Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The 80's Slasher EP

A special Halloween treat from Aphasia Records comes creeping around the corner in form of a split release between Protector 101 and Perturbator. The 80's Slasher EP is one dark mean motherfucker and brings shivers down spines worldwide. Listen up, these guys are slow, dark and deep. Their sounds is moist like bad nightmare sweat with the tempo of a zombiewalk. Thriller!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kristine, Power Glove and Discoballistic

The international spirit of Halloween is among us, hurricanes are rushing to make it in time for the end of the world while sharks are being photoshopped into flooded areas... This is 2012 and it's "modern times". We seem to live in an illusional world where it's hard to find out if thruth's gonna get even with you or just hit you from the back.

There are, however, a few certainties left in this world. Like music! Here's 2 tracks recently been posted and worth mentioning. One quite slow, the other!

 Kristine gets a Power Glove remix of her song Modern Times:

And Playmaker's own Discoballistic pays tribute to the man behind the mask of Zorro:

Friday, October 26, 2012

Twilight Racing - Vaillante EP

New Playmaker exclusive release: Twilight Racing - Vaillante EP

A few years ago a bunch of these race tracks surfaced on the web. In a unique sense this is a tribute concept combining outrun music and motorsport.

To quote the person behind Twilight Racing/Vaillante: "I always wanted to make tribute to one of the greatest and most challenging sports known to mankind; Motorsport. With it's emphasis on Formula 1 and Motocross this is the imaginary soundtrack in a cartoonish character, swerving through my head as I pay tribute to one of the most intense sport competion out there. The name Vaillante stems from a comic book I loved as a kid, better known as Michel Vaillant. No other comic book has ever matched to amazing in-depth analysis of the elite motorsport world with great fantasy and real-life based events. The Twilight Racing idea is inspired by another comic called Speed Racer where a mysterious character named Racer X lives a double live as a anonymous race hero and a solitude citizen."

Includes 5 original tracks and ActRazer remix!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hands down, here's Aminova swinging by the Playmaker headquarters with his new EP on Future City Records!

Complete with Camille Richard [SIC] artwork, this one sets the tone and establishes yet another new and important step in the career of Aminova. His super dreamy sound is vivid and fragrant, longing through the dark, yet strolling along the beach to find clarity. Yes, plus; great remix by Lolski! So get ready, get set, get go!

Monday, October 22, 2012

80's Stallone

Solid stuff from 80's Stallone as he drops his long-awaited debut album called "Hotline". It's got your typical 80's Stallone basslines, synthlines with some vocoder work, enough to keep the brain dancing, the feet making sudden spastic moves and the sweat dripping from under your armpits. Other symptons reported include: goosebumps, hair-raising and possibly a hard-on too. Fall in love with this album, it's modest, honest and pure, plus you deserve it.


Giorgio Moroder

Hansjörg Moroder AKA Mr. Giorgio Moroder, found his way to SoundCloud. He's now releasing rarities and makes fans drool worldwide. Our favorite pick from the crop is the "Underwater Impressions" soundtrack from 2003. You are underwater, looking up seeing the rays of sunlight cast in. It's slowly moving, suiting and comforting composition like your bathing in an audio ocean, become afloat, feeling weightless and forgetting the world in the moment.


Obviousley inspired by Christian mythology and meta-morphing it into evoking angel-jams is pretty rad. D'eon does that wonderfully well. His diverse-yet-wonderfully-well-glued album entitled "LP" on Hippos In Thanks, where he creates multi-layered esoteric pop about our ever-vanishing sense of security, privacy and the internet, is a masterful example of contemporary avant-gardism.

His latest "mixtape" in the series of "Music For Keyboards" is the closest thing that comes to that form of ceremonial music. Like classical music, it has movements and takes you on a trip into the beyond. Get caught in a whirlwind of arpeggiating pianos, horns and chimes to the point of complete musical ecstasy. Guided by Gabriel, this music that can levitate you like young Teresa.