Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Magnum 38's Tribute to Grace Jones

Out Soon on Tigerbass is one hell of a slammer by Magnum 38, (one of Musick/Shitkatapult's finest producers.) delivers the goods with this inspired tribute to the living legend Grace Jones.

These tracks are neither typical “remixes” nor conventional cover versions in any sense, instead these tracks take excerpts and motifs of Grace Jones songs as an inspiration for something completely new, produced from scratch, but true to the spirit of Grace Jones' work. The three driving club tracks about Love and Pain "Slave", "Devil", and "Suffer" will get your body moving while the three abstract and jazzy plunderphonic interludes ("Sequel 1, 2, 3") give you a chance to recover.

Expect a sound that manages to blend the likes of Jackson and his computer band, Prefuse 73, Para One, and Akufen with Magnum’s trademark fuzzy bass sounds and banging electro beats.

Download on Soundcloud: