Monday, October 22, 2012


Obviousley inspired by Christian mythology and meta-morphing it into evoking angel-jams is pretty rad. D'eon does that wonderfully well. His diverse-yet-wonderfully-well-glued album entitled "LP" on Hippos In Thanks, where he creates multi-layered esoteric pop about our ever-vanishing sense of security, privacy and the internet, is a masterful example of contemporary avant-gardism.

His latest "mixtape" in the series of "Music For Keyboards" is the closest thing that comes to that form of ceremonial music. Like classical music, it has movements and takes you on a trip into the beyond. Get caught in a whirlwind of arpeggiating pianos, horns and chimes to the point of complete musical ecstasy. Guided by Gabriel, this music that can levitate you like young Teresa.