Saturday, August 21, 2010

Keith Masters & Discoballistic

The team is back on court, this time Playmaker's ultimate penalty taker discoballistic is back on the scene with a brand new remix for the up and coming Keith Masters, who we love dearly on this blog.

Not only has Keith's new single become a hit on the twitter charts of the Hypemachine, this week he was artist of the week over at the Music Dealers with a daily feature for you to discover. Read all about it.

This remix, well it's starts off leaving you guessing where it's gonna go... and then the bass kicks in and you're all set. Now go slam dunk 3-pointers to this jam!

Nobody But Me (Discoballistic Remix) by KeithMasters

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Been carried away for miles on this tune, the brand new Illapa that he is willing to share and make downloable for all the Playmakers!

Hailing from France and related to the Girlfriend Records camp, this tune sets the sun beyond what seems the hills. A rustique, chill and most importantly, a dreamy tune that we are most happy to share!

Spark (demo) by Illapa

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Taking the pop world by storm is the one named Florrie. 2 new tracks have dropped this week and are highly exciting tunes. We've lined them up for you + attached Bit Funk's remix as cherrie on the cake. Get floating and dream-on boys 'n' girls.

Florrie - Give Me Your Love by PLAYMAKER

Florrie - You Wanna Start Something by PLAYMAKER

Florrie - Panic Attack (Bit Funk Remix) by PLAYMAKER

Thursday, August 12, 2010


We present to you the latest Awkoder EP named "Like You". Here's the original + 2 remixes by befriended producers. Perfect music to play in this month August, kinda laid back and dreamy stuff with a touch of the 80s, mixed with some great France house vibes. That equals a great result. Alright!

Awkoder - Like You Mini EP by StellarKinematics

But wait there's more, check out video on our fresher than fresh Tumblr right here, aswell as this awesome 80s mixtape, already cut and ready for you to record on your favorite 2-sided format, the audio cassette. Here you go, now party!

Awkoder - Oceanic Fantasies (Face A/B) by StellarKinematics

Näd Mika & The Metatron

Our good friend and Austria's team player The Metatron is back on the grid with a brand new and exclusive mix he did for the Näd Mika from Germany.

Näd Mika profiles themselves not just like any other band but rather see themselves as an evolving performance project ruled by some puppetmaster who remains somewhat 'in the dark'. Intresting, certainly when the music is good and exciting.

It could be Miss Kitten and The Hacker tuning juggalo, or the kids from Gene Simons trippin out on a rave for all we know. No matter what, they've got some catchy fidget tunes and remixes and Mr. The Metatron has stiched them nicely together. So, are you ready for a long and bassy ride? Let's go!

Näd Mika - Mixes In The Mix (Mixed By The Metatron) by TheMetatron

01 Intro
02 We Should Be One (Harry Lex Remix)
03 Schizomatic (Die Perlen Mix)
04 Shock In Shanghai (Kyskys Remix)
05 Technozarin (Kaball Remix)
06 Technozarin (Raul Parra Mix)
07 Ce Cosa Fei (Bums' Drunk Trumpet Remix)
08 Ufo Song (Oksygen Remix)
09 We Are Boys (Eriq Johnson Remix)
10 We Are Boys (Knob Jockey Remix)
11 Celebrity (Pantherclub Mix)
12 Shock In Shanghai (Frittenbude Mix)
13 To The Max (Kabelton Mix)
14 To The Max (Detroid Grand Pubahs Mix)
15 Toy Boy Girl Toy (Sexereve Mix)
16 Technozarin (Jonathann Cast Remix)
17 Ce Cosa Fai (Mushnocandy Remix)
18 Ufo Song (AG Trio Mix)
19 Girlfriend (Tobe Tronic Remix)
20 Ce Cosa Fai (Ghetto SexXx Remix)
21 Electronic Beat Bitch (Tyskerhar Remix)
22 Girlfriend (Monophone Strukturen Mix)
23 Schizomatic (Fantasque Remix)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tumblr Playground

Bookmark alert! Playmaker's latest playground zone is going full force. For extras, trailers, teasers, videos, exclusives and shared content... head over to our brand new Tumblr account!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keith Masters

Well if this tune doesn't turn out to be a hit than we dunno anymore... Brilliant new solo single by the one and only Keith Masters, dancing somewhere along the lines of Kid Cudi and Kanye West.

You might remember Keith Masters from his previous and future collaborations with Futurecop! This time, the hard workin' Masters takes it to a whole new and awesome level.

Check out the rolling new single 'Nobody But Me' that's just been released. The more we play this jam, the more we are into it! If his whole album will sound like this then we are highly exstatic, keep 'm coming Keith!

Keith Masters - Nobody But Me by PLAYMAKER

*Bonus* Watch the video of "I Love To Floss" by Keith Masters on our brand new Tumblr.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Miami Nights 1984

Setting the pace for the imaginary soundtrack, Miami Nights 1984 is all about those days 'the vice' ruled the streets. When clubs were exclusive and money rained down from the sky with no limits, babes came naturally and cocktails were extra spiky!

Interesting enough, Miami Nights 1984 doesn't sound that pretentious at all, better yet, this is an integer approach with the mellow fellow attitude which makes all these songs easy-breezy and highly enjoyable.

Oh he's definitely the sunglasses wearing type who might be hard to recognise at first sight but hey, guess who's under these shades? It's ActRaiser yall. Cool dude ActRaiser cruisin his Rosso Corsa Lamborghini on the freeway of awesome music styles.

Please enjoy 2 tracks of the Early Summer album. It's Rosso Corsa's second official release, so grab it here on iTunes.

Miami Nights 1984 - Elevator Of Love by PLAYMAKER

Miami Nights 1984 - Early Summer by PLAYMAKER

Friday, August 6, 2010

Power Glove, so good.

Seriously, since day 1 we've been into these guys. Hence we've also been waiting for the EP to drop for a long time. Power Glove. They are the rulers of the past, present and future and have inspired a ton of befriended musicians in their own right. Hailing from down under and characterising themselves as 2 lawyers from the future, Power Glove have always been the best at what they do and that is making damn fine 80's electro.

Please enjoy their 4 track EP "So Bad" right here.

Power Glove - Streets of 2043 by PLAYMAKER

Johnny Moog - Fantastic Lover (Power Glove Remix) by PLAYMAKER

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Futurecop! The Remixes ♥

Alright, you know Playmaker is always excited when new Futurecop! news comes in. Here's a brand new Silicone Project remix for you all, read the press below, spread the love and get the remix album at the end of the month through FutureFlashs Kiez Beats.

Futurecop! - Dreams (Silicone Project Remix) by FutureFlashs & KIEZ BEATS

“The Remixes ♥” is an eagerly awaited great selection of fantastic Remix work made by themselves and some special friends they have met in the Future Pop / Synth Pop scene over the last few years. This includes Anoraak & Stephen Falken from the “Valerie Collective”, Digikid84, Swiss producers Cryptonites, the mysterious Ooga Booga, Swedish hip hop duo Lorentz & M.Sakarias, Lauren Flax, Ghosthustler, Silicone Project and the dreamy dance experience Discoballistic. The EP also includes some bonus new original material from Futurecop!

"We would like to thank everyone who's come out to our shows, they've all been really special; it is you that created Futurecop! and so you will always remain in our hearts"

“The Remixes ♥” Tracklist:
1. Futurecop! - Class of 1984 (Anoraak Remix)
2. Futurecop! - Transformers (Lorentz & M.Sakarias Vocal Mix)
3. Futurecop! - 1988 Girls (Digikid84 Remix)
4. Futurecop! - NASA (Rough Mix)
5. Futurecop! - Ain`t That Fresh (Original Mix)
6. Futurecop! - Transformers (Ghosthustler Remix)
7. Futurecop! - NASA (Cryptonites Remix)
8. Futurecop! - Dreams (Silicone Project Remix)
9. Futurecop! - Transformers (Ooga Booga Remix)
10. Futurecop! - Street Hawk (Stephen Falken Remix)
11. Futurecop! - NASA (Discoballistic Remix)
12. Lauren Flax - Iceland (Futurecop! Remix)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sonny Moore, Skrillex

There's something especially energetic and awesome about this music, Team Playmaker can't help but shake that feeling when those power metal vocals clash with electro beats. Let's start a band just like that! OK... So we've been into Bring Me The Horizon's remix album, especially into the killer remix Sonny Moore did for them. Moore, who also records as Skrillex has a great solo EP out now, check it here. Meanwhile enjoy these floor slammers!

Bring Me The Horizon - The Sadness Will Never End (Sonny Moore Remix) by PLAYMAKER

Skrillex - Fucking Die 1 by PLAYMAKER

Skrillex - My Name Is Skrillex (Skrillex Remix) by PLAYMAKER