Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's Christmas Time

It's that time drunk uncles are excused. Times of celebrating a new born king and the unification of popstars in Band Aid formations. It's that time where the homeless get candy and orphans go iceskating. Times of cold and darkness, filled with colour and warmth. It's eggnog o'clock. People in knitted reindeer-baring sweaters are door-to-door carolling because 'It's Christmas Time'

Harking heralding angels, Retro Promenade gives us a massive Christmas inspired compilation with artist such as Palm Highway Chase, Plaisance, The Boy & Sister Alma, and many more. It's an epic voyage, a 28-track long journey best ridden on a sleigh, cruising through a snowy landscape, guided by that one magical big star. Not only is this a 80's inspired Christmas music compilation, this release comes with a special 30-page artist profile magazine on paper and pdf and is a great introduction to some outstanding artists in the scene.

1. The Boy & Sister Alma - Hear The Sounds 05:41
2. OGRE - Enter The Sleigher 02:48
3. Tommy - Winter Mornings 04:18
4. Les Chic Voltage - '80 VOGLIA DI NATALE 02:52
5. Plaisance - Green Trees & White Snow 04:17
6. Laurence McFunk - McFunk LIVE at Nakatomi Tower Dec 24 1988 06:09
7. Timecop1983 - Mistletoe Fantasies 04:12
8. Vincenzo Salvia - White Nocturne 03:48
9. Who Ha - Merry Making (Instrumental Teaser) 03:12
10. Fixions - Cyber Solstice 05:40
11. New Arcades - Through The Window 04:22
12. Sam Häggblad - This Christmas Night 04:11
13. Danger Mode - Santa's Slay Ride 03:17
14. Spacious Sweep - Christmas Night 03:26
15. The Sweeps - Golden 04:41
16. Palm Highway Chase - Letterman 06:47
17. Discoballistic feat Tiana - Angel's Lullaby 03:56
18. MoweLan feat The Guild - Colored Lights 03:44
19. Epoch - Novaya 05:02
20. Atrey - After The Unknown 03:55
21. Diana Gitallog & Pacifico - Snowy Palms 05:33
22. Phaserland - Red, Green, & Jolly 05:28
23. Tero - Past To Presents 04:10
24. Bobby Outro - Holiday Celebration In Every Nation 05:04
25. Mr Maen - Jolly Funk 04:14
26. September 87 - The Workshop 04:28
27. Moustache Machine - Artic Skies 06:20
28. Batch Sound - Crashmas Present 06:37

Friday, December 13, 2013


One of the artists that left a deep impression on us lately has been Grooveworthy from Edmonton, Alberta. His tale-telling gems have a versatile approach and breath a world of mystery and wonder. Third eye open, on his latest track he takes us to Giza, a highly magical place on Earth, where the bridges between reality and the underworld get traversed in a fantastic audio journey.

In awaitance for his upcoming Information Age EP, we've added some unreleased Grooveworthy tunes to the equation such as ultra-groovy 'Hot Unicorn Forrest', 'Let's Get Outta Here, Baby' and his recent contribution 'Amor Sanguinis' from the 'Miami Cannibal Massacre' compilation (available here).

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lueur Verte

Aphasia's spearhead Lueur Verte gathers all the ions, molecules and atoms in order to materialise his debut 'Crystalica' EP. Stars align above the horizon on a zenith of six corresponding songs while wicked crystallizations take shape in long, epic voyages of melodies that suggest he might be hiding a rock of kryptonite under his bed.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sellorekt/LA Dreams

The harderst working man in the synthwave bussiness must be Sellorekt/LA Dreams (he works so hard he needs just more than one name). His new 6 track EP called 'The Adventure Begins' sees him take off from Cape Canaveral into infinity and beyond. Cruisin' through the airwaves of forgotten nostalgic frequencies — it's not just any space mission really, more like a romantic flight to the stars with no holding back, pounding deep chords and swinging guitar licks.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cobra Copter

Cobra Copter keeps dropping bomb after bomb. We're highly excited about this new yet mysterious name that keeps bringing us some great action packed gems. Filled with suspence and nostalgia, CC is swerving above the city and hangs in there to let his commandos parachute down into downtown metropolis. Here's a selection of some of his greatest tracks so far:

Monday, November 11, 2013

Cougar Synth

Cougar Synth is not only one of the best names in the current 80s synth wave scene, they also bring an easy breeze to the table that is totally hoods-down. Waving you a salute by the beach boulevard, they are catching a ride with none other than Palm /l\ Highway Chase and cruise into the night guided by the constellation of sweet synth dreams. Here's a selection of GS tunes, starting of with their brand new PHC collaboration.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween Massacre 2013

This year's Halloween has been unbelievable when it comes to rad music coming out. Here's an update on what you might have missed.

We start out with our very own compilation. The Miami Cannibal Massacre is the compiled work of 80s horror synthwave music with a variety of tracks, spanning over two hours of bone chilling music. Serving as a metaphorical onslaught, this is the ultimate soundtrack to the imaginary and features an international line-up of over 25 artists such as Power Glove, Vincenzo Salvia, Arc Neon, Carpenter Brut, Gost, Diana Gitallog, and many more. Besides music this compilation includes original hand-drawn artwork by Master Control Program.

…and if this isn't enough, here's what else has been cooking in the scene.

Dance With The Dead - Out of Body

NewRetroWave - Crypt EP (Various Artist Compilation)

Protector 101 - Black Friday 2: Blood Money (The UNCUT Version) (OST)

Synthetix.FM - Synthetix.FM Rhythm Vivisection Halloween Mixtape 2013 (Various Artist Compilation) (Mixtape)

Stellar Dreams - Audiolove EP

Stellar Dreams & Who Ha - Terror Street

Dallas Campbell Music & Kalax - The Quest

Gost & BEATBOX MACHINERY - The vs series vol.6

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Miami Cannibal Massacre Announcement

Coming soon on Playmaker in association with Buckface Records is a massive international 80s Horror Synthwave compilation for Halloween, the 'Miami Cannibal Massacre'. Comes with original artwork by Master Control Program. Check the flyers below for full line-up and more info:

Monday, October 28, 2013

Power Glove

Ride or die with this super dark and creepy low flow track by Power Glove for Halloween 2013. A awesome and intense cruising nightrider type of track; this Motorcycle Cop is some strange kind of fictional outrunning zombiewave. Be ready for he is coming for you, complete with leather jacket, a bloodstained mask, a badge and weapons.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lazer Hawk

Predatory synth wave is on the move. Or has it been hiding under your bed all this time? This album takes it sweet time and is probably the darkest work of Lazer Hawk thus far. Long, creeping tracks prowl and stalk you to finally put their fangs in your neck and inject you with a cold venomous poison that gets you Dracula-high. Visions of skulls and sharks appear as megalodon skeletons display the ultimate visual trip. If Eddie from Iron Maiden produced synth wave than this might just be his black raven murder pact.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rain Sword

On a nice hot evening, in the slipstream of summer heat, tropical vibes arouse when Rain Sword raises aloft. Bringing you in a dream state of low cut bikini babes winking as you flash by cruisin' in the breeze. Digital pan flutes swoosh like waves on the sand while peaches and coconuts crash on the ground like splashing crash cymbals. Rain Sword doesn't fail to impress with his debut album so... Name your price!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Get your cyberpunk boots strapped and stomp around with the Dedderz. This is the Bio-Punk Indentity Kit, a hairsplitting and ear chewing collection of necro-romantic songs from the afterlife, mangling mutated beats, rolling synth bass and cyborg vocals spiked with steaming industrial liquids glowing ultra green ooze... You know there really is no way out when the Dedderz are on the prowl.

Monday, October 7, 2013


Ooh snap! It's OGRE bringin da 80's funk to an extreme kool level of intensity. May the bass be with you, young retro electronicats, and take a walk on the road less travelled. Clusterfunk is a stand-out EP with jawdroppin effect. We're loving the way this one travels and takes you on a journey from A to Z, funking your brain with stabs, pads, vocoders and some of the grooviest synth rock. It goes...all the way, baby.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Carpenter Brut

The witch hunt is on! One of the most highly anticipated releases, the sophomore EP by Carpenter Brut, EP II is here. Bossing around all over the place, this EP sets the standard to a bloody high level. Lotsa jaw droppin' and eyeball poppin' going on here. Sit down in your police car, under the haunted water reservoir and jam this album of sinister synth wave.

...and as a bonus we'll add EP I to the equation, enjoy.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Telefuture brings one mean compilation to the table. Rage, a short movie in the making by Arcade High, is an 80s inspired audio visual experience and is releasing the soundtrack to fund the filming. Great project that really deserves your support. All tracks are killer, some of the current greatest retro synth wave producers have contributed a track and the result is awe-inspiring. Highly recommended!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Tripping guitar leads with nostalgic chord progression, D/A/D hits home with his magical full length of fantasy engaged synth rock, poised to perfection. A lengthy story that builds and constructs the tale of the Day After Discovery, being view mastered through the vibrant lens of colourful synthwave, fused with spacious, zoned-out killer jams.

If your in Los Angeles, go get zoned out at the release show! More info here:

Saturday, August 17, 2013

[PLMKR_013] Plaisance - Havasu EP

Out now as an exclusive on Playmaker! Splashing hard, fast and deep into the neon waters of Lake Havasu, Plaisance brings us a roaring 3-tracker of fast paced jet ski action in it's heyday. 3 super solid tracks that are peaking on the edge of disaster as you feel the water slide from underneath you in to some curving synthwave madness, out running the waters in true dare devil fashion.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Nite Sprite

Dark and uplifting, that's what is going on here. Nite Sprite registers on our radar with a killer remix compilation alert... Seinfeld bass slaps reincarnated into an aural display of wicked synth jams. Cream of the crop bassline power-house music, feeling the swag while walking through Retro-Ville.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


With rhythmic meditation and flowing aprs Haüer sets the clock to the infinite hour. The Inifinitesimal path opens a vortex of dreamscape atmospheres, and vistas render some of the most magical — dark yet enlightening — synth waves. Bliss in disguise, doing the trick on so many levels.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vincenzo Salvia

This mega cruiser sucks you right into your car stereo and blasts out smooth out run music under guidance of the Italo broski, Vincenzo Salvia. Feel the dream breeze vibing and coast along the hairpins and beaches of the Mediterranean bliss, radio-voiced Patrick Rizzi from Shio-Z. Avoid traffic jams, make-out with milfs, send out an S.O.S, write postcards, ... So tune-in to your auto-radio and catch the Italian holiday spirit on this epic cruise of splashing neo-retro synth waves.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Action Jackson

Action Jackson's new EP takes us on Miami crusade of coke, palm trees and beach casinos. Tune into the Miami Sytem EP via FM Rack 2000 and join this wild, romantic and ruthless synth crusader on a fun outrun joyride.

Monday, July 1, 2013


Kids, kids, kids,... We were all, once were, and possible still are... KIDS. Plaisance brings us a wonderfull tribute to the times of us, kids in the 80s. Naive, and dreamy, playful songs with a touch of youth sentiment running wild through all these tracks. Go easy on the heart and feel the freedom of being a kid.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Palm Highway Chase

New dream works form Palm /|\ Highway Chase as he takes us on to a wild fantasy land. Simply awesome, simple songs that keep arpeggiating and sound like a story in their own right. It's a campfire album of the mind, integer and pure, with it's own distinctive lo-fi approach. Ruling the streets, Palm H. C. is back with another killer album!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


George Gold, Vincenzo Salvia and Kirk Plaisance present you the
OUT RUN EUROPA ride of your life! 30 tracks in one long stint of epic 80s out run electro and stunt riding adventure with checkpoints in Portugal, Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, UK, Denmark, Sweden and Finland! The artist line up is Cosmic Sand, Cougar Synth, Nightcrawler, Rtry, Plaisance, Cartridge 1987, Twilight Racing, Photosynthesi, A Space Love Adventure, Vincenzo Salvia, Apollo Zap, Shio-Z, Les Chique Voltage, Powercut, Diana Gitallog, Quixotic, Alpha Boy, Violet Sky, Ogre, New Arcades, Lhasa Mencur, Kid Flash, Garth Knight, Dynatron, Rutger Megahertz, Neo Neo, Dr Pecco. Enjoy the ride!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Arc Neon

Ancient futurist warrior spirit. Fight to the finish. Whoever draws first blood, wins! Bare hand knuckle jams by Arc Neon, in a dreamy state of fighting spirit while keeping your inner self at peace and your outer physic to the extreme violence. Be ready to kill a man if you have to.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Batch Sound

A steaming hot wave of really kool music washes ashore and hits the beach. It's like drinking a spiked coconut that makes you do handstands and backflips, complete with rave stabs, tropical keys and Hawaiian sunsets. Feel the fun vibe, strip off your clothes and dance like a monkey!

Friday, June 7, 2013

[PLMKR_012] Arcade Metropolis - Rainwalker EP

Rain hits the hood of Arcade Metropolis and sends him on a journey of slippery when wet synths and black lightning drums.
On a level of his own syncopation he sets motion on an adventurous breeze while reflecting back on the mirrored streets and dangerous curves; to become the Rainwalker.
Enter the dark yet compelling sound of a new wave night club downtown, humming the echoes by every beat your heart.

Music, Lyrics and Artwork by Arcade Metropolis
Vocals on Blacklight by Kriistal Ann
Remixes by Discoballistic & Evanton

Monday, May 27, 2013

[PLMKR_011] Twilight Racing - Speedcoaster EP

Twilight Racing returns with a smashing 2-track EP of fast paced synth rock jams around the narrow streets of glamorous Monaco and the sensational hairpin hills of Monte Carlo. Two highly energetic songs that drift with rockin licks of synthopian elevation, speedcoastin' through the corners like a bonafide street racer.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Synth City

Take the A-train to Synth City. On your way there you roam through the reflecting landscape of tall, tinted mirror buildings; and close your eyes from time to time. Not snoozing, just dreaming. Day tripper, stand up and hold the line... Bring us to the Werkstatt main building downtown metropolis, it's hence forward, massively-melody-laden; and the drums calling thunder.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Judge Bitch

Awesome and bitchin' debut album by Judge Bitch. Pitch dark and romantic while out street walsing somewhere between zombie filled alleys, on a mission to save the girl in true King Kong fashion.
At some point it seems like a mad scientist has escaped and only Judge Bitch can save us from the horrors... Another fine stunner from the Aphasia family!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Spazzed-out; jazzed-out, take a breath
Pomrad's here in winter's death.
Summer swollen, bumple's goose;
Here comes the panthom of tropical ooze.
Funked-out, jumped out of the ban
Jesus Christ, Pomrad is the man!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Fear Of Tigers

It's been quite a while since we felt this heartfelt joy that Fear Of Tigers brings to the table. Extremely lovely, funking slapper of a new track to get your mind, body and soul into an ecstatic state. Believe!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Haunted industrial vibes crawl from under the bed as Denovomutans brings a distinct flavor of rhythmic cylinders doing their dance in collaboration with the rest of the engine.

Friday, March 8, 2013


Embryonik returns with a sky high Night Flight EP of elevating beats running you through a few basic phases of pure floating aviating music, guiding you into his synth haven. Released by the ever more awesome Binalog Productions collective, putting Greece on the map in the world of retro-futuristic synth wave.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Get all set for a trip to the stars...Come along on a journey through the universe as Starforce takes us on a fantastic adventure, low on the attack, high on romance and dreams, oscillating further and deeper into outer space.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vincenzo Salvia

Trafficking some narcotix through downtown, Vincenzo Salvia goes full speed in his Maserati in order to deliver the goods in time. Coming straight of the streets of Italy, where the synth-mob still rules the land.

Monday, February 18, 2013


It's a cold yet heated winter dawn when Plaisance walks into the valley, looking for Laura Palmer... He's roaming the Twin Peaks woods in Dale Cooper's shadow, investigating sound and vision, rendered in this awesome 3-tracker!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Twilight Racing

Out Now on Playmaker! The new adventure of Twilight Racing as he takes us back to one of the most daring races ever held... We follow Twilight Racing through the roughest terrain on Earth. From the heart of Paris we traverse through the rocky roads, the sand dunes of the Sahara and the tropical savannah, to arrive 12.000 km further in Dakar. Men have died in it, others have returned beaten and broken in spirit and body. It is a race of endurance, a race for survival. The legend is real, in honorable dedictation to Thierry Sabine.

Thierry Sabine

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Simplicity Lab

Alpha Boy and Jan-Friedrich Conrad present an airy album that blooms a perfect balance between live jams and studio fun! A timeless wave of wonderful melodies, basslines and drums by 2 producers meeting each other in their zoned-out musical dimension.
When these two generations clashed, magic irrupted, got captured and recorded into this amazing 7-track sparkling yet organic album called "Simplicity Lab".

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Plains Druid

The Plains Druid roams the prairie and creates an aural manifestation by form of a very tripped-out 4-tracker called "To Be Without Judgement". This trans-shrublandic sound druid amazes and creates a sense of flat, plain, open field music, relative to space and time.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Arc Neon

Parlare Italiano? A Tifoso-style release from our friend Arc Neon as he sends shivering waves of spinal vibrations, entrancing you with that late 70's vibe as if it was written on a Fairlight itself. Stellar soundtrack with a satanic catch that might get you high as if you were drinking blood.

Thursday, January 31, 2013


Aminova renders a Coconut Hologram and takes a big splash into tropical paradise with one of his upcoming jams... Smooth, chunky and Caribbean kool!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


In a maze of the unwritten future, Shio-Z traverses through the city like a fierce Akira. Two killer jams that make you wanna drift your car through central Tokyo, out now on Future City records.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Alpha Boy

The sky is the limit for Alpha Boy. He's dreaming of skylines and cruises through a Manhattan-like area of music wonderland.
A nice chill breeze hits us from the back and we're swept away on these nice oscillating tunes of heavenliness. A late night too, with all windows open.