Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[PLMKR_006] AMINOVA "Busy Lives / The Way Home"

Step six in Playmaker's musical adventures is here to vaporize into your mind. The mysterious Aminova brings us a 2 track EP with remixes by Discoballistic (who's track is highlighted for HypeM.), Noir Deco and Embryonik. Totally free download via Bandcamp. Please read the one-sheet carefully and buckle up to zoom into the the zone.

Aminova - Busy Lives (Discoballistic Remix) by Discoballistic

"Greatly withstanding storms are tempered with the musical bliss Aminova brings to the table. A fable of going home in our ever so busy lives. A dreamscape of uncompromised musical fields, acquiring you to simply, yet vividly, encounter transcendent spheres. The retro electronic jacket is the cover of it all, putting places like Laser Beach on the map, therefor bringing right into the vortex of Playmaker's latest adventure in music cruising."