Sunday, July 24, 2011


As we got back to the mainland from the many island adventures we've been having recently, we find the time for a massive Brassica update on some of his new remixes. Not only is Brassica one of the most innovating producers in his genre, these new remixes are top shelve and mind expanding at the same time.

James Yuill - Crying for Hollywood (Brassica's Live & Learn RMX) by Brassica

Magnets - Charm Offensive (Brassica remix) by Brassica

The Niallist - I Came (Bra666ica Remix) by Brassica

More Brassica? Go back in time and find our older entree here:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Times with Angie Audio

Sun, sea and fun! Those are the key words here on Playmaker's Soda Beach Resort. The holidays are still only just beginning and we recorded NASA superstar Angie Audio's latest DJ mix live from the beach bar. Now dance with soda in hand and feel the sand burning your bare feet. Get busy and don't snooze! Yes. Fun times, key words and bikini babes. Time to let that sun tan lotion give you that much deserved 'couleur' you've been waiting for.

Angie Audio - SummerTimes by AngieAudio