Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Captain Ahab's ironic ending

Backslap you for acting hard. Wow! Ladies and gentlemen. LA-based super rad dudes Jonathan Snipes and Jim Merson AKA the theatrical party couple known as Captain Ahab have announced their new album for Deathbombarc! It's called "The End Of Irony" and if you are familiar with their work you know this is dead serious. O RLLY? well then read a snippet from the press release, listen to 'Acting Hard' and show them some social network love via, twitter or good ol' MySpace.

"For far too long we have loved things in the name of “guilty pleasures.” What is, and what is not cool can be so fickle. To protect ourselves, we have reinvented irony to serve as a silly suit of armor that says: “I’m just kidding around, so don’t get all judgy-pants on me.” Of course, this type of behavior just made accusations of hipster-ness fly off the handle. When it really comes down to it though, we all know that having fun shouldn’t be a crime. That is why Captain Ahab has declared The End of Irony. In fact, that’s what their fucking new album is called! It’s called The End of Irony."

Captain Ahab - Acting Hard