Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day After Discovery

Behold. A new project by Zach Robinson from Los Angeles, who you might already know as being your daddy. Yes that's right, Day After Discovery is our beloved D/A/D who's back on the scene and taking it way beyond the horizon. We are thrilled to have received these brand new tracks of his new output.

The sound overall hasn't changed that much to his previous work. He's still got the trademark guitarlead/synthvibe in there still these tracks are yet another huge step forward in the young career of good ol' D/A/D. This is vintage Playmaker so yet again we close our eyes and dream away on these lovely jams of pure dreamwave bliss.

All there is left to do for you now is to follow the Day After Discovery facebook page to stay up to date!

Day After Discovery - Sky High by The PL4YGROUND

Day After Discovery - Innersphere Lasergames by The PL4YGROUND