Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vallainte on Profil de Face records

Exciting news. Profil de Face records and Vaillante have reached an agreement on releasing music together. The first project is the single Boost Control. To celebrate and expand this song onto wider horizons, everybody is invited to remix this turbo-charged tune. 

Profil de Face is a new French label from signing new artists, managed by Paul & Sabine Andrieux. Furthermore this exciting new label will feature the artworks of some awesome talents by SARU, Alex Morricone & DW Design (DW is also featured in the first Playmaker fanzine!)

So, Music please! Here is Vaillante with the song Pole Position
(thanks Kunk Budapest for the upload)

Wann remix Boost Control by Vaillante? Here are the remix files: