly anticipated here by us on the Playmakerzplayground is the debut album by Fear Of Tigers named 'Cossus Snufsigalonica' (yo does anybody know what this means?)

First up, before the real storm is happens, check out Diamond Cut's remix of 'The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump' ... a smooth version that smells like Sunday breeze in an awesome, tight production style!

Fuck, we aren't even going to upload it... click here because it's been blogged all over the globe and the hypemachine has 10 or 20 or 30 different uploads, well almost, so, go to 'read full post' to download.

Yay! and the best news is the 'Cossus Snufsigalonica' album will be available for FREE, dropping on December the 1st, which is... very soon =)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Unbongo Mix by Warlock

Unbongo is a new type of events held in London. Here's a promo mix by none other then Warlock, a DJ refusing to be sucked into any one genre, a typical Warlock set is a new experience every time. So hey... it's funky, has ethnical vibes and sounds like a bongo gone bonkers! A really nice, different and fun mix to digest.

Direct Download Link

Friday, November 13, 2009

D/A/D Interview + EP

We just discovered the wonders of youngster D/A/D and it immediately struck us to ask this dude a few more questions... This is some awesome and deep Eighties zoned-out music, complete with classic guitar shreds and layers of niceness! Playmakers, meet D/A/D and while you're at it, check out his rad videogame metal band, Dracula Mountain!

PM: What does D/A/D stand for?
Nothing. I'm a big fan of dads so this is my homage to them.

PM: Main influences of any kind?
Obviously the 1980s have so much material to gain inspiration from. There are several musical styles from the decade that find their ways into my music, these include synth-pop, new wave, synth funk, italo-disco, and most importantly in my opinion, 80s shred. But it isn't just the music of the 80s; it's the fashion, the pop culture, the technology, the attitudes of the decade that leave a strong impression on me.

PM: When did you start producing?
i've been writing music for a while but I think I wrote my first D/A/D song about a year ago.

PM: What's your favorite years in the eighties, and why?
I think late 80s are my favorites, and I'm biased with 1989 because I was born in that one. I'm also a huge fan of the early 90s so I love the years in the late 80s that sort of blend in with the 90s. The evolution of pop culture during these years is pretty fun to analyze, and admire!

PM: How do you compose what gear are you using?
Because I'm making most of this music in my dorm, I have very limited resources. I use Logic Pro and the majority of the sounds you hear on the EP are logic synth samples which I've tweaked. If i'm not using MIDI, i'll be using my JX3P (which I don't have in the dorm room). As for guitars, I'm using a strat and an epiphone sheraton with a teenie little vox practice amp. Ideally, i would like to have some junos, yamahas, and rolands, up in here, but that's going to take some more saving on my part.
As for actual writing, I usually write my songs in parts and then figure out ways to put them together. I feel like with dance music, producers get too caught up in repeating and looping, which is totally fine and absolutely works for the dance genre. I'm constantly looking for ways to keep the song moving, however, which I think separates me from the genre a bit. I consider D/A/D dance music that is meant to be performed live, not DJed. I would be surprised if someone played my stuff in a DJ set actually, but hey if it works go for it!

PM: What's your ideal environment as D/A/D?
Top down, shades on, cruisin....just cruisin.

PM: Future plans, releases, ... ?
I'm going to take a little break on the writing front, but I'm hoping to be playing live a lot more. I have my first show in Chicago tomorrow and I played back home in LA several times over the summer. If the album gets enough circulation, I'd love to do a mini tour no doubt. I'd also love to add some visuals to my set. I'm experimenting with visuals a bit tomorrow for the show and I think it's gonna come out real nicely.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Werelctrique Vol.2

Franklean is bringing forward his second volume of 'Werelctrique'. A great compilation with his own edits, remixes vs orginals.

You're in for some hilarious moments of pure fun and party vibes and palm trees and most likely even coconuts, when you hear songs titled like this: Multipac VS Bat For Lashes or Hans Zimmer VS Daft Punk... resulting in an instant classic and great rework in the housey yet late eighties feel of Franklean's sound.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Hood Internet

"It's the soundtrack to your next house party."

What's been playing in our office the last few days?! You know it.. The Hood Internet Mixtape Volume 4. A great mix just over 1 hour combining the freshest tunes with some classic rhymes and vocals, all blended together... resulting in one amazing and movin mash-up!

T R A C K L I S T I N G :

1. Intro
2. David Banner vs Fujiya & Miyagi - Get Like Pterodactyls
3. The Beastie Boys vs Matt And Kim - Good Ol' Fashion Rump Shaker
4. Kanye West vs Cage & Aviary - Touch The Television
5. Lil Wayne (feat. Babyface) vs Royksopp - Comfortable Up Here
6. Passion Pit vs Juvenile - Back That Sleepyhead Up
7. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince vs Daft Punk - Summer Circuit
8. Public Enemy vs HEALTH vs Nosaj Thing - Bring The Tabloid Sores
9. AZ (feat. Ghostface) vs The Golden Filter - Solid Gold From New York
10. Modest Mouse vs Kanye West - Floating Paranoia
11. Clipse vs Yuksek - Kinda Like A Big Break
12. Weezer vs Glass Candy - Buddy Holly's Imagination
13. Bangers & Cash vs Bag Raiders - Bang Raiders
14. Amanda Blank vs VEGA - No Reasons To Like You Better
15. Michael Jackson vs Ratatat - Billie "Wildcat" Jean
16. Kid Sister (feat. Pitbull) vs Phonat - Free Control Ocho
17. Twista (feat. Erika Shevon) vs Boys Noize - Wetter And Jeffer
18. Flo Rida (feat. Ke$ha) vs MSTRKRFT - 1000 Times Right Round
19. R. Kelly (feat. Keri Hilson) vs Sally Shapiro - Number One Christmas
20. Drake vs The Rapture - Best Jealous Lover I Ever Had
21. Bon Iver vs Friendly Fires vs Aeroplane - Lump Sum Of Paris
22. Jeremih vs Handsome Furs - Birthday Furs
23. Yung LA vs Solid Gold - Who Ain't I Gonna Run To?
24. Major Lazer (feat. Santigold) vs Dirty Projectors - Hold The Stillness
25. Dead Prez vs Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks Of Hip Hop
26. Soulja Boy vs Joe Jackson - Swaggin' Out
27. OJ Da Juiceman (feat. Gucci Mane) vs Discovery - Make The Loop Aye
28. Glasses Malone vs Chromatics - A Moment To Remember Haterz
29. Paper Route Gangstaz vs Animal Collective - Animals Collecting Money
30. B-Hamp vs Little Boots - Ricky Bobby Boots
31. Ghostface Killah vs Beirut - Save Me Concubine
32. Keri Hilson vs The Glitch Mob/TVOTR - Red Dress Turnin Me On
33. Dorrough vs Bibio - Fire Ant Paint Job
34. Outro

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Transformer Di Roboter

Besides being a great DJ and graphic designer, our friend The Metatron from Austria hosts a regular club night in Salzburg called (just like his mixtapes) Skitzo Disko, a party celebration zone he's been maintaining for a few years now.

We got our hands on a exclusive edit from their upcoming headliner on November 14th, the amazing Transformer Di Roboter, who have been around for a while making orignal tunes but also are known for playing occasional covers and dressing up like all stars. A very promising headliner for SD for sure, especially when they give us a special edit to one of their tracks!

So, catch this awesome edit by none other then Zingone, who gave their original song "Ultra Maxximiser" some more swing for full dancefloor explosion to it's maxximising potential!

Transformer di Roboter - Ultra Maxximizer (Zingone Ultra Edit) by TheMetatron

also check out some more Metatron related graphix, Skitzo Dizko mixapes and general information about the parties, right here

Sunday, November 8, 2009

ABC Order

Highly recomended are some new EPs by the ABC Order. For example Patterns Of Creation, a deep and dreamy yet realistic downtempo project consisting of Christopher Kenobii and Richard Sloan from the Canyon Group.

Always one with nature, the ABC Order seems to be striving towards naturalist envirements as their main inspiration and undeniably reflects that in their sound. Going hand in hand with the awesome designs by the Design Library, forming a great escape into a more peaceful musical landscape, beautifully arranged, yet holding it down with a simple twist making nothing unnessarily complicated.

<a href="">downward slope by Patterns of creation</a>

<a href="">Cocopah by Canyon Group</a>

Thursday, November 5, 2009


God damn Rosso Corsa is on a roll. This must be one of the heaviest jams we heard in a while. We're talking none other then Lazerhawk, who brings it to us, full speed ahead!

Check out the amazing OVERDRIVE tune, right now. Close your eyes and see the road closing in on you, until everything turns white... and when that synth lead finally drops, you're zapped into the another dimension, where speed is essential and gravity is pulling you back in place.

Lazerhawk - Overdrive

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Loose Shus

If you haven't heard of Loose Shus before, then now is the time to discover his might. He's been producing awesome and original tunes in a extremely cool and funky disco dance vibe for a while now, with a few classic releases on Plant Music and Valerie under his belt.

Basicly we just want you to explore his .com website and find out what he's all about, listen to his tunes, take a look at a few of his production styles and read some intresting articles like interviews with the mighty Evan Patrick and Cyndi Seui.

Go here and find it all:

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yan Larson's Electric Vice

Does Yan Larson really live in Swiss?! This video sort off proves the opposite! Anyway this Swiss-based electronic artist is heavily influenced by the soft pastels and dramatic neons of Miami Vice, the atmospheric tones of Michael Mann’s Manhunter and the bombastic electro symphonies of italo disco and so forth... That's the word on the street ya'll, now check out these classic outrunner video styles!

YanLarson - Electric vice from Gammaliel on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

On a roll with On The Fruit

Hailing from France, between some wines and baggettes you can find On The Fruit Records, as your healthy alternative to a digestive portion of zoned-out house party jams. Label boss Freak You has a seriously awesome roster going, with artist such as Digitalfoxglove, Double Dragon, Worship, Stereo Heroes and many more.

We present 3 tracks from the label. One dreamy piece of work by Freak You himself, drifting off like a disco cloud into infinity... Plus a remix he did for Visitor, that awesome new pop sensation from London. Aswell as a OTF remix by Stereo Heroes they did for UnderHall, a straight up classy club banger, enough to play a good dribble pon de dancefloor!

Freak You - The Farest Love (From Nowhere EP)


Visitor - Los Feeling (Freak You Remix)


Underhall - Digithall (Stereo Heroes remix)


Support these artists and their label, find the like to their Beatport HERE.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Anoraak makes it better

In our estimation, it won't be that long until Anoraak releases a new album. This French producer, and one of the main Valerie Collective dreamers, recently released a preview on his soundcloud which we are happy to share with you. Still got his summer vibes all over it, his warm voice and easy breezy sound of cruisin by sunset. That being said, we also have a brand new mixtape from Anoraak, so enjoy!

Anoraak - Make It Better by valeriecollective

wild geek tape by anoraak

Monday, October 26, 2009

An evening with Dimes

There's always time for new talent on Playmaker, this time we present Dimes from Melbourne Australia, a new cat on the block with some amazing tunes.

We got our paws on a brand new tune of Dimes, it's a breezy track that shows a skillful and eager producer at it's best. A heartfelt tune, drifting of on a dreamwave tip... a nice follow up to his debut "Anthonio EP".

So here we go:

Dimes - Tonight

An Evening With Dimes (mixtape)

Dimes - the Anthonio EP

Saturday, October 24, 2009

ActRaiser owns the night

Fast and stylish car culture here on the information highway, speeding by is the latest ActRaiser tune! He brings us "We Own The Night" and his typical fast yet slow approach is omnipresent and shows great evolution in his tracks.

Playmaker is also highly excited about a new label which we shall soon feature extensively, yes we're talkin Rosso Corsa. A new label collective coming from the same stall, dedicated to the outrun scene out there... more news soon!

download here:

(high res version soon available through Still Muzik)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sferro's Vengeful Eyes

New material by Eric Sferro on the horizon, this talented producer and originator of Girlfriend records presents the official first Girlfriend release, and it is brilliant.

Sferro's signature dreamscape electro totally rules as we highly recommend this release of amazing atmospheric 80s styled soundtrack disco beat waves! Yeh!

download: Sferro - Vengeful Eyes (GFR001)

Find more about Sferro and his Girlfriend collective in an older Playmaker feature + it's highly recommended you follow their blog.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Deep in the valley of LozzaMaker

LozzaMaker from Spain is presenting us his 2nd EP named 'Valley'. His sound can be discribed as retro-futuristic, almost lo-fi sounding scores for the imaginary soundtrack.

This EP is totally free for grabs, and if you haven't heard LozzaMaker before, then now is the time to check out his crazy approach to music. Included in the EP is a remix by Heat from France. so go check it and find out his approach to LozzaMaker's sound stylings.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Holograms & The Misfits

Back in time with Jem! A classic 80's music-adventure series, truely girly, fashion and famous... Jem ran from 1985 to 1988 and the show is about music company owner Jerrica Benton, her singer alter-ego Jem, her band the Holograms, and their adventures.

The soundtrack is really quite amazing. We selected a few songs from The Holograms and their rival band, The Misfits.

(these files are .MOV files but are audio files)

The Holograms - Glitter and Gold
The Holograms - Only The Beginning
The Misfits - Takin it all

*edit links fixed

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Secret Fantasy by Multipac

Multipac's new song Secret Fantasy has been rocking out retro-fantastic world lately, so it only seemed logical we'd share this with the rest of the Playmaker universe. Their trademark dreamscape sound... dare we say it... "dreamwave" sound, is omni-present as usual, floating you back in time while drifting somewhere in space.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dethklok Dethalbum II = kick ass

Dethklok, the fictional death metal band from the Adult Swim cartoon series Metalocalypse, is back with their second album of mayhem, following up their Dethalbum from 2007.

Naturally, Dethklok has a new video and it simply rules!

This is the openings track of the new album:




been investigating in the "demo scene" for quite some time now, this song totally rocks my socks off. It's trippy-chippy dance character makes it unable to sit still and is uplifting as fuck! Holy shiiiit! I'm trippin'... SPACEBALLS - 1992 styles!

Here's what Wikipedia has to say about the demoscene:

The demoscene is a computer art subculture that specializes in producing demos, which are non-interactive audio-visual presentations that run in real-time on a computer. The main goal of a demo is to show off programming, artistic, and musical skills. The demoscene first appeared during the 8-bit era on computers such as the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC, and came to prominence during the rise of the 16/32-bit home computers (the Amiga and the Atari ST). In the early years, demos had a strong connection with software cracking. When a cracked program was started, the cracker or his team would take credit with a graphical introduction called a "crack intro" (shortened cracktro). Later, the making of intros and standalone demos evolved into a new subculture independent of the software (piracy) scene.

read more here.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Discoballistic will dazzle you

As secretive as Discoballistic might be, not many to none of you knew about the unexpected live show Disco played in Boston last September. We got an exclusive 8 minute live piece of Discoballistic's dreamscape electro, which sounds like a revived Miami Vice cokedealer trying to stay fly 'till death!

But wait, there's more! Following are a few unreleased remixes by Discoballistic.

First up we have the Visitor remix from their debut hit single "Los feeling". So far we seen great remixes by Bit Funk, Digitalfoxglove, Fear Of Tigers, and many more..., but this one hasn't seen the light of day yet. So, why don't you find out for yourself and hear the twist Discoballistic has givin to this awesome tune.

Last but not least is a total night rider. A remix Discoballistic has done for the Flashmen from NY/Chicago, from their single "As The Night Rolls On". This track takes it awfully easy breezy and kinda explodes into some killer guitarisc roadrage!

That's right! Now all there is left to do, is following Discoballitic on Twitter:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

He's got Spinna for a face!?!

On our recent visit to the lovely city of Portland, we ran into some local street-beat culture down Alberta street. Basicly every thursday there is a street fair of people showcasing, selling, hustling, cookin, drinkin,... all in good spirits!

So, upon walking down Alberta we ran into a set of Spinnaface, a 'masked' dj/entity entaining the block week in and out. He had the whole block dancin and celebrating while performing some amazing vocoder electro-house while wearing a 'spinna' for a face!

Check out "On The Floor" from his album "Feel The Shine"

and here's Spinnaface throwin it down, big rim styles!

Spinnaface Promo Video from Spinna Face on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

30 years of Gundam with AWK

After his 2008 release of Japan Covers, Andrew W.K. is back with yet another brand new Japanese release! This time it's an entire album of Gundam Covers. Needles to say it's a brilliant remake and shows, yet again, the great marriage between the AWK sound and his interpretations of Japanese culture.

This release marks the celebration of 30 years of Gundam and is a great way of reviving those original anime cartoons and it's soundtrack. This album is making the songs even more powerful, translating them to English and rocking out like the very best!

You can order the album through paypal, straight in JAPAN as it's only been released there. But this is the internet, the medium, so go grab it right HERE

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fear Of Tigers and the Sound of Arrows fly into the clouds

After what seems like a relativly long time, Playmaker is back on the right side of the tracks, bringing you a new video by the ever amazing The Sound Of Arrows from Sweden!

To be more specific: We're just blown away by the awesome remix the mighty Fear Of Tigers of London did for this track and we're happy to share this fluffy cloud of pop electro dream waves, with you!

Check out this 12" release on Neon Gold Records

The Sound of Arrows, "Into The Clouds" (Fear of Tigers Remix) from Neon Gold Records on Vimeo.

ps. if you want the mp3 go look for it on Discodust.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Magnum 38's Tribute to Grace Jones

Out Soon on Tigerbass is one hell of a slammer by Magnum 38, (one of Musick/Shitkatapult's finest producers.) delivers the goods with this inspired tribute to the living legend Grace Jones.

These tracks are neither typical “remixes” nor conventional cover versions in any sense, instead these tracks take excerpts and motifs of Grace Jones songs as an inspiration for something completely new, produced from scratch, but true to the spirit of Grace Jones' work. The three driving club tracks about Love and Pain "Slave", "Devil", and "Suffer" will get your body moving while the three abstract and jazzy plunderphonic interludes ("Sequel 1, 2, 3") give you a chance to recover.

Expect a sound that manages to blend the likes of Jackson and his computer band, Prefuse 73, Para One, and Akufen with Magnum’s trademark fuzzy bass sounds and banging electro beats.

Download on Soundcloud:

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ten Ragas On A Disco Beat

Released in 1982, this roland heavy album by Charanjit Singh's SYNTHESIZING features '10 ragas to a disco beat', complete with slammin' 303 acid lines, 808 beats and of course, crazy indian styled melodies played live on analogue synths and shit.

It would be all too easy to regard this as a gimmick of an album, if it weren't for the fact the music is actually really fucken awesome.

The music is the perfect combination of being a. ahead of it's time and b. impossible to find, which makes it the perfect candidate for a real nice healthy reissue. It totally deserves it.

Do check it out, it sounds absolutely unique and ahead of it's time, giving you one hell of a trippin freestyle ride!






Saturday, September 5, 2009

dDAMAGE-Tbass Mix Series #7

dDAMAGE-Tbass Mix Series #7

dDAMAGE-Tbass Mix Series #7 by Tigerbeat6

in anticipation of their upcoming new full length dropping october on the french hip-hop label Ascetic Music, the dDamage brothers have made this amazing mix for us to give to all of you, seriously twisted and unexpected firey mixes of hits from the Beastie Boys, Tiga, Digitalism, Krazy Baldhead, Tes, Midfield General, Ministry, Bomb the Bass, Lil'Flip, Oizo, Mobb Deep, Suave Smooth, Run DMC, Crunc Tesla, dj Assault, Aphex Twin, Paul Bowles, I-Cube, RZA, Ultramagnetic MC's, Ratatat, Run DMC, Tone Loc, and many more!

dDamage - Tigerbass Mix Series #7

Total running time : 37'42''
Artwork : Raoul Sinier

01 - Beastie Boys "Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun" (dDamage blend)
02 - Tiga "Far from Home" (Digitalism Remix)
03 - Krazy Baldhead feat Tes "Crazy Motherfucker" (Midfield General Remix)
04 - Ministry "Just one Fix" (12" edit)
05 - Bomb the Bass "Tim Westwood Interlude"
06 - John Moss & Nick Lang "The Hard Way"
07 - dDamage "Punkt¸re" (Tigerbass Mix)
08 - Lil'Flip "I'm a Balla" (dj Gero Blend)
09 - Oizo "Stunt" (edit)
10 - N-Gels feat Estelle Desanges "On Fire"
11 - Mobb Deep "Quiet Storm" (dDash Remix)
12 - Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer "Modus Operandi"
13 - Suave Smooth "Put Dem Gunz Up" (dDamage Edit)
14 - Run DMC "The Beginning - No Further Delay" (dDash blend)
15 - Don Bishop Agallah, Young Jeezy & Sin "I'm the Truth" (dDamage Remix)
16 - Crunc Tesla "Welcome to the Circus" (dDamage re-Remix)
17 - dj Assault "Ass N Titties" (dDamage Blend)
18 - Above the Law "Murder Rap" (Mash-up)
19 - Aphex Twin "Ventoline" (Praze-an-beeble mix)
20 - CelluloÔd Mata "Log Boot" (Screewed)
21 - Paul Bowles "Visiting Gysin's Studio"
22 - Mike & Rich "Bu bu bu ba" (dDamage edit)
23 - I-Cube feat RZA "Can you Deal With That ?" (Screwed & Chopped)
24 - Ultramagnetic MC's "Poppa Large" (dj Seep Remix)
25 - Ratatat "Lex" (edit)
26 - Run DMC "My Adidas" (dDash + dj Gero "Meine Adolf Dassler" Remix)
27 - Funkstor¸ng "Commodore C128D" (dDamage edit)
28 - Komori "Street Crabz" (feat Tupac Mongol & Bone Thugz N Harmony)
29 - Ennio Moriccone "Humanity Part 2"
30 - Klaus Kinsky "Der Zorn Gottes"
31 - Oizo "Lotus Suite Kˆln" (edit)
32 - Don Rimini "A Forciori" (edit)
33 - Tone Loc "Funky Cold Medina" (dDamage Blend)
34 - dDamage "Drop 'Dem Britches"
35 - Three Six Mafia "Stay Fly" (dDash Bootleg)
36 - dDamage feat Tes & Crunc Tesla "Adrenalyn Bisc" (dj Gero "Bou le Loubeyre" Remix)
37 - Carl Brutananadilewski "Physical Fitness"

more info on dDamage @

Thursday, September 3, 2009

24 Bit Error Collection by Si Begg

The musical genius that is Si Begg has done it again!

This E.P. Is free. Yes that's right, free. (You can buy the limited edition "hand-made in Hackney" box set, but that's not compulsory) All tracks are yours to download and distribute as you see fit. You can copy them, burn them on a CD, blog them, host them yourself, give them to your mum, whatever you want. Music in the public domain. Or put another way: Make. Upload. Share. Inspire. Crisps.

Major labels and the bodies that represent them, such as the BPI in the UK and the RIAA in the USA would have us believe that sharing music is destroying music and the musicians that create it. We contend that the truth is, this cartel of major record companies, distributors and publishers have been systematically fucking musicians and the people that love and buy music for about 50 years. Creating, amongst other things, huge profits for shareholders, a rigorous, brutally industrialised method of music production, Hannah Montana and an inherently average, uninspiring, mainstream music scene. This traditional industry model is so close to death that we dare not entertain it here. Instead we leave it up to you to help determine how far this E.P. travels.

SIBEGG Free by sibegg

SIBEGG I Thunk Therefore I Am by sibegg

SIBEGG Entry Level Portable Synthesizer by sibegg

SIBEGG I Do Not DReaM by sibegg

Monday, August 31, 2009

Phonesex Mixtape by Neon Workout

PhoneSEX MiX by Neon Workout

You got it! Our favorite Swedish Playmaker The Neon Workout is pleasing you all with a kinky phonesexy mixtape! Killer selection as usual, tune in this hot retro fantastic mix.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A thrilling MJ remix by Vztors

Yall hail the King of Pop and hail this awesome remix. There's way too many (or never too many?) MJ remixes but this one is freaking awesome!

Vzitors from France did it and we're honored to be sharing this with you! They funked it up so bad it's unable to sit still on this one.

Now get up, dance and freak out to this version of Thriller! Bam!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Countryside Alliance Crew

The Countryside Alliance Crew smash their way onto the scene with a totally massive rural selection for your collection. 4 huge hits from the biggest stars of the countryside scene available to download totally free! Featuring the latest and greatest anthems from some of the rural world's biggest superstars, this 4 track collection includes hits from the fantastic 'Wurzzi Rascal' with 'Conkers', his huge refix of Dizzee Rascals 2009 summer hit, and 'Astile ft. Cornye Westcountry' with 'Arable Boy' a fresh and funky remix of Estelle and Kanye West's huge hit. On the flipside, Wileys 'Rolex' gets the country-fied treatment on 'Wellie' and 'Wearin' My Thermals', and the 'Cow Eyed Peas' get all meaty on 'Moo Moo Cow'.

The Countryside Alliance Crew - Pure Rural Essentials EP

01. Wurzzi Rascal - Conkers
02. Astile ft. Cornye Westcountry - Arable Boy
03. Wellie - Wearin' my Thermals
04. Cow Eyed Peas - Moo Moo Cow

Keep It Rural!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Tigerbeat6 hotness!

Tigerbeat6 presents a new Sickboy EP. This time it's not your typical Sickboy breakcore release, but fitting in the new hard-fidget aestethic. A banging 4 tracker, read the Boomkat review here!

We've selected the most dreamy tune for you to listen:

download: Sickboy - Scorned Bloom

Check out the rest of the EP on BEATPORT or ITUNES.

But wait... There's more.

We're also offering you a total summer vibes DJ mix by none other then Tigerbeat6 label owner Kid 606

2009 Live DJ Mix

1. Dolby Anol-Sandy bitches intro [Tigerbass]
2. aXXo -Thugg stepp empress [Killtone]
3. Stagga-Lopside [Robox-Neotech]
4. Kid606-Monsters (Cardopusher Remix) [Tigerbeat6]
5. AGT-U shop We Drop [Balkan Vinyl]
6. Tribe of Issachar-Junglist [Congo Natty]
7. Stagga feat Stamma - Sick as Sin [Rag & Bone]
8. Magnum38 - Suffer [Tigerbass]
9. Keri Hilson feat. Lil Wayne-Turnin me on (instrumental)
10. DJ Technics-Ho's stomp your feet [Nuclheaz]
11. Bombaman-Rearend [Electrostimulation]
12. Bruce Stallion-Black Rims - Ebola rmx [Tigerbass]
13. Trevor Loveys & Shab Ruffcut - Love & Change (Raffertie Remix) [Satan's Circus Records]
14. Little Jinder-Polyhedron (Supra1 rmx-DTL edit) [Trouble & Bass]
15. Cutty Ranks-Limb by limb (DJ SS remix)
16. Drop the Lime-Rocker Party [Tigerbeat6]
17. Ghislain Poirier ft. Mr. Slaughter-Get Crazy [Ninjatune]
18. Silverlink ft. Jammer & Badness-The Message is Love [No Hats No Hoods]
19. Drop the Lime-Bad Girlz [Rag & Bone]
20. Soundmurderer-Big Time [Omeko]
21. Starski and Clutch-Drive through Jit [Databass]
22. Mike Ink-Unsweet Sixteen [Force Inc. Music works]
23. Knifehandchop-Tizzy Tixbown Riddim [Tigerbeat6]
24. Indigo Mews-Drone []
25. Petey Pablo/Rusko/ClaudeVonStroke-Tell em it's on [The 6M$KID edit]
26. King of the Jungle(DJ Dextrous &MC Rude Boy Keith)-Salute the King [Suburban Base]
27. Aphex Twin-Come to daddy [Warp]
28. Ini Kamoze - Here Comes the Hotstepper (Booyaka Remix)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Multipac from London is setting the pace for some awesome dreamscapes of pure retro-fantastic 80s electro.

Sounds like these songs were made in the Miami heat, on the first floor of a flat by the beach, at twilight, with the windows open and a breeze strolling in...

Their sound is dark yet sweet and dances somewhere between 80s Stallone and Palm Highway Chase, which is, ofcourse, a good thing!

A bunch of them are for free download on their MySpace.
Playmaker has selected a few cuts for your download entertainment!

Multipac - The Seduction
Multipac - The Last Dance
Multipac - LA Night Hawk
Multipac - Big City Lights
Multipac - High Speed

Find even more Multipac songs here.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Later Days w/Kenobii

Kenobii just released his first album for free download. His themes have him investigating the natural elements in their purest form, always accompanied with great imagery and atmospheric zones... on a slow, laid-back bed of roses.

My first impression is that his sound has matured alot, althou this album represents fresh and youngster themes that reach back from memories to the innocence of childhood dreams.

In a way this music sounds alot like Boards Of Canada but on a less polished, pretentious level. My favourite track must be Lookout Mountain. An oldstanding tune, giving you the illusion you are in fact sitting on your Look-Out Mountain cherishing life's greatests moments... Also Northern Fang is totally sweet but goes a bit darker and feels like you're right inside Jack London's story 'Call Of The Wild'.

Download this album as your perfect Sunday afternoon soundtrack.

<a href="">Benji by kenobii</a>

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dream or Reality?

A new Discoballistic song at the horizon. A dark and synthetic dreamscape, sucking you right into the vortex on the thin line between dream and reality.

Have some fun, have a listen, have a dance!

Download: Discoballistic - Dream in Reality

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bit Funk

Alert! Extreme cool dude approaching. His name is Bit Funk and is bringin the funk in true playmaker style.

Hailing from Toronto Canada but now residing in Chicago USA, this up and coming producer is one of the artists on our "to-watch-for-list".

You can catch his highly exciting music right here. We've selected some essential Bit Funk stuff for you so get on it right now.

Enjoy a original, a remix and a mixtape from the funkster!