Friday, December 25, 2009

Angie Audio & Haters Make Us Famous

We are very pleased to bring you Angie Audio from Houston, Texas. Taking off where the previous and legendary Tally Isham left, the Angie Audio-sound is still on a mystical tip and remains to sound deep and original.

Angie and crew are also starting a bi-monthly named 'Haters Make Us Famous' in their hometown of Houston. Check out these events if you are in the area if your in for the raddest party jams, dance, disco, funk, punk, rock, 80’s, electro, house… FUN MUSICS!! The next one is just around the corner, on Januari the 14th.

So here's 2 new tunes called 'Desert Lover' and 'Unsolved Mysteries' to tickle your fancy! Enjoy and show Angie some love on Twitter or MySpace.

download: Angie Audio - Desert Lover

download: Angie Audio 'Unsolved Mysteries'

Be there or be square!