Saturday, March 14, 2009

Barcode club and phone-core

We want to bring some attention to one of the freshed single's that has been dropped this month! It's none other than England's own Grum and his brilliant debut official release named "Runaway" and has been released by Heartbreak Records . This jam has it all. Rocking drumbeat, fresh nu-disco vibes and a great atmosphere.

We were pleased to here Anoraak drop the remix during his set in Sydney and now we're even more pleased there is a full 320 kbs mp3 version available through Beatport.

This single uses some of the cutting edge technology which makes it unigue in it's own right. The picture you can see below is a barcode. A barcode you can "scan" with your fancy mobile phone and obtain the tune instantly. Wanna know more check out Grum's myspace.

Wanna have a taste? Then you can check the 128 kbs version right here. If you're old-school or still like those hip vynil records you can find 'Runaway' on Ltd 7" with remix on the backflip. Tons more remixes coming, fo sure. Instant classic this one.

click to hear: radio edit of Runaway (128 kbs version)
(thank you noise porn for hosting)