Monday, September 20, 2010

GFR004 - Memory Chord EP

Always fun when a new release drops on Girlfriend records. Since more than half of their roster is Swedish, this one ain't no exception either.

Memory Chord is one great release by H.R that comes with another yet amazing remix by the sexiest of the Swedes, Neon Workout, who also recently signed to Rosso Corsa!

Exciting times ahead, meanwhile let's listen to one of the tracks + find out more with H.R actually means on Girlfriend's blogspot.

H.R - Memory Chord by The PL4YGROUND

GFR004 - Memory Chord EP
1. Misery f.mrKitten
2. Sandra
3. Memory Chord
4. System_R
5. Memory Chord (Neon Workout Remix)

>>> download the full EP here ! (mediafire)