Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Orange Playmaker

In Holland, the color orange stands for showing pride of your national sports team. The most commen sports would be football (soccer) or ice-skating. ofcourse it stands for more than just sports... it' stands for a unification of all inhabitants of the Netherlands, showing a tribute to their royals. Not many countries still have such a royal following and The Netherlands is one of those countries where "Queensday" is still heavily celebrated and respected. In sports terms the national sports teams traditionally dress in orange in honor of the Queen. And so do al the loyal followers of any move their sportsmen and -women make. It's the sports-nationalism even the English can't measure with. And strangly enough, it isn't a case of agressive hooliganims... it's actually one almost as peaceful as the Jamaicans passin on the dutchy on the left hand (please). An awesome display of peaceful unification and surely one hell of an atmosphere!

All this and more to introduce the interview Playmaker did with Jason Köhnen. No, he's not a professional sportsman. Well he's good at darts but he's more like the bar-sportsman who guarantees you a good time. And most importantly, he's one awesome dude that creates music on a global level with a string of releases, monikers, collaborations, ...

PM-Who are you and where do you come from?
I'm Jason ... a Kling-On from Uranus!

PM-What are your musical outputs?
Bong-Ra, SOTAGR, Glowstyx, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Deathstorm, White Darkness

PM-What sounds and visions have mainly inspired in your younger years?
Saint Vitus.

PM-What video games are you into?
Sensible Soccer (Amiga 2000)

PM-Who is more metal than you?

PM-What's your advice to new and upcoming producers?
Quit while you can!

PM-Do you party or prefer staying home?
Party at home! ;)))

PM-Who is your favourite playmaker?
Ulrich van Gobbel

FIND SOME BONG-RA RELATED MUSIC ON HIS WEBSITE (tunes, live-sets, radiosessions,...)

Here are some videos produced by Jason Köhnen of some of his various projects!

GLOWSTYX: (oldschool rave project on Cockrockdisco)

DEATHSTORM: (brutal grindcore with maruosa from Japan)