Saturday, February 28, 2009

Night Shift

Nightshifters, runned by Jason Forrest just send us a bunch of new goodies to promote the label. Highly exciting new tunes coming our way from this collective, following some massive releases by Hostage and others! Check out DJ Donna Summer's label mix and the Dillinja remix by Proper Villains. BASS!

Proper Villains - Dillinja- Twist (Proper Villains Remix).mp3
KILLER bass heavy remix for you by Proper Villians. Made for Palms Out Sounds but we wanted to spread the wealth as it's just too freakin great to be missed!

Hostage - Bring The Music.mp3
Funny and completely latin sounding bass-rave-salsa number from Scotland. Yeah, we were surprised when he heard it too! HAHA!

Night Mix - Feb 2009, Dj Donna Summer.mp3

All I wanna do is shoot at an intro
Ac Slater - Nightshift (Preview!! - "Rock It out" Ep March 10th)
Rob Threezy - Dark Knight (Advance Preview!!)
Dope P - China bloxx (Oliver$ remix)
Dj P.O.L. Style - Vampire Killah
Mikix The Cat - Freeze - (Drop The Lime remix)
Mikix The Cat - Freeze
Dj Technics- Cumm On
Wiesel and Captain Koma - Die Polizei (Blatta and Inesha Remix)
Rob Threezy - XpLoSiOn (Advance Preview!!)
Nadastrom - Handz
Ac Slater - Rock It out (Preview!! - "Rock It out" Ep March 10th)
Chase and Status- Eastern Jam
A1 Bassline- Girl Thing (Pirate Soundsystem remix)
Ac Slater - Hello (Preview!! - "Rock It out" Ep March 10th)
Jubilee - Kick It (DJ Donna Summer Club-step mix) (Advance Preview!!)
Dillinja - twist "em Out (Proper Villains Remix)
Rob Threezy- Jingle Jams (Advance Preview!!)
Jubilee & Udatchi - Paypur (Super-Advance Preview!!)
Douster & Arcade - Wasted
AC Slater - No Party For Old Men (Preview!! - "Rock It out" Ep March 10th)
Rob Threezy - The Change Up (Jokers Of The Scene remix) (MEGA SUPER ADVANCE PREVIEW!!!!)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


our first collaborational fanzine is here, it's a fact and we're happy with the result!

it's about 40 pages A4 sized. what's inside? i guess that's for us to know and you to find out but you can find out more on our myspace page

order it straight from the source
by sending a paypal donation of minimum $10 or 7€ to either (that is postage included!!) or

to avoid postage we'll publish a list of possible places worldwide where you can pick it up :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fear Of Tigers Mixtape

In anticipation of his debut album, the wonderful Fear Of Tigers has released a mixtape. It's starts off with what sounds like a new tune of his and goes into some more indie rock, disco, and beyond. Definatly a great selection by Mr. Tiger! Go grab it here: (link is yousendit so onluy one week active! hurry-up) 2VqaytJMHZIRGc9PQ

find some more tunes of Fear Of Tigers here:
Credits and Thank you to the Valerie and Thrash Menagerie blogs for sharing these beautiful songs!

Fear of Tigers -The Adventures of Pippi Longstrump.mp3

Fear of Tigers - Study Hard Drugs School.mp3

Fear Of Tigers - Sirkka.mp3

Ghost In The Water - Dodging Lasers (Fear Of Tigers Remix).mp3

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ghost Car Collective presents SUNSET CRUISIN

Ghost Car is the new Label from Sakura Night and the first release is Sunset Cruisin! Check the PM-blog archive of Januari to find out more about Sunset Cruisin.

Below you can listen to the EP in a player and this EP is available for download via Bandcamp Support this because the Ghost Car collective is RAD!

Happy belated Valentine!

80s Stallone and Noami Elizabeth have a Valentine's date. And it's freaking cute! They released their Valentine EP on Valentine's day and you can download it here:

4 versions of Naomi Elizabeths "Valentine"
Naomi's Original version & 3 80s Stallone Remixes / Edits

More 80s Stallone work coming soon! Check out the new tune 'Smile' on his MySpace player. Special scoop: Sly's working on a exclusive Playmaker mixtape, to be released soon.

We gotta say, we're super busy working and throwing together the PM-fanzine so were sorry for not updating the blog more frequently. Fanzine release on the 25th of februari. Keep your eyes peeled for the release party.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vaillante Racecars!

There's some new kids on the block!

Vaillante, who steps in the racecar and who's determin to win the Grand Prix. Already qualifiying himself as pole position, the first track is up on the brand new MySpace. Check it out and feel the need for speed!

The theme seems to be inspired by Formula 1 (or any circuit race) and the idea is heavily inspired by the mighty Franco-Belge Michel Viallant comics. Take a look here to find out more about the origin of Vaillante.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The Metatron of Team MOTU has released the ultra-mix of the second MOTU compilation. It highlights some of the most amazing tracks featured on this compilation + 2 bonus tracks! So, don't hesitate and grab it right now! It's freaking tight and right on the ball.

Click the following link in your browser and download the mix!


Chapter One
01. 4TrakZ - Love Zone
02. Pelifics - Guess What Paula, You're Sued
03. Databas - Nightmare At 20.000 Feet
04. Intell85 - Later Gator
05. Discode18 - Years Old
06. Heartbreak - We're Back
07. New Europeans - Wonderland
08. Trash Yourself - Touch
09. Lex Chauve - Auto Pilot

Chapter Two
10. Terminus B - Rival
11. Rio BLasT - Rio Rio
12. Worship - Lights Dome Part III
13. Mirage - Lady Operator
14. Discoballistic - Dazzler
15. Street waR - Torch Those Mothers
16. Joystixx - Surf Nazis
17. Ben Et Béné - Robobarge

Chapter Three
18. Society - Rules Of Attraction (Tropical Silence Remix)
19. Glass Candy - Digital Versicolor
20. Kush - Nocturnal Waves
21. Sidney Green - Distance
22. Deluxe - Lipstick
23. Viking - Blood Candy
24. Sally Shapiro - Anoraak's Christmas Remix
25. Streethawks - Highway Miami (Endtitles)

Bonus Tracks
26. Superpowerless - More Than You
27. Charli xcx - Dinosaur Sex

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Orange Playmaker

In Holland, the color orange stands for showing pride of your national sports team. The most commen sports would be football (soccer) or ice-skating. ofcourse it stands for more than just sports... it' stands for a unification of all inhabitants of the Netherlands, showing a tribute to their royals. Not many countries still have such a royal following and The Netherlands is one of those countries where "Queensday" is still heavily celebrated and respected. In sports terms the national sports teams traditionally dress in orange in honor of the Queen. And so do al the loyal followers of any move their sportsmen and -women make. It's the sports-nationalism even the English can't measure with. And strangly enough, it isn't a case of agressive hooliganims... it's actually one almost as peaceful as the Jamaicans passin on the dutchy on the left hand (please). An awesome display of peaceful unification and surely one hell of an atmosphere!

All this and more to introduce the interview Playmaker did with Jason Köhnen. No, he's not a professional sportsman. Well he's good at darts but he's more like the bar-sportsman who guarantees you a good time. And most importantly, he's one awesome dude that creates music on a global level with a string of releases, monikers, collaborations, ...

PM-Who are you and where do you come from?
I'm Jason ... a Kling-On from Uranus!

PM-What are your musical outputs?
Bong-Ra, SOTAGR, Glowstyx, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Deathstorm, White Darkness

PM-What sounds and visions have mainly inspired in your younger years?
Saint Vitus.

PM-What video games are you into?
Sensible Soccer (Amiga 2000)

PM-Who is more metal than you?

PM-What's your advice to new and upcoming producers?
Quit while you can!

PM-Do you party or prefer staying home?
Party at home! ;)))

PM-Who is your favourite playmaker?
Ulrich van Gobbel

FIND SOME BONG-RA RELATED MUSIC ON HIS WEBSITE (tunes, live-sets, radiosessions,...)

Here are some videos produced by Jason Köhnen of some of his various projects!

GLOWSTYX: (oldschool rave project on Cockrockdisco)

DEATHSTORM: (brutal grindcore with maruosa from Japan)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Neon Workout loves to tease.

Swedish producer Neon Workout just loves to tease. Not only are his songs on myspace a great tease to some great sounding tunes, he's also been working on some video material which are all about beautiful 80's babes and teasing. Have a look at the youtube trailers he's been posting around, i'm sure we can expect much more than just teasers from this artist during the course of this year. The music is fantastic, it fits right into the mood and these erotic 80's styled videos just might wanna make you want some more!

Monday, February 2, 2009

80's Stallone presents "NIGHTHAWKS"

One of Playmaker's favourite dj/producers must be 80's Stallone. Besides carrying one of the most awesome names and personas in the scene, his minimalistic yet powerful tunes and remixes are a outstanding display of catchy synth pop tunes. Especially the remix he did of Naomi Elisabeth's Valentine is truely remarkable.

Having released an EP on Shogun (R.I.P.) before, he now hits us back with a full remix album of his tune 'Nighthawks' remixed by befriended artists and producers. It really makes 'Nighthawks' go all the way... from one corner to the other, you can here all these different artistic interpretations and signatures moves swirl around the tune.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

PALM's Highway Chase Escape From N.Y.

Dude! Palm is on the ball... and is about to score a great hoop!

Get ready to step into the passenger seat of his motorised machine, a music-fueled engine of pure electronica sounds acting as a head movie experience to drift off to unknown horizons... Take place and buckle up, because you're about to enter a new dimension with this 9 track album named "Escape From N.Y." - a free download for ya'll to enjoy, share and experience...

NOTE: This download requires you to use the compression software "Winrar" to open it. Find a copy of Winrar via Google if you haven't got it installed yet and don't miss out on this album!

PALM - Escape From N.Y.

1 street stallion
2 dark movie screens
3 escape from new york
4 ghost cars
5 invisible beach
6 street hawk
7 invisible island
8 desert driver
9 space again


Hi, we're back and want to thank all the team players attending and participating on the first PLAYMAKER PARTY, held at La Campaña here in Sydney, Thursday the 29th of Januari. It was truely awesome. Many game stations were set up reaching from Atari to Sega and Commedore 64, ... and it was a night of pure fun, enjoyment, good vibes, friendship and awesome music.

A special thanks to the DJ's Jimmy Sing, Toecutter, DoubleDenim & Discoballistic and performance band Toydeath for bringing us in the right atmosphere. It would have been nothing without you!

Soon we're going to post pictures and if you've got any pictures of the event yourselves, please let us know and we'll post 'm aswell! We'd love to hear from from you on - feel free to give us your thoughts and ideas.