Saturday, March 28, 2009

The essential Vince DiCola and Fairlight CMI post

When it comes to soundtracks, the Rocky IV movie has one of the most classic soundtracks of all times. Not only did it give us songs as 'The Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor or 'Living In America' by James Brown, it actually has more unique facets to it's whole soundtrack. The person responsable for this is none other than Vince DiCola, a poineer in digital sampling synthesizing, making use of the Fairlight CMI sequencing system. Besides Rocky VI he also wrote the music for the eighties version of the Transformers movie. But today, we focus on the Rocky soundtrack and his way of working, using computers to compose a whole song or soundtrack, back then, was truely revolutionary.

But let's not get too technical and cut straight to the chase. We'll show you a few clips via youtube, providing you with words and music of synthesizer wisdom.

First off, we have this amazing tune "Training Montage" composed by Vince for Rocky VI, in 3 versions.

1. The original version.

2. The extended version movie version.

3. A stunning cover version by some dude named olavier

And here is an interview with Vince Dicola, talking about his soundracks like Transformers and Rocky IV, the importance of synthesized soundtracks, influences and working methods as a music composer for movies.

Additionally, we have a clip of one of Vince greatest influences, Keith Emerson, jamming out in the studio and giving us more information about the Fairlight CMI, displaying a revolutionary sound and work method. Are they making music with computers and is it costing jobs!?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sounds. Lights. Fury.

The Discoballistic EP 'Sounds of Light and Fury' is now been released to the public. You can listen to this 6 track EP in the player and support disco by downloading the songs via a donation system. Reviews of this EP will follow soon. Meanwhile try to make up your own mind and have a listen.

<a href="">All Stars by Discoballistic</a>

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vallainte on Profil de Face records

Exciting news. Profil de Face records and Vaillante have reached an agreement on releasing music together. The first project is the single Boost Control. To celebrate and expand this song onto wider horizons, everybody is invited to remix this turbo-charged tune. 

Profil de Face is a new French label from signing new artists, managed by Paul & Sabine Andrieux. Furthermore this exciting new label will feature the artworks of some awesome talents by SARU, Alex Morricone & DW Design (DW is also featured in the first Playmaker fanzine!)

So, Music please! Here is Vaillante with the song Pole Position
(thanks Kunk Budapest for the upload)

Wann remix Boost Control by Vaillante? Here are the remix files:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Logan Sky

Check out this awesome release named 'Journey into the Interior' by Logan Sky on Chop Chop records. Released earlier this month, this album is a fresh comtemparary mix of italo-synth-electro emboying the spacious 80's sound. Furthermore he's also notable for working together in the duo Saar&Sky aswell as The New Europeans. A release full of synthesised goodness, a great album bringing some of logans earlier and current tracks together. Use the streamer underneath to listen to this album, or donate what you want and download the album. all profits goes straight to the artist.

<a href="">Swim Out Of Here by Logan Sky</a>

And here are Logan and Saar bringing you 'Rip it out' live during their Earwax radio session - we <3 this tune!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

TNUC vs FUTURECOP Karate Kids video + ANORAAK remix

You might or might not have seen this. We presume you haven't... it's TNUC everybody. This dude's totally down with some awesome graphics and 80's styled icons. He made a video for Futurecop! and this is the result. A nice collection of classic 80's vibes on a sweet song of Futurecop!

Futurecop - Karate Kids (video by TNUC) from TNUC on Vimeo.

Futurecop! is currently touring the U.S. so check them out if you're in America, they're awesome!

Here's Class of 1984 by Futurecop! in the Anoraak Remix:

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Toecutter remixed!


Sydney's finest playmakers Toecutter and Discoballistic have funked up Playmaker parties before and after the break-a-dawn. Here comes yet another remix of The Best Party Ever, set to be released by Bang Gang soon. Remix after remix after remix, a fine selection has been made what remixes shall be on the 12" version of Toecutter's release for Bang Gang. We can tell you the Discoballistic remix will not be on the 12" and most probably will be a digital and CD release only. Still we're sharing a streamed version with you right now, Corey!

Click here to listen to the Discoballistic remix of Toecutter's Best Party Ever

sorry no mp3 link but please enjoy this stream

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Barcode club and phone-core

We want to bring some attention to one of the freshed single's that has been dropped this month! It's none other than England's own Grum and his brilliant debut official release named "Runaway" and has been released by Heartbreak Records . This jam has it all. Rocking drumbeat, fresh nu-disco vibes and a great atmosphere.

We were pleased to here Anoraak drop the remix during his set in Sydney and now we're even more pleased there is a full 320 kbs mp3 version available through Beatport.

This single uses some of the cutting edge technology which makes it unigue in it's own right. The picture you can see below is a barcode. A barcode you can "scan" with your fancy mobile phone and obtain the tune instantly. Wanna know more check out Grum's myspace.

Wanna have a taste? Then you can check the 128 kbs version right here. If you're old-school or still like those hip vynil records you can find 'Runaway' on Ltd 7" with remix on the backflip. Tons more remixes coming, fo sure. Instant classic this one.

click to hear: radio edit of Runaway (128 kbs version)
(thank you noise porn for hosting)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bass Heavy

Continuing on the bass-trip of the previous post, some new Nightshifters stuff is being released by none other than AC Slater. Check out the new anthem Rock It Out
"Rock It Out" is AC Slater's follow up to the chart topping "Jack Got Jacked" EP released in fall 2008. Rock It Out comes loaded with 4 massive tunes with 2 major remixes. “No Party For Old Men” is a wikkid Brooklyn-bass smasher, “Night Shift” will keep ‘em up till 8am, “Rock It Out” is a proven crowd pleaser and “Hello” is a dubstep tune to be ranked up there with the kings of the scene! Remixes of the title tune by London’s Scott Cooper who slows it down and gives it a funky clean feel and Chicago’s club price, Rob Threezy who gets down and dirty with the bass!

AC Slater - Rock It Out (NS006)

Get this release straight from Beatport!

Kid 606 and Friends are on a good roll aswell. Been releasing some awesome digital releases by Luke's Anger, Dolby Anol, and the likes. Right now, Kid 606 and Tigerbeat6 just released the new a new single with ons of remixes and are throwing a remix contest on top of it!

Remix Kid606, win a free Ableton Live LE license and get released. is hosting a remix contest for Kid606’s new single "Mr. Wobble’s Nightmare" from his upcoming album "Shout at the Döner".
The best mixes will be released on a forthcoming ep release from Tigerbeat6 and featured on Zero”. The remix with the most votes wins a free Ableton Live 7 LE license, while Kid606 chooses his favourite mix for a releases on his label Tigerbeat6.
This single will be released in cooperation with the electronic music download store As Kid606 puts it, there are absolutely no rules to the remix contest, it can be in any style at any tempo. You probably have more chances of winning if your remix sounds as different from the original or released remixes as possible.

The contest starts march 16 and ends end may 1st, 2009.

And last but not least in this bass-heavy post we bring you none other than the essential High Rankin from Brighton UK. This is seriousley the bass heaviest we've heard in a long time, zoning somewhere between dirty dubstep and funky techno. His mix named 'Special Music Mixtape' is an awesome display of the High Rankin sound. Download this 30 minute mix right now and get reeeel basss heavyy!!