Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Futurecop! Tokyo Dreaming 2010

Here's a new 20 minutes mix by none other than Futurecop! Get hyper for some ultra flashy awesome dancestyles here, with a healthy dose of Jpop dance... yes, a Gundam song!

This is totally on the Playmaker alley... and it features a new Futurecop! tune we haven't heard yet.

Futurecop - Tokyo Dreaming Mix

1. Manga Sample (sample)
2. Silicone Project - Supernova
3. Florrie - Call 911 (Fred Falke Remix)
4. Renegade - Pursuit
5. TV Rock feat Rudy - In The Air (Grum Remix)
6. Gundam SEED Destiny - Reason
7. Yes Giantess - The Ruins (Fear of Tigers Remix)
8. Futurecop! - Dreams
9. Mblack - Heartbreak (Diamond Cut Remix)
10. Funeral For A friend - Roses for the Dead

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Das Racist "Shut Up, Dude"

Hailing from Brooklyn NY, the dynamic duo that goes by the name Das Racist is freaking awesome. They just released their first mixtape (or album in disguise) "Shut Up, Dude" and it's one of the freshest rap or hip hop releases of 2010 so far. Hey... OK, it certainly isn't your average hip hop styles. It's filled with quirky remarks, references and most of all, it sounds like a lot of fun!

To quote Das Racist:
"We’re not making music that’s instantly appealing. We dabble with nonsequitors, dadaism, repetition, repetition. We make dance music while talking about not-dancey things. We say things that on the surface can seem pretty dumb but it’s a mask on some Paul Laurence Dunbar shit for actual discontent with a lot of shit in the world. Further, not a lot of people want to hear rappers talk about Dinesh D'Souza being a punk, Eddie Said, Gayatri Spivak being dope or even know who they are. A lot of people hear Pizza Hut Taco Bell and then have preconceived notions about our entire body of work that fall pretty flat."

listen to: Das Racist - You Oughta Know

and download the full mixtape here!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Fare Soldi - Stambulia

It's always a party when the Fare Soldi are at the controls. Yes they deliver, bring you the instant slab-bass funk, maximized for full dancefloor potential! Ultra funky, free for grabs, and the perfect party tune to get the dancefloor going in no-time. Don't sleep on this one.

Fare Soldi have a new EP named "Houstria" out on April 30th... But what are you waiting for?! Stand up and dance to this jam!

Fare Soldi - Stambulia by FARE SOLDI

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tiger Bicep

What happens if you open up a bottle of bipolar cola!? And what happens if you shake that very bottle with authority ?!? It's a freaking blast of sparkling bubblecore display... and that's how the debut ep of Tiger Bicep sounds.

Hailing from London they take the basic rock boat unto a more chiptuned sea level and go right in the open. These songs are uptight, rocking and heads up... Just waking up? Perfect to start your day with a bang!

Tiger Bicep - Human Toy

download the EP for free via bandcamp:

<a href="">Human Toy by Tiger Bicep</a>

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Loose Shus' Sky Motel

The retro-futuristic sound approach has always intrigued us here at the PM-headquarters. Almost nobody does it better than the one that goes by the name of Loose Shus. New jam for Plant Records from NYC, their new Scion label sampler opening with this track, which means we can expect more 'Luzius' stuff coming this year, hooray!

Loose Shus - Sky Motel

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Captain Ahab's ironic ending

Backslap you for acting hard. Wow! Ladies and gentlemen. LA-based super rad dudes Jonathan Snipes and Jim Merson AKA the theatrical party couple known as Captain Ahab have announced their new album for Deathbombarc! It's called "The End Of Irony" and if you are familiar with their work you know this is dead serious. O RLLY? well then read a snippet from the press release, listen to 'Acting Hard' and show them some social network love via, twitter or good ol' MySpace.

"For far too long we have loved things in the name of “guilty pleasures.” What is, and what is not cool can be so fickle. To protect ourselves, we have reinvented irony to serve as a silly suit of armor that says: “I’m just kidding around, so don’t get all judgy-pants on me.” Of course, this type of behavior just made accusations of hipster-ness fly off the handle. When it really comes down to it though, we all know that having fun shouldn’t be a crime. That is why Captain Ahab has declared The End of Irony. In fact, that’s what their fucking new album is called! It’s called The End of Irony."

Captain Ahab - Acting Hard

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Joystixx & Discoballistic

The Australian arcade team-supreme Joystixx have been remixed by Discoballistic. Their epic, previously unreleased song 'Edge of the World' just had a revived disco-rave treatment, rolling by like a thunderstorm on a hot day's night!

The edgey world of Joystixx is made of nasty monsters, porn, troma and video games. We're pretty sure they do alot of other stuff aswell... but if you wanna see them in action we definitely advice you to check out the seires of 'reality comix' they have started. go here (on facebook) to find them all.

Edge of the World (Discoballistic Remix) by Discoballistic

Monday, March 15, 2010


Step into the zone with one of Playmaker's favorites D/A/D who made a crazy good retrofantastic mixtape! Woo!

D/A/D-Flash Funk Mix 2K10 Vol.1 by DAD80s