Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Magnum 38's Tribute to Grace Jones

Out Soon on Tigerbass is one hell of a slammer by Magnum 38, (one of Musick/Shitkatapult's finest producers.) delivers the goods with this inspired tribute to the living legend Grace Jones.

These tracks are neither typical “remixes” nor conventional cover versions in any sense, instead these tracks take excerpts and motifs of Grace Jones songs as an inspiration for something completely new, produced from scratch, but true to the spirit of Grace Jones' work. The three driving club tracks about Love and Pain "Slave", "Devil", and "Suffer" will get your body moving while the three abstract and jazzy plunderphonic interludes ("Sequel 1, 2, 3") give you a chance to recover.

Expect a sound that manages to blend the likes of Jackson and his computer band, Prefuse 73, Para One, and Akufen with Magnum’s trademark fuzzy bass sounds and banging electro beats.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Ten Ragas On A Disco Beat

Released in 1982, this roland heavy album by Charanjit Singh's SYNTHESIZING features '10 ragas to a disco beat', complete with slammin' 303 acid lines, 808 beats and of course, crazy indian styled melodies played live on analogue synths and shit.

It would be all too easy to regard this as a gimmick of an album, if it weren't for the fact the music is actually really fucken awesome.

The music is the perfect combination of being a. ahead of it's time and b. impossible to find, which makes it the perfect candidate for a real nice healthy reissue. It totally deserves it.

Do check it out, it sounds absolutely unique and ahead of it's time, giving you one hell of a trippin freestyle ride!






Saturday, September 5, 2009

dDAMAGE-Tbass Mix Series #7

dDAMAGE-Tbass Mix Series #7

dDAMAGE-Tbass Mix Series #7 by Tigerbeat6

in anticipation of their upcoming new full length dropping october on the french hip-hop label Ascetic Music, the dDamage brothers have made this amazing mix for us to give to all of you, seriously twisted and unexpected firey mixes of hits from the Beastie Boys, Tiga, Digitalism, Krazy Baldhead, Tes, Midfield General, Ministry, Bomb the Bass, Lil'Flip, Oizo, Mobb Deep, Suave Smooth, Run DMC, Crunc Tesla, dj Assault, Aphex Twin, Paul Bowles, I-Cube, RZA, Ultramagnetic MC's, Ratatat, Run DMC, Tone Loc, and many more!

dDamage - Tigerbass Mix Series #7

Total running time : 37'42''
Artwork : Raoul Sinier

01 - Beastie Boys "Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun" (dDamage blend)
02 - Tiga "Far from Home" (Digitalism Remix)
03 - Krazy Baldhead feat Tes "Crazy Motherfucker" (Midfield General Remix)
04 - Ministry "Just one Fix" (12" edit)
05 - Bomb the Bass "Tim Westwood Interlude"
06 - John Moss & Nick Lang "The Hard Way"
07 - dDamage "Punkt¸re" (Tigerbass Mix)
08 - Lil'Flip "I'm a Balla" (dj Gero Blend)
09 - Oizo "Stunt" (edit)
10 - N-Gels feat Estelle Desanges "On Fire"
11 - Mobb Deep "Quiet Storm" (dDash Remix)
12 - Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer "Modus Operandi"
13 - Suave Smooth "Put Dem Gunz Up" (dDamage Edit)
14 - Run DMC "The Beginning - No Further Delay" (dDash blend)
15 - Don Bishop Agallah, Young Jeezy & Sin "I'm the Truth" (dDamage Remix)
16 - Crunc Tesla "Welcome to the Circus" (dDamage re-Remix)
17 - dj Assault "Ass N Titties" (dDamage Blend)
18 - Above the Law "Murder Rap" (Mash-up)
19 - Aphex Twin "Ventoline" (Praze-an-beeble mix)
20 - CelluloÔd Mata "Log Boot" (Screewed)
21 - Paul Bowles "Visiting Gysin's Studio"
22 - Mike & Rich "Bu bu bu ba" (dDamage edit)
23 - I-Cube feat RZA "Can you Deal With That ?" (Screwed & Chopped)
24 - Ultramagnetic MC's "Poppa Large" (dj Seep Remix)
25 - Ratatat "Lex" (edit)
26 - Run DMC "My Adidas" (dDash + dj Gero "Meine Adolf Dassler" Remix)
27 - Funkstor¸ng "Commodore C128D" (dDamage edit)
28 - Komori "Street Crabz" (feat Tupac Mongol & Bone Thugz N Harmony)
29 - Ennio Moriccone "Humanity Part 2"
30 - Klaus Kinsky "Der Zorn Gottes"
31 - Oizo "Lotus Suite Kˆln" (edit)
32 - Don Rimini "A Forciori" (edit)
33 - Tone Loc "Funky Cold Medina" (dDamage Blend)
34 - dDamage "Drop 'Dem Britches"
35 - Three Six Mafia "Stay Fly" (dDash Bootleg)
36 - dDamage feat Tes & Crunc Tesla "Adrenalyn Bisc" (dj Gero "Bou le Loubeyre" Remix)
37 - Carl Brutananadilewski "Physical Fitness"

more info on dDamage @

Thursday, September 3, 2009

24 Bit Error Collection by Si Begg

The musical genius that is Si Begg has done it again!

This E.P. Is free. Yes that's right, free. (You can buy the limited edition "hand-made in Hackney" box set, but that's not compulsory) All tracks are yours to download and distribute as you see fit. You can copy them, burn them on a CD, blog them, host them yourself, give them to your mum, whatever you want. Music in the public domain. Or put another way: Make. Upload. Share. Inspire. Crisps.

Major labels and the bodies that represent them, such as the BPI in the UK and the RIAA in the USA would have us believe that sharing music is destroying music and the musicians that create it. We contend that the truth is, this cartel of major record companies, distributors and publishers have been systematically fucking musicians and the people that love and buy music for about 50 years. Creating, amongst other things, huge profits for shareholders, a rigorous, brutally industrialised method of music production, Hannah Montana and an inherently average, uninspiring, mainstream music scene. This traditional industry model is so close to death that we dare not entertain it here. Instead we leave it up to you to help determine how far this E.P. travels.

SIBEGG Free by sibegg

SIBEGG I Thunk Therefore I Am by sibegg

SIBEGG Entry Level Portable Synthesizer by sibegg

SIBEGG I Do Not DReaM by sibegg