Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Futurecop! Tokyo Dreaming 2010

Here's a new 20 minutes mix by none other than Futurecop! Get hyper for some ultra flashy awesome dancestyles here, with a healthy dose of Jpop dance... yes, a Gundam song!

This is totally on the Playmaker alley... and it features a new Futurecop! tune we haven't heard yet.

Futurecop - Tokyo Dreaming Mix

1. Manga Sample (sample)
2. Silicone Project - Supernova
3. Florrie - Call 911 (Fred Falke Remix)
4. Renegade - Pursuit
5. TV Rock feat Rudy - In The Air (Grum Remix)
6. Gundam SEED Destiny - Reason
7. Yes Giantess - The Ruins (Fear of Tigers Remix)
8. Futurecop! - Dreams
9. Mblack - Heartbreak (Diamond Cut Remix)
10. Funeral For A friend - Roses for the Dead