Thursday, August 12, 2010

Näd Mika & The Metatron

Our good friend and Austria's team player The Metatron is back on the grid with a brand new and exclusive mix he did for the Näd Mika from Germany.

Näd Mika profiles themselves not just like any other band but rather see themselves as an evolving performance project ruled by some puppetmaster who remains somewhat 'in the dark'. Intresting, certainly when the music is good and exciting.

It could be Miss Kitten and The Hacker tuning juggalo, or the kids from Gene Simons trippin out on a rave for all we know. No matter what, they've got some catchy fidget tunes and remixes and Mr. The Metatron has stiched them nicely together. So, are you ready for a long and bassy ride? Let's go!

Näd Mika - Mixes In The Mix (Mixed By The Metatron) by TheMetatron

01 Intro
02 We Should Be One (Harry Lex Remix)
03 Schizomatic (Die Perlen Mix)
04 Shock In Shanghai (Kyskys Remix)
05 Technozarin (Kaball Remix)
06 Technozarin (Raul Parra Mix)
07 Ce Cosa Fei (Bums' Drunk Trumpet Remix)
08 Ufo Song (Oksygen Remix)
09 We Are Boys (Eriq Johnson Remix)
10 We Are Boys (Knob Jockey Remix)
11 Celebrity (Pantherclub Mix)
12 Shock In Shanghai (Frittenbude Mix)
13 To The Max (Kabelton Mix)
14 To The Max (Detroid Grand Pubahs Mix)
15 Toy Boy Girl Toy (Sexereve Mix)
16 Technozarin (Jonathann Cast Remix)
17 Ce Cosa Fai (Mushnocandy Remix)
18 Ufo Song (AG Trio Mix)
19 Girlfriend (Tobe Tronic Remix)
20 Ce Cosa Fai (Ghetto SexXx Remix)
21 Electronic Beat Bitch (Tyskerhar Remix)
22 Girlfriend (Monophone Strukturen Mix)
23 Schizomatic (Fantasque Remix)