Friday, June 30, 2017

OUT NOW on Playmaker

Our label is back with an exclusive cassette release!

Protector 101 ‘Dream’ — cassette edition of 50 limited hand-numbered, pro-dubbed, full-colour, yellow cassettes with 5-panel J-card and full liner notes. Including an exclusive cassette release bonus track. Order via Bandcamp, more info the link below:

Monday, June 26, 2017

Brigador, Up​-​Armored

Make-up and Vanity set has been hosting a round of great game soundtracks in the Brigador series. The latest to drop is a compilation featuring a bunch of scenesters upping the ante.

Witness a grimey tale and dark walk through the war fog land as the protagonist takes you through a series of controversial events. Who will prevail on this morbid quest? Go to the bitter end and find out.

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Another world, another time; Erang's second offering of his series of synthwave doesn't disappoint at all. Songs of Scars is a great ride of Carpenteresque horrorwave and takes it further where his Anti Future already album took him.

The masked veil hangs over you as a dark wave of hidden gems that sits like a scar. In a very versatile and moody way you sense that only a true dark master can execute this.

So step in, go for the ride and indulge yourself in to the imaginary soundtrack of Songs Of Scars.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bart Graft

Going all the way, Bart Graft is back with a massive album, riding that Yuppiwave on an all time high.

Crunching those numbers out and making mad moolah, this is suit and tie rock around the clock.

This album is filled with great songs and modulations that stand as tall as a skyscraper.

Get in with those dazzling high guitar leads while stabbing synths are taking control as he gets slap happy on that bass. Boy is this fun!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Aloe Island Posse

Aloe Island Posse's heavy sampled and 80's j-pop spiked future funk might just that hidden vaporwave gem you need right now. Catch that bassline groove, you found that rhythm? Good.

Banging bongos go full circle while you get looped into blissful nostalgia, accompanied by trumpet brass leads and strumming strats, twirling keys and a hint and punching drum beats, subtle floor toms and heavenly strings.

This is that soundtrack to you and boo, jamming feel good tunes and playfully switching radiostations without a care in the world.

If you are fast enough you might just make it in time to catch the cassette on Sleepless Tapes.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wojciech Golczewski

Throbbing it's way through the creeper's maze, Wojciech Golczewski brings yet another amazing score of haunting synthwave galore.

Dark and fantastical, slowly but surely this deadly nostalgic album drops crescendo's of pulsating and hair raising compositions.

Get set for some serious indie horror slasherwave peaking at the witching hour, written and composed for Jackson Steward's latest cult film 'Beyond The Gates'.

[Screenplay] "After their father's unexplained disappearance, two estranged brothers – responsible Gordon (Graham Skipper) and reckless John (Chase Williamson) – reunite to sift through the contents of his stubbornly anachronistic VHS rental store. Among the inventory, they find an old interactive VCR board game. Intrigued, the brothers pop in the tape… and soon discover that this video is no ordinary game, but a portal to a nightmarish alternate reality – one with deadly consequences for anyone who dares to press "play."

Monday, June 12, 2017

DESYNC Soundtrack Vol. 1 and 2

Crawling through the darkness and originally written as the game soundtrack for Adult Swim's DESYNC, this dark cyberpunk soundtrack is a fierce beast, wielding it's sword, slaying all incoming danger and puts all your defensive senses into high alert.

Volume 1, written and produced by Daniel Deluxe sets the tone perfectly with long, epic dark synthwave tracks haunting the dystopian landscape.

Volume 2, written and produced by Volkor X continues the perverse tradition of growling darkwave cyberpunk and rides the beast majestically.

So, get your slayer modus activated, go in full combat mode or just enjoy the thrill ride that this music has to offer. All good, here in Cyberland.

[note] "DESYNC is an intense single-player first person action game that begs you to play dangerously and creatively. Eliminate your opponents as you perform violent attack sequences using the explosive digital weaponry and lethal side-arms at your disposal."

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Dark and dank sound waves come pulsating all over you like a huge piped wave rolling out of the ocean as Darkest comes back with a huge second single to his upcoming album.

Oceans hits hard and thunders on the beach like a crash of stereo-surround bliss.

With a hint of outrun and slow-pacing arpeggiators, Darkest is bringing that high fidelity sound to the max and sets great atmospheric soundscapes with a cinematic feel.

Absolute high class synthwave that is setting it's footprint firmly into the scene.

Friday, June 2, 2017


Welcome sportfans! Live on Mars, the stakes are high and your host Jon Beckett gets you launched into the '88 Airgames.

The stadium in packed and BOOM!— so it hits off into the stars! The whole field is transcending and goes off in exceeding glory. Beckett just hits home so hard with this anthem like fireworks ending a perfect celebration, in wonderful dedication to Vince DiCola. Simply amazing.

"AirGames: The sport of the future. Inspired by awesome games like ‘Track and Field’ and ‘Ski or Die’ to the uplifting ‘go for glory’ attitude of film soundtracks throughout the 80’s, ‘AirGames ’88’ is an anthem for the latest sport to sweep Mars. Like the films ‘Rollerball’ and ‘The Running Man’ in the not so distant future, sport has stepped up a level, and now, the Air Games League of 2088, fuses Football and Jetpacks into one, bigger, better, beautiful game."


Feel the gentle rush of a calming breeze glide through a forest of sweeping pines as you watch the birds of prey hoover above, soaring at the dusk of day.

Dreamy and haunting at times, Brombaer settles you on an amazing modern classical soundscape of flawless piano and orchestral vibes, accompanied with majestical ambient spheres to enlighten your soul and awaken that magic we all carry inside of us.

Sit down and indulge.