Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sweet Team

Beaming from outerspace and wading through dark alleyways and greasy backdoors, the Sweet Team are back with some killer tracks. Totally doped-out astro clown rap, pitch-tuned like a ghoul on acid scaring your mother in her sleep. Get the twisted picture? Here's 2 new tracks to make you shiver and pull the wool from your eyes. Dope stuff.

Eagle Vision by Sweet Team

Spiritual Cock by Sweet Team

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lazerhawk vs. LexiconDon

Alright awesome. What's good people!?! We hope you all can bare with the ads on here courtesy of the MOG Music Network. The catch is that our posts now get exposed to a ton of more readers so in the end everyone wins. It's the way Playmaker is gonna roll for some time now but you can expect a revamping of the site soon. We'll make it more awesome than ever before, promise!

Meanwhile, we are gonna treat you with a brand new Lazerhawk remix for LexiconDon. Amazing tune floating with a breeze like an air mattress drifting somewhere offshore... It's really that feel you get, and that is a good feeling!

LexiconDon - December Sunset(Lazerhawk Remix) by Lazerhawk

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Captain Ahab's Live Album

Holy shit! Captain Ahab's breath is a smoke machine. Don't just take it form us, take it from them. You can do so by listening to the Live album they released today on Cock Rock Disco. Please do so, this 18 track live album is beyond rad, beyond any style of music, beyond the galaxy... What else could it be if it's called "The Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts"?!?

Filled with witty remarks, surprising samples, and original lyrics this is essential material.

Captain Ahab - After the Party (Live) by PLAYMAKER

Download the 100% free Live Album here:

Catch Captain Ahab live on tour this summer in Europe with Sickboy Milkplus and DJ Skull Vomit. Go here: for the tour dates. If you are in Europe, realy, go check them out... you won't regret, promise!

And while you are at it check out Ahab's latest album "The End Of Irony" on Deathbomb Arc.

Monday, July 5, 2010

GFR: Love Songs Vol.1

One of Playmaker's favorite labels, Girlfriend records, is back with a vengeance. Home to many great artists as Le Prix, Neon Workout and runned by Eric Sferro, they vowed to be bringing sweet finger licking music. We urge you to investigate all their releases. They all come for free too!

So, after a while being quiet they've just released a 5 track compilation! All the tracks on here are simply amazing, with that fantastic retro-italo feel... But the one that really stands out to us is the sweet as Heather track, have a listen and download the whole EP for free!

"While not all of them are directly written about love, love was for sure the artists biggest inspiration. Enjoy this one, and please share it."

"Love Songs Vol. 1"
1. "Poly" - Sferro
2. "Chromdioxid" - Ferro Extra
3. "Quit Breaking My Heart" - Heather
4. "Facing The Night (Zak B. Remix) - The Sweeps
5. "Please Don't Go(Tape Edit)" - Neon Workout

download the EP here: mediafire

Heather - Quit Breaking My Heart by PLAYMAKER

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The White Panda Rematch

Alright, hold on tight! Mash-up maestros The White Panda are back on Playmaker with a 47 track album!

"Here it is. Rematch. We’ve taken 47 mashups with over 100 samples and created 14 tracks, providing you with just under an hour of fresh party music. You can download it in any format, at any quality, for free, by clicking above (of course, we did give you the option to make a donation to support the White Panda’s future endeavors – musical steroids and equipment aren’t free). Remember to disable shuffle on your i(Tunes/Pod/Pad/Phone) as this album is meant to be played straight through. Enjoy y’all."

Full Track Listing

1. Juicy O’Riley (Notorious B.I.G // The Who)
2. Don’t Wanna Hurt Your Neck (Khia // The Sounds)
3. Intergalactic Spell (Beastie Boys // Alphabeat)
4. Replaylight (Iyaz // Matt & Kim)
5. Nothin’ On Paris (B.o.B // Friendly Fires)
6. Genius of Play (David Banner // Tom Tom Club)
7. Flippin’ Style (50 Cent // Flipsyde)
8. Alejandhoes (Ludacris // Lady GaGa)
9. The Next Starfucker (Dr. Dre // Starfucker)
10. Excuse Me Miss Cyrus (Jay-Z // Miley Cyrus)
11. Get Like Butterflies (David Banner // Crazy Town)
12. Teach a Billionaire to Diggity (Blackstreet // Cali Swag District // Travis McCoy)
13. Praise Outkast (Outkast // Fatboy Slim)
14. Tipsy In The Sun (J-Kwon // Weezer)
15. Sugar Groove (Flo Rida // Madonna)
16. Smooth Ballin’ (Tupac // Michael Jackson)
17. Welcome to Celebration (Ludacris // Kool & The Gang)
18. Ahh California (Trey Songz // Katy Perry)
19. The Independent Touch (Webbie // Bloodhound Gang)
20. Final Thong (Sisqo // Cassian)
21. Ritual God (Usher // Worship // Bestrack)
22. Freak Faces 2Night (Willie Wonk // Electric Youth)
23. A Cholo You Know (Down AKA Kilo // Two Door Cinema Club)
24. Get Ready To Go Low (Ludacris // 2 Unlimited)
25. Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend To Romance You (Lady GaGa // Black Kids)
26. Never Gonna Set Me Free (Rick Astley // Phonat)
27. I’ll Get Your Whistle (Too Short // Classixx)
28. One More Whoop (Tag Team // Daft Punk)
29. Wired To The Systems (Dorrough // Knightlife // Ying Yang Twins)
30. Heads Will Shake (Eminem // A-Trak // Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
31. Hold On My Momma ( // The Vanish // Russ Chimes)
32. Raining Rude Boys (Rihanna // Moby)
33. Got Some Stratosphere (Obie Trice // Junkie XL)
34. I Wish I Broke Your Heart (Skee-Lo // Taio Cruz)
35. Flashtomania (Phoenix // Calvin Harris)
36. How We Remember (The Game // David Guetta)
37. Rhythm To The House (Snap! // Trick Daddy)
38. Shake The Moonlight (Ying Yang Twins // Fonzerelli)
39. Always Push ‘Em Up (Fatman Scoop // Pet Shop Boys)
40. Kiss Anthonio (Chris Brown // Annie // Designer Drugs)
41. Prez-a-boo (Dead Prez // DEVO)
42. Overnight Panther (Twista // Crystal Castles)
43. Alone Over Here (Alice DeeJay // Young Jeezy)
44. Fireflies Goin’ Down (Young Joc // Owl City)
45. Drake & Diane (Drake // John Mellencamp)
46. Shooting Superstars (Eminem // Bag Raiders)
47. Pop Bottles Baby (Birdman // Justin Bieber)

download here
The White Panda: Rematch

listen here:
Rematch by whitepandamusic