Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Game On Keith Masters

Quarterbacks unite, what's up with NFL athletes these days?

Chicago based hip hop artist Keith Masters' latest tune is written in spirit of field player tactics.

Musical manouvers of determination. Masters is no stranger to mixing it up (being the pioneer of his own style of hip hop all-together) his self proclaimed electromajic is a fusion of discolicious electro and hip hop, which sounds like it's own universe of rap-house, in a contemporary incarnation.

On his latest throw Keith Masters goes on the attack with straight-up raw hip hop, leaves out the electro (still leaving in the majiq) and raps about "the power and the speed", "the team to beat" and so forth... Conceptually a track that defines itself as a fusion of good beats, great rhymes, sport ideals, mental focus and determination.

He ends the song letting us know "you can't stop me", a attitude true athletes certainly keep close at heart, and in that aspect the song truely breathes the energy of someone who's firing up. And that somebody, Keith Masters as the athlete, is getting ready for "Game Day".

So, obviously "Game Day" is totally inspired by American Football. Not the college kind, but the NFL brand. You can hear a passionate fan rapping as if he is almost part of the team, placing himself in the role of an athlete ready to take on the world.

Note that "Game Day" is first and formost written in honor of the newly lifted lockout of theNFL and is produced by Texas based Jake Crates. To find more info on the exact subject please refer to this article: NFL lookout lifted but what does it mean?