Monday, August 29, 2011

Neon Workout & H.R. remix Anoraak.

The 'Play of the Day' comes from Neon Workout and H.R., Sweden's finest delicacy since the Smorgasbord. Nah... we never really bothered to feature many of those new Anoraak mixes and remixes but heck we'd love to feature this remix as it has a nice twist to it and make the vocals somehow endurable. A job well done to both these Swedish Girlfriend recording artists we love dearly. Anyway, no pun intended but...what happened to Anoraak's 80s swag? Ever since he became a 'band' and turned mainstream pop it sorta went grey, vague and random. We miss old Anoraak yet this remix kinda makes up 4 it.

ANORAAK - Crazy Eyes (unknown remix) aka Neon Workout and H.R RMX by Neon Workout

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jordan F.

(Insider information) It's fair to say Playmaker is somehow slightly affiliated with another Team on the scene, with another Team of similar ideals and a similar passion for neo-retro 80s grooves, with another Team diversing itself as Rosso Corsa. In what exact ways —apart from being supportive— these bonds work isn't really important or relevant to the public. Let's just say we are FRIENDS.

All the above information is somehow irrelevant and subjective —hence we call it "insider information". What really matters is that Rosso Corsa have released the sophomore release of Mr. Jordan F., a young, aspiring 80s music designer of the Australian retro electro order, that took the scene from hindsight with his banger: "Definitely Miami". Proper dish he's serving. Proper 3 track release. And definitely more to come. So... get to the newly set RC-bandcamp now and grab it for free!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[PLMKR_006] AMINOVA "Busy Lives / The Way Home"

Step six in Playmaker's musical adventures is here to vaporize into your mind. The mysterious Aminova brings us a 2 track EP with remixes by Discoballistic (who's track is highlighted for HypeM.), Noir Deco and Embryonik. Totally free download via Bandcamp. Please read the one-sheet carefully and buckle up to zoom into the the zone.

Aminova - Busy Lives (Discoballistic Remix) by Discoballistic

"Greatly withstanding storms are tempered with the musical bliss Aminova brings to the table. A fable of going home in our ever so busy lives. A dreamscape of uncompromised musical fields, acquiring you to simply, yet vividly, encounter transcendent spheres. The retro electronic jacket is the cover of it all, putting places like Laser Beach on the map, therefor bringing right into the vortex of Playmaker's latest adventure in music cruising."

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Power Glove and Lazerhawk

Little do we know this is an official remix or not... Truth is these two great 80s electro production outfits have clashed and it sounds like something we should at least share with all the readers of the blog.

Love the drop, love the vibe. Love it when the reverb phaser comes in.

It's starts out rainy and once it gets really wet you get the Full Monty. The full 80s galore, or at least a very nice glimpse of it through the prisma of Lazerhawk via Power Glove.

Powerglove - Hunters (Lazerhawk remake) by Lazerhawk

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Game On Keith Masters

Quarterbacks unite, what's up with NFL athletes these days?

Chicago based hip hop artist Keith Masters' latest tune is written in spirit of field player tactics.

Musical manouvers of determination. Masters is no stranger to mixing it up (being the pioneer of his own style of hip hop all-together) his self proclaimed electromajic is a fusion of discolicious electro and hip hop, which sounds like it's own universe of rap-house, in a contemporary incarnation.

On his latest throw Keith Masters goes on the attack with straight-up raw hip hop, leaves out the electro (still leaving in the majiq) and raps about "the power and the speed", "the team to beat" and so forth... Conceptually a track that defines itself as a fusion of good beats, great rhymes, sport ideals, mental focus and determination.

He ends the song letting us know "you can't stop me", a attitude true athletes certainly keep close at heart, and in that aspect the song truely breathes the energy of someone who's firing up. And that somebody, Keith Masters as the athlete, is getting ready for "Game Day".

So, obviously "Game Day" is totally inspired by American Football. Not the college kind, but the NFL brand. You can hear a passionate fan rapping as if he is almost part of the team, placing himself in the role of an athlete ready to take on the world.

Note that "Game Day" is first and formost written in honor of the newly lifted lockout of theNFL and is produced by Texas based Jake Crates. To find more info on the exact subject please refer to this article: NFL lookout lifted but what does it mean?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


High tide for those raising their hands to the sky in order to Worship. A healthy dose of fresh fruits combined with a strict regime of awesome soundwaves comes down astho the sky is raining sweet soft music, overtaken you with mild, pinching nerve relaxation.

What it literally means is that Mr.Worship has a new release on On The Fruit records and is giving away a rather blissful tune to make it extra spicy. We at playmaker could not hold back, therefor this lil dreaming out loud for the new Worship stuff, detected on our ever-awesome musical brainwave radar.

Worship - Odyssey by worship

Out There EP by worship