Monday, December 28, 2009

Versus The White Panda

It's a party here in the Playmaker universe! Not only are we celebrating the end of 2009, we're also celebrating the beginning of 2010, another year that will be filled with awesome styles and zones!

The White Panda aka Procrast and DJ Griffi, have just sent us their debut mixtape appropriately named 'Versus' and it features nothing but amazing party mash-ups.

Much like for example, The Hood Internet they mix a flawless style of hiphop acapellas with some classic dancetunes, resulting in a awesome form of new school rap-house. You know you like a lil rap-house from time to time. We know we do, infact, it makes us pump our fist in the air! Bring it! Here's the Mixtape + the separate songs = :)

Just saying ya'll, our favourite is Track 16. Ice Chrome Paint Job (Dorrough // Chromeo)

Versus (The White Panda Mixtape) by whitepandamusic

Continues Mixtape:
Separated Tracks:

Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Girlfriend: LOUISE

New Girlfriend Records = new amazingness. That's right. We all love Illapa from France, especially when he releases a stellar release like this.

Kinda mellow but warm, amazing, and especially good, this LOUISE comes with 2 remixes by Pelifics and Frederic Lorian.

As always, free of charge so go ahead and download this essential release. If GF continues to bring FW such quality material it will raise the bar in no time, keep'm comin' boys!!

download: GFR_002 ILLAPA - LOUISE E.P.

Oh, and in case you missed out on their first release on spearhead Sferro, don't miss it again! here: GFR_001 SFERRO - VENGEFUL EYES

Friday, December 25, 2009

Angie Audio & Haters Make Us Famous

We are very pleased to bring you Angie Audio from Houston, Texas. Taking off where the previous and legendary Tally Isham left, the Angie Audio-sound is still on a mystical tip and remains to sound deep and original.

Angie and crew are also starting a bi-monthly named 'Haters Make Us Famous' in their hometown of Houston. Check out these events if you are in the area if your in for the raddest party jams, dance, disco, funk, punk, rock, 80’s, electro, house… FUN MUSICS!! The next one is just around the corner, on Januari the 14th.

So here's 2 new tunes called 'Desert Lover' and 'Unsolved Mysteries' to tickle your fancy! Enjoy and show Angie some love on Twitter or MySpace.

download: Angie Audio - Desert Lover

download: Angie Audio 'Unsolved Mysteries'

Be there or be square!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Worship Minimix Dec '09

a very nice and short yet amazing mixtape by Worship from Geneva! Enjoy!

Worship minimix Dec '09 by worshipyourself

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Savage House "The Hunger" EP

Big news... Ghost Car is back on the road after the departure of Sakura Night this year, due to circumstances beyond control. Yes. The most raddest clan of twilight racers is back in full affect! Savage House is the new brainchild of theirs and it's freaking awesome.

The first tune 'I Am The Future' starts out with some radio-shifting noises, zapping back in time and bringing forward some classic Sakura Night and Ghost Driver tunes... and then it kicks in!

Their signature sound is still omnipresent but has somehow matured aswell, and if you loved Sakura Night, you will adore Savage House! Check it out, this one is a must have and gets our vote for come-back of the year 2009, no doubt!

<a href="">I AM THE FUTURE by SAVAGE HOUSE</a>

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lazerhawk 'Visitors' video

We got compagny! New tune and video from Lazerhawk, do you believe?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Memory Tapes

We want you to discover the might of Memory Tapes aka Davey Hawk! Sounds like one day he got lost on a ship in the Bermuda triangle and brings you a magical and mystical form of poppy space disco trips.

Memory Tapes released a debut album which is just stellar! Also check out their amazing blog Weird Tapes and find a tons of remixes, originals and collectables. Keep your eyes and ears on this one.

listen to: Memory Tapes "Walk Alone"

Thursday, December 3, 2009

We Are The Romans

Are we really? Well then close your eyes, and at least, try to imagen you are... a Roman! You know, the great Roman Empire in all it's glory ruled by mad emperors and an insanity of warzones, gold and decadence...

All this and more to introduce you to the work of Monsieur Adi, who presents us the lead track from his upcoming EP and album 'Empire' which bears the same name. The album 'Empire' is based loosely off of the rise and fall of ancient Roma, but is based in modern times. The song 'We Are The Romans' captures the prentiousness and power of Roma during the time when it was the center of the world.

It starts with chopped vocodered vocals and builds into a twisting melody of synths, harpiscord, a female choir, and a blasting brass section.

But wait, there's more! You, the reader, the remixer, the enthousiast,... You can also be part of this 'roman empire' as Monsieur Ad is doing a remix contest for it and the best remix(es) will be placed on the EP.

Download Monsieur Adi 'We Are The Romans' on zshare:
+ Remix it!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fear Of Tigers "Cossus Snufsigalonica"

it's December 1st... the official release of: Fear Of Tigers debut album "Cossus Snufsigalonica" the long awaited, anticipated and totally free for grabs album is here!

I Can Make The Pain Disappear
Please Don't Leave
What Did I Do?
The Adventures of Pippi Longstrump
Friday Night At Geek Club
Cossus Snufsigalonica
Study Hard Drugs School
The Rich Cry Too
Calling Your Name

Download Here!
if that doesn't work try here

Included in his press release is an interview with Ben Tigers:

What do you want to achieve with the album?
Some peace and quiet! I hadn’t actually planned to make an album this year. My girlfriend suggested it and I foolishly decided to mention it to a few people. Of course, people started asking me about it so I had to make one really. It’s been pretty hard finding the time to work on the new tracks and I’ve now got a computer full of unfinished ideas. So it’s an opportunity to draw a line under them, get what tracks I could finish out there and start again.

What Does ‘Cossus Snufsigalonica’ mean?
It’s not a secret but it is a cryptic reference to something wonderful. I don’t want to say too much and I’ll be impressed if anyone can work it out.

What are your influences?
When I was a moody teenager, bands like The Cure and The Pixies. I was a big indie kid but I also worshiped a lot of the ambient pioneers like Autechre and the Aphex Twin. One fateful night back at a club called Vauge in Leeds, everything changed. I discovered disco, piano house and poppers and the years that followed were dominated by people like Chic, Inner Life, Jocelyn Brown et al. From my days as a DJ, UK garage but also epic trance records (which I hated at the time, but look back on with a certain fondness). I recently bought a piano so back at home you’re likely to catch me listening to Ryuichi Sakamoto, Philip Glass or Ennio Morricone. I’ve recently discovered the music of the 30s and I’m really enjoying all the classic Ivor Novello penned songs. I’m really quite nostalgic for the 30s at the moment.

What do you think of the state of music at the moment?
If you ever read a magazine like Q, the NME or even Mixmag, they’ll tell you that the naughties were a terrible decade for music but I think they’ve just getting old. An article in the Telegraph recently revealed that of Q’s best artists of the decade “men outnumber women 7 to 1, and that the ratio of white people to black is 15.5 to 1”. So if you basically look at white men with guitars, yes they’re just regurgitating the same old shit and it’s getting very boring. But in our new world of music there is some really exciting stuff going on. New genres are being invented and the scene has become truly global. The fact that a lot of this new music is ignored by the mainstream magazines and radio is merely testament to their ultimate decline.

Why don’t you have a record label?
I know people who’ve signed to big record labels and spent loads of time recording an album only to never have it released because the label’s gone bust or the person that signed them left the company or in some cases the label have just done a really bad job of marketing it.. Like most writers, my music’s my life’s work and the thought of signing it away to somebody who has a shaky business model seems like madness. Also I love the freedom of just being able to make a track and put it online. If I’d have signed to a label we’d have probably spent 1 year clearing the samples and polishing the record. Which would have probably made for something quite slick, but perhaps just a little bit boring!

What’s next for Fear of Tigers?
I’m going to release an album of my remixes next year. There are a couple of new ones and a few from the past that have never been heard before. Then the next step is to upgrade my software and start experimenting with some new ideas. I’d also like to do more collaborations and maybe even get a singer. There are a couple of things in the pipeline already that I’m quite excited about!

We'd like to thank Mr. B for releasing this insightful interview, the totally free album, and for the inspiration and love he represents!