Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cex - Megamuse

Yo it's good to see Tigerbeat6 is back with the fresh O.G. approach, kick-starting 2011 in the nutters. So here is the new single by Cex.

Megamuse is a sexy beast of spaced out IDM/Hip-Hop sped up and played at 11, pumping out Dr. Dre style Cali-love synth melodies over meaty double-time Baltimore club hi-hats and a laid-back 808 groove.

While most of his contemporaries were busy installing new plug-ins or trying to make Dubstep, Cex dug deep into his freakiest electrofunk roots to create a whole new musical vocabulary to speak with, born from long nights jamming with high-end FM synths driven by step sequencers and freestyle MPC blasting.

Out for release on Januari 25th with a ton of remixes including Fulgeance, Baconhead, Raoul Sinier aka RA, and a few more!

1. Megamuse
2. Secret Monog (Baconhead Remix)
3. Secret Monog (Fulgeance Remix)
4. Trumpetflower (Scrubber Fox Remix)
5. 12exalt (Raoul Sinier Remix)
6. Megamuse (Kingbastard Remix)
7. Princent vice
8. Megamuse (Video edit)

Cex - Megamuse by The PL4YGROUND

Cex – Megamuse from tigerbeat6 on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day After Discovery

Behold. A new project by Zach Robinson from Los Angeles, who you might already know as being your daddy. Yes that's right, Day After Discovery is our beloved D/A/D who's back on the scene and taking it way beyond the horizon. We are thrilled to have received these brand new tracks of his new output.

The sound overall hasn't changed that much to his previous work. He's still got the trademark guitarlead/synthvibe in there still these tracks are yet another huge step forward in the young career of good ol' D/A/D. This is vintage Playmaker so yet again we close our eyes and dream away on these lovely jams of pure dreamwave bliss.

All there is left to do for you now is to follow the Day After Discovery facebook page to stay up to date!

Day After Discovery - Sky High by The PL4YGROUND

Day After Discovery - Innersphere Lasergames by The PL4YGROUND

Worship - Bavaria 1999

It's time to Worship and take you to Bavaria 1999, a mystical place where time stands still for a moment, movement gets altered and dreams get projected like you're living the 3D cinema experience.

It doesn't happen to you when closing your eyes? Maybe you should raise your hands to the sky and use your illusion, dude. Dream in colours because this it's your soundtrack. This is Worshiping for an epic 6-minute long stretch, all in the name of enjoyment.

Worship - Bavaria 1999 by The PL4YGROUND

Sferro's New Output

New release on one of Playmaker's favorite non-commercial labels, Girlfriend records. In it for the game rather then the money, GF presents the new Sferro EP, masterminded in all it's glory.

New Output leaves a warm impression on us, perfect for snugglin with the girlfriend or just a fun EP to listen back while dreaming lovely thoughts. It also brings us the newborn Girlfriend website for all things awesome, yet to come.