Friday, November 16, 2012


Zap! And we're rolling... Castlevania III - Clockwork reworked by Perturbator is some next level game music. He really adds his own sound to the already playful skills of the original and gets it rolling like a multiball hitting all shores of the pinball machine. Follow the lead to Grant DaNasty. Perturbator is waiting for you just around the corner of the clock tower in your mission to fight... Dracula's Curse!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Garth Knight

Looking deep in the glass today as we see the 80's vortex appearing... In there comes busting out; Megatron and the Transformers accompagnied by Garth Knight ready to fight the Decepticons.

Adventurous and daring, this music indicates danger fields and combat zones in times where giant robots fight for justice and battle for bragging rights! Garth Knight  writes the imaginary soundtrack like no other, a wonderful reference and  dedication to the Vince DiCola era in 80's soundtrack music.  Killer tunes and powerful battle hymns.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lazer 'Zelda' Hawk

Nostalgia is a weapon and Lazer Hawk knows just how to use that as he's taking us on a trip down memory lane with his rework of the classic Zelda video game soundtrack. With sword in hand Lazer Hawk sets on a quest of adventure through forests, lakes and castles to arrive at the Underworld. A long epic version not to be missed as a free download in the Rosso Corsa Bandcamp.