Sunday, December 20, 2009

Savage House "The Hunger" EP

Big news... Ghost Car is back on the road after the departure of Sakura Night this year, due to circumstances beyond control. Yes. The most raddest clan of twilight racers is back in full affect! Savage House is the new brainchild of theirs and it's freaking awesome.

The first tune 'I Am The Future' starts out with some radio-shifting noises, zapping back in time and bringing forward some classic Sakura Night and Ghost Driver tunes... and then it kicks in!

Their signature sound is still omnipresent but has somehow matured aswell, and if you loved Sakura Night, you will adore Savage House! Check it out, this one is a must have and gets our vote for come-back of the year 2009, no doubt!

<a href="">I AM THE FUTURE by SAVAGE HOUSE</a>