Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Alfa / Binary

Come on, get in the car, let's cruise to LA and hang out with the Binary crew. They're throwing a mad party downtown with LexiconDon, Keenhouse and Alfa playing slam jams.

Let's focus on Alfa right now cause he's got a new release called Sky Patrol and it's actually Alfa's first original release since his songs that were on Binary's compilation, LA Lights.

Word on the street is he's been working with various singers, guitarists, and session players for his upcoming release so we can expect even more exciting things from LA's most exciting dreamwave crew...

Alfa - Sky Patrol by The PL4YGROUND

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mix Chopin and Shiny Disco Club

May we bring to your attention that there is an absolutely free downloadable compilation of amazing french styled disco-house inspired dance music via the Shiny Disco Club. All hail that all star line-up bursting with upcoming talent in that scene.

We've handpicked Mix Chopin's track as we believe this kid is amazingly talented and brings his funk infused originality to the next level.

Mix Chopin - Illuminate by Shiny Disco Club

Download the whole compilation right here:
Shiny Disco Club - "Millenium Disco" (SDCR 001) by Shiny Disco Club

Friday, September 24, 2010

Braai 4 Heritage

It's the 24th of September and the spring is alive in Southern Africa... It's Braai Day, a national celebration where everyone gets round the fire and fries their meats, eats and celebrates the upcoming summer!

Since the Football World Cup was already a huge succes for South Africa, there is also another great reason to celebrate their culture: Music. 2010 has been THE year for Zef-music with acts like Die Antwoord, Die Heuwels Fantasties and Jack Parow (pictured above) making a huge impact worldwide.

Playmaker has been following this unique and rising scene in South Africa for while and we are proud to make this blog entree on the 24th of September. To find out more about this rising musical culture go check out Wat Kyk Jy en Woelang, homes of awesome South African vibes.

Now go drink some brandewyn and fry some meat by the campfire while blasting this jam, poes!

Die Heuwels Fantasties ft. JR,HHP,Jack Parow & Soweto Gospel Choir - Our Heritage (2010 remix) by DieHeuwels

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Minitel Rose & Wagner

Word on the street is that original Valerie Collective trio Minitel Rose have signed with K7 for the release of their up and coming album called "Atlantique".

That's all great, especially when they are dropping amazing remixes such as this one by Wagner to hype and tease the release. Check out this slightly trippy and mostly dreamy remix of Wild Birds.

Minitel Rose - Wild Birds (Wagner remix) by The PL4YGROUND

Monday, September 20, 2010

GFR004 - Memory Chord EP

Always fun when a new release drops on Girlfriend records. Since more than half of their roster is Swedish, this one ain't no exception either.

Memory Chord is one great release by H.R that comes with another yet amazing remix by the sexiest of the Swedes, Neon Workout, who also recently signed to Rosso Corsa!

Exciting times ahead, meanwhile let's listen to one of the tracks + find out more with H.R actually means on Girlfriend's blogspot.

H.R - Memory Chord by The PL4YGROUND

GFR004 - Memory Chord EP
1. Misery f.mrKitten
2. Sandra
3. Memory Chord
4. System_R
5. Memory Chord (Neon Workout Remix)

>>> download the full EP here ! (mediafire)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Electric Youth

This morning a romantic vibe is set here with middle school sweethearts Electric Youth back on the scene, jamming this amazing track 'Coming Right Back To You'. It's a fast beating heart of a song, one that moves you in an upwards spiral while walking hand in hand moving swiftly through the city. All smiles here with this feel good tune!

Electric Youth - Right Back To You [Demo Mix] by PLAYMAKER

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Das Racist 2

Yep! That's right, Das Racist, one of the our most downloaded items on this Playmaker blog is back with the follow up to their first mixtape "Shut Up, Dude" which is now "Sit Down, Man". Genius. We love 'em and we love to spread the word around even more.

Many big names on the feature, but more importantly is that this mixtape is like the perfect follow-up to their previous work. So go download the new Das Racist, like now dude! Hyperlinked download party, it's all about the music.

download right here: Sit Down Man

Keith Masters feat. Babe Lincoln

Brand new tune by Chicago's own Keith Masters. Photo Op sees him going full circle on the drums and gives us that nice electromajic feel that we love from him. Check it out, and keep your eyes open on the fly-Master, the future fused electro hip hop team player extroardinaire.

Photo Op featuring Babe Lincoln by Keith Masters

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Totally jamming some Slaughterbrains today. In a unique fashion, this shivering halloween-esque club music is haunting yet easy to digest and perfect to spice up any DJ set. So don't be afraid to use it, here's some jams, all remixes + a Halloween mixtape from last year that gives you a nice impression what Saughterbrains is all about. Keep an eye on this talented DJ/producer, he's working on an album and tons of remixes as we speak.

Two door cinema club-what you know (slaughterbrains almost done but ableton keeps crashing remix) by slaughterbrains


Dragonette - Easy (Slaughterbrains Remix) by ihavesynth

download via mediafire: Dragonette - Easy (Slaughterbrains Rmx)

more download via mediafire: Brightlight - Blueprint (Slaughterbrains Rmx)

Sunday, September 5, 2010


It's been a while but that means shit. We've been busy with our various side projects and plans to make physical copies. Meanwhile the indian summer has officially started and yo let's celebrate it with some Hemingway from Toronto. Not really a new tune but fresh whatsoever! catch the waves here and feel the breeze in the sails, bikini on top!

DCUP - Style (Hemingway remix) by PLAYMAKER