Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ever heard music that comes straight from the heavens above? When listening to New Age master Iasos, you are wading yourself into some seriously intense paradise music. To say the least, his body of work is totally next level and visionary.

First off, we bring you a piece of his ultimate tropical jams, coming from the album 'Bora Bora 2000'. An album dedicated to one of Iasos' favorite destinations in this world, the tropical island of Bora Bora. He describes the album as his most Eartly based work and rhythm as an "energy pump" . It's sounding like a happy dance music soundtrack, a celebration of life on the beaches of his favorite island, located deep in the Pacific ocean. Feelings of complete happiness decent upon you while listening to these radiant jams as you have now entered the secret level of Donkey Kong Country.

Iasos - Masai by The PL4YGROUND

The next piece we have selected comes from his 'Realms Of Light' album. These are beautifully crafted musical landscapes of sound dimensions in direct communication with the celestial beings of love and light... Gently high frequencies translated into a musical blessings. 'Realms of Light' is a both a DVD and CD with some of the most blissful ambient, soundtrack vibes accompanied with some ecstatic and extremely colorful visualisations.

Iasos - Rapture of the Heart by The PL4YGROUND

Please send your love and support to Iasos by exploring his website and purchasing some of his products, checking out some of his amazing images, filmclips, and thoughtful texts.