Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This is it! This is the Playmakers' gift for Xmas. We present to you the new EP from Discoballistic 'Tales of the Spirit Nandor'. A spirited release that sounds like a fantasy soundtrack of medieval wanders and wonders...

Taking a serious leap back in time, these deep -feeling winter- jams sound like a story being told by the fire. Not exactly the 1980s but invitational, infectious and fictitious dreamwave electro that follows the stars and sets the tone for undiscovered musical landscape journeys.

Listen or download the whole set of tunes here: http://soundcloud.com/discoballistic/sets/tales-of-the-spirit-nandor

Discoballistic - Medieval Traveller by Discoballistic

Discoballistic - On The Right Trail by Discoballistic

Discoballistic - Follow the Constellation of Lazers by Discoballistic

Discoballistic - Monogrammist by Discoballistic

Sunday, December 19, 2010


This is seriously one of the weirdest, mysterious yet awesome songs/videos we seen/heard in a while. Embryonik brings us a twisted yet uplifting and never ending anthem of 'psycho disko' Mind-melting business that dances on the edge of acceptabilaty, humor and creepyness. Come on, there's even a mirrored image of a dog in front of a skyline on the cover, to illustrate the "out there" factor.

The release is out on Binalog Productions and is accompanied with some great remixes by long-time Playmaker-favorite 80s Stallone and a few others worth checking out. We're sharing with you the original remix fro free, go to you favorite online stores such as iTunes, to get the remixes!

Embryonic - Psycho Disko by The PL4YGROUND

Sunday, December 12, 2010

p e a c e FIRE - Aoyama Blues Mix

and from the nabula we travel even further into the galaxy with a new mix by p e a c e FIRE. He brings a nice selection of curious space disco adventures alongside an exclusive p e a c e FIRE disco edit and some other classic jams, it really goes all the way and comes back to earth, eventually.

Aoyama Blues Mix by p e a c e FIRE

Zodiac - The Mysterious Galaxy
Ago - Stop Your Life
Low Motion Disco - The Low Murderer Is Out At Night (An-2 Remix)
John Forde - Woman (p e a c e FIRE Edit)
Ataraxia - Deja Vu
Vandroid - Master & Slave (Van She Tech Remix)
Sal Disco Orchestra - Un Largo Weekend
Stroer - Don't Stay For Breakfast

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sweet Team Ft. Sly Dog

As outspoken enthousiasts of the Sweet Team, Playmaker has always been excited about this spacious acid rap from outer space. They just leaked a new and rather epic track from their up and coming mixtape that it invites you all the way into the Nebula.

Voilent Panini and Vomit Klown are seriously on cosmic connectors here, with a feature by the mysterious "Sly Dog", hypnotising synthlines and a beat as slow as a million spacecakes.

Meet You In The Nebula Ft Sly Dog by Sweet Team

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mitch Murder

Here's the third installment of the very interesting Rosso Corsa label, Mitch Murder's debut album Burning Chrome is here to melt some serious rubber.

Hailing from Stockholm, Mitch brings us a dreamy and fascinating album of neo-80s electro, in perfect balance with the elements of wavey soundscapes and deep synth work. It captures that spirit perfectly and is precisely programmed, almost sounding like a dedication to earlier era composers in the league of Vince DiCola and other greats.

Clean yet dark and uptight, that is the best way to discrib the awesome power this album displays. Here's 2 outstanding tunes for you to want more! So, be the fair player and go out there to support this release by getting the whole thing over at iTunes or a bunch of other online music stores.

Mitch Murder - Hollywood Heights by The PL4YGROUND

Mitch Murder - Montage by The PL4YGROUND

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Styrofoam mixtape

Hello players. On the playfield today is Nettwork recording artist Mr. Styrofoam from Belgium with a recent mixtape for yall to boogie down to. This selection right here shows that Styrofoam is not only a talented producer but also displays that he's very capable of making a banging mixtape that weaves a prefect balance betwen the old- and new school. Essential playmaker shizzle.

Styrofoam's Now And On Earth Mixtape (November 2010) by Styrofoam