Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jordan F.

(Insider information) It's fair to say Playmaker is somehow slightly affiliated with another Team on the scene, with another Team of similar ideals and a similar passion for neo-retro 80s grooves, with another Team diversing itself as Rosso Corsa. In what exact ways —apart from being supportive— these bonds work isn't really important or relevant to the public. Let's just say we are FRIENDS.

All the above information is somehow irrelevant and subjective —hence we call it "insider information". What really matters is that Rosso Corsa have released the sophomore release of Mr. Jordan F., a young, aspiring 80s music designer of the Australian retro electro order, that took the scene from hindsight with his banger: "Definitely Miami". Proper dish he's serving. Proper 3 track release. And definitely more to come. So... get to the newly set RC-bandcamp now and grab it for free!