Friday, March 25, 2011

Camille Richard "LAST LIMIT"

Put on your most colorful bermuda shorts because we present you "Last Limit", the debut album by youngman Camille Richard from Paris. He brings us a dazzling fantasy-infused 10 track album slammer. Hold on tight, it's a joyride themed with a heavy 80s haze, bringing you visions of palm trees, 100 $ bills and a fusion of reverb toms and thrashing guitar choruses.

The record has a distinct lo-fi feel to it. And that is intentional. "Last Limit" is mastered by Team Playmaker via the Tascam Portastudio 424. When you experience this album it actually sounds like you are listening to your walkman. That's right, we're talking walkman with analog cassettes. It's that "sound-color" this record needs and that can be seen as a counter-reaction to all the contemporary, over-polished digital media files drowning in their own soup these days...

This album is in co-operation with Rosso Corsa Records and will have an extended 60 min cassette release packed with extras, bonus tracks and remixes. Release date to be announced soon.

Meanwhile, go to our brand new and sunny Bandcamp for a totally FREE download of "Last Limit": Playmaker Entertainment is proud to present the 3rd release in our series of independent musical adventures.