Tuesday, June 25, 2013


George Gold, Vincenzo Salvia and Kirk Plaisance present you the
OUT RUN EUROPA ride of your life! 30 tracks in one long stint of epic 80s out run electro and stunt riding adventure with checkpoints in Portugal, Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, UK, Denmark, Sweden and Finland! The artist line up is Cosmic Sand, Cougar Synth, Nightcrawler, Rtry, Plaisance, Cartridge 1987, Twilight Racing, Photosynthesi, A Space Love Adventure, Vincenzo Salvia, Apollo Zap, Shio-Z, Les Chique Voltage, Powercut, Diana Gitallog, Quixotic, Alpha Boy, Violet Sky, Ogre, New Arcades, Lhasa Mencur, Kid Flash, Garth Knight, Dynatron, Rutger Megahertz, Neo Neo, Dr Pecco. Enjoy the ride!!!