Thursday, December 3, 2009

We Are The Romans

Are we really? Well then close your eyes, and at least, try to imagen you are... a Roman! You know, the great Roman Empire in all it's glory ruled by mad emperors and an insanity of warzones, gold and decadence...

All this and more to introduce you to the work of Monsieur Adi, who presents us the lead track from his upcoming EP and album 'Empire' which bears the same name. The album 'Empire' is based loosely off of the rise and fall of ancient Roma, but is based in modern times. The song 'We Are The Romans' captures the prentiousness and power of Roma during the time when it was the center of the world.

It starts with chopped vocodered vocals and builds into a twisting melody of synths, harpiscord, a female choir, and a blasting brass section.

But wait, there's more! You, the reader, the remixer, the enthousiast,... You can also be part of this 'roman empire' as Monsieur Ad is doing a remix contest for it and the best remix(es) will be placed on the EP.

Download Monsieur Adi 'We Are The Romans' on zshare:
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