Sunday, December 12, 2010

p e a c e FIRE - Aoyama Blues Mix

and from the nabula we travel even further into the galaxy with a new mix by p e a c e FIRE. He brings a nice selection of curious space disco adventures alongside an exclusive p e a c e FIRE disco edit and some other classic jams, it really goes all the way and comes back to earth, eventually.

Aoyama Blues Mix by p e a c e FIRE

Zodiac - The Mysterious Galaxy
Ago - Stop Your Life
Low Motion Disco - The Low Murderer Is Out At Night (An-2 Remix)
John Forde - Woman (p e a c e FIRE Edit)
Ataraxia - Deja Vu
Vandroid - Master & Slave (Van She Tech Remix)
Sal Disco Orchestra - Un Largo Weekend
Stroer - Don't Stay For Breakfast