Sunday, December 19, 2010


This is seriously one of the weirdest, mysterious yet awesome songs/videos we seen/heard in a while. Embryonik brings us a twisted yet uplifting and never ending anthem of 'psycho disko' Mind-melting business that dances on the edge of acceptabilaty, humor and creepyness. Come on, there's even a mirrored image of a dog in front of a skyline on the cover, to illustrate the "out there" factor.

The release is out on Binalog Productions and is accompanied with some great remixes by long-time Playmaker-favorite 80s Stallone and a few others worth checking out. We're sharing with you the original remix fro free, go to you favorite online stores such as iTunes, to get the remixes!

Embryonic - Psycho Disko by The PL4YGROUND