Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ever heard music that comes straight from the heavens above? When listening to New Age master Iasos, you are wading yourself into some seriously intense paradise music. To say the least, his body of work is totally next level and visionary.

First off, we bring you a piece of his ultimate tropical jams, coming from the album 'Bora Bora 2000'. An album dedicated to one of Iasos' favorite destinations in this world, the tropical island of Bora Bora. He describes the album as his most Eartly based work and rhythm as an "energy pump" . It's sounding like a happy dance music soundtrack, a celebration of life on the beaches of his favorite island, located deep in the Pacific ocean. Feelings of complete happiness decent upon you while listening to these radiant jams as you have now entered the secret level of Donkey Kong Country.

Iasos - Masai by The PL4YGROUND

The next piece we have selected comes from his 'Realms Of Light' album. These are beautifully crafted musical landscapes of sound dimensions in direct communication with the celestial beings of love and light... Gently high frequencies translated into a musical blessings. 'Realms of Light' is a both a DVD and CD with some of the most blissful ambient, soundtrack vibes accompanied with some ecstatic and extremely colorful visualisations.

Iasos - Rapture of the Heart by The PL4YGROUND

Please send your love and support to Iasos by exploring his website and purchasing some of his products, checking out some of his amazing images, filmclips, and thoughtful texts.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

John Legend and Evclive

Da kid Evclive aka Edwin Van Cleef, has remixed the legendary John Legend's Rollin In The Deep. It's sounds like an airy breezy, sea-side styles, cruising, hood open, sunsets... It's all in there and it works wonder-well with the Evclive touch. Check out the crispy acid line in there, it sounds like the TB-303 was warmed up well for this one. Wonderful pop music in one of Van Cleef's best remixes to date!

John Legend - Rolling In The Deep (Edwin van Cleef Remix) by Edwin van Cleef

Friday, March 25, 2011

Camille Richard "LAST LIMIT"

Put on your most colorful bermuda shorts because we present you "Last Limit", the debut album by youngman Camille Richard from Paris. He brings us a dazzling fantasy-infused 10 track album slammer. Hold on tight, it's a joyride themed with a heavy 80s haze, bringing you visions of palm trees, 100 $ bills and a fusion of reverb toms and thrashing guitar choruses.

The record has a distinct lo-fi feel to it. And that is intentional. "Last Limit" is mastered by Team Playmaker via the Tascam Portastudio 424. When you experience this album it actually sounds like you are listening to your walkman. That's right, we're talking walkman with analog cassettes. It's that "sound-color" this record needs and that can be seen as a counter-reaction to all the contemporary, over-polished digital media files drowning in their own soup these days...

This album is in co-operation with Rosso Corsa Records and will have an extended 60 min cassette release packed with extras, bonus tracks and remixes. Release date to be announced soon.

Meanwhile, go to our brand new and sunny Bandcamp for a totally FREE download of "Last Limit": Playmaker Entertainment is proud to present the 3rd release in our series of independent musical adventures.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Come on, in the club you need music like this. The message is loud and clear: NO FEAR. Clubbin' when it gets sweaty and you start closing your eyes while your head gets spinning. That's when you get to hear music like this in it's natural habitat, when your fears and worries are miles away... Grab hold of that moment and never let it go.

Here's the brand new Amtrac release free for grabs! We highlight the openings track, but do go out to soundcloud and grab 'm all!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mullet Records

Funky disco house label Mullet Records has been delivering great jams for years now. We highly advice you to check them all out! It's about that time we highlight them on Playmaker.

Some of their latest releases include the wonderful Tesla Boy from Russia and the sexy fresh Odhal from Sweden. So for starters, here's a mixtape by spearhead Justin Winks aka Casio Social Club. Future-flash retro dance music with a big smile, enjoy!

1. Vindahl - Sometimes (12" Groove Version)
2. Kosmetiq & Mirrorsoul - Keep on Lovin' Me
3. James Curd - Through All This Stuff (Tad Wily Remix)
4. Dana Bergquist & Peter G - Can't Get Enough (Original Mix)
5. Crazy P - Drop Your Weapon (Faze Action Edit)
6. Neurotic Drum Band - U Got Me Dancin' (Piano Party Mix)
7. Soul Mekanik - 1-2 Who Are You?
8. Chilly Gonzales - You Can Dance (Shadow Dancer Remix)
9. Casio Social Club - Running Man [Mullet Records]
10. StardonE - Space Romance

Justin Winks (Casio Social Club)_Get Yo Hands Offa My Keytar Vol. 2_DJ Mixtape by Mullet Records

Friday, March 11, 2011


Nothing beats us more on the dancefloor than some well produced filter-funky-fresh disco house. Your feet start moving while you just get in a joyous feeling grooving to this. No? — Yes. Shiny Disco Club does a great job of finding, promoting and releasing great tasting disco crunch, just the way we like it.

Meet Viceroy, a Californian producer that hits the spot like a breakfast burrito. Here's a free for grabs track to promote the brand new EP called 'In The Sky'. Besides that their title track of the EP is killing it so we advice you to grab it legally and kill your local party with it, cuz Playmaker said so!

Viceroy - Oh Yeah (Free Download - Promo Track) by Shiny Disco Club

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Le Prix

With cover art that is resembling the aesthetic of The Smiths, Playmaker-favo-bro Le Prix is back on the scene on his homebase record label Girlfriend records.

Two words come to mind when hearing 'Eyelask OK': INSTANT CLASSIC. A beautiful crafted italo inspired electro song on the retro futuristic highway, where driving your car with closed eyes is common. Trust the auto-pilot inside of you. Let this soundtrack guide you.

Ladies and gentlemen, the new Le Prix single is here, accompagnied with a soothing smooth Gossip Culture remix.

Le Prix - Eyelash OK by The PL4YGROUND