Monday, August 9, 2010

Miami Nights 1984

Setting the pace for the imaginary soundtrack, Miami Nights 1984 is all about those days 'the vice' ruled the streets. When clubs were exclusive and money rained down from the sky with no limits, babes came naturally and cocktails were extra spiky!

Interesting enough, Miami Nights 1984 doesn't sound that pretentious at all, better yet, this is an integer approach with the mellow fellow attitude which makes all these songs easy-breezy and highly enjoyable.

Oh he's definitely the sunglasses wearing type who might be hard to recognise at first sight but hey, guess who's under these shades? It's ActRaiser yall. Cool dude ActRaiser cruisin his Rosso Corsa Lamborghini on the freeway of awesome music styles.

Please enjoy 2 tracks of the Early Summer album. It's Rosso Corsa's second official release, so grab it here on iTunes.

Miami Nights 1984 - Elevator Of Love by PLAYMAKER

Miami Nights 1984 - Early Summer by PLAYMAKER