Monday, March 23, 2009

Logan Sky

Check out this awesome release named 'Journey into the Interior' by Logan Sky on Chop Chop records. Released earlier this month, this album is a fresh comtemparary mix of italo-synth-electro emboying the spacious 80's sound. Furthermore he's also notable for working together in the duo Saar&Sky aswell as The New Europeans. A release full of synthesised goodness, a great album bringing some of logans earlier and current tracks together. Use the streamer underneath to listen to this album, or donate what you want and download the album. all profits goes straight to the artist.

<a href="">Swim Out Of Here by Logan Sky</a>

And here are Logan and Saar bringing you 'Rip it out' live during their Earwax radio session - we <3 this tune!