Monday, December 28, 2009

Versus The White Panda

It's a party here in the Playmaker universe! Not only are we celebrating the end of 2009, we're also celebrating the beginning of 2010, another year that will be filled with awesome styles and zones!

The White Panda aka Procrast and DJ Griffi, have just sent us their debut mixtape appropriately named 'Versus' and it features nothing but amazing party mash-ups.

Much like for example, The Hood Internet they mix a flawless style of hiphop acapellas with some classic dancetunes, resulting in a awesome form of new school rap-house. You know you like a lil rap-house from time to time. We know we do, infact, it makes us pump our fist in the air! Bring it! Here's the Mixtape + the separate songs = :)

Just saying ya'll, our favourite is Track 16. Ice Chrome Paint Job (Dorrough // Chromeo)

Versus (The White Panda Mixtape) by whitepandamusic

Continues Mixtape:
Separated Tracks: