Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mitch Murder

Here's the third installment of the very interesting Rosso Corsa label, Mitch Murder's debut album Burning Chrome is here to melt some serious rubber.

Hailing from Stockholm, Mitch brings us a dreamy and fascinating album of neo-80s electro, in perfect balance with the elements of wavey soundscapes and deep synth work. It captures that spirit perfectly and is precisely programmed, almost sounding like a dedication to earlier era composers in the league of Vince DiCola and other greats.

Clean yet dark and uptight, that is the best way to discrib the awesome power this album displays. Here's 2 outstanding tunes for you to want more! So, be the fair player and go out there to support this release by getting the whole thing over at iTunes or a bunch of other online music stores.

Mitch Murder - Hollywood Heights by The PL4YGROUND

Mitch Murder - Montage by The PL4YGROUND